SFJ’s Advanced PowerPoint Animations

Inspired by the PowerPoint Heaven animations, the first animation started as a tribute to Project Diva  series on Playstation Portable. Songs that have each beat per 0.5 second will be contributed and the notecharts will be based on Extreme difficulty notecharts which may make the entire project quite complicated and more time-consuming. The first animation project was done to test my abilities of producing such PowerPoint animations like this and the development time took a few estimated months to finish. Unfortunately, there were flaws for the first one.

  1. The timing to match the original game is not accurate.
  2. Even with After Effects or PowerDirector, the effects when the notes are hit will have inaccurate transparency type.
  3. Taking the music video of the specific song from specific the game the animation project uses is inappropriate as the whole project will be taken from the Internet for that.
  4. The project still uses the original version of the song taken from the video that was used as the reference.

As PowerPoint Heaven is somewhat inactive nowadays, it seems that I had already taken the opportunity to make such kinds of animations since this year.

Compared to the remixing works, this one seems to be more complicated and time-consuming as the animations are designed to match the original sources as the fan-tributes to the originals.

First Animation: Ai Kotoba Project Diva 2nd PPT Animation – Tribute to Project Diva 2nd and Arcade by Sega

Animation is available here:    

Second Animation: Zigg-Zagg Project Diva Arcade PPT Animation – Tribute to Project Diva Arcade and Maimai by Sega

Animation is available here:   

Third Animation: Critical Crystal BeatStream PPT Animation –  Tribute to BeatStream by Konami Digital Entertainment – Inspired by Daja77’s Critical Crystal BeatStream video

Additional references: Daja77’s Critical Crystal BeatStream video used for improvement

Animation is available here:

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