SFJ’s Project Diva PPT Animation Q&A

Q1. What is Project Diva PowerPoint Animation?

A: The advanced PowerPoint animation of Project Diva as my answer to PowerPoint Heaven’s works. Refer to their works on YouTube to know how advanced their PowerPoint animations are compared to mine which takes up too much resources that it was finalized as a video, meaning to say that it was a two-phase PowerPoint Animation project with the major work being the animation and visuals on PowerPoint itself while the timing was done on both PowerPoint and the video editor program due to such kind of complexity.

Q2: What tools do I need to view PowerPoint Heaven’s animations?

A: For YouTube, it supports both Flash and HTML5 and PowerPoint 2007 or above is needed. You can get PowerPoint Viewer but getting PowerPoint 2k10 is the most recommended for better performance and my animation was completely done and tested on PowerPoint 2k10 itself.

Q3: What are PowerPoint Heaven and Project Diva?

A: PowerPoint Heaven is the site where you can learn on how to make even more creative presentations with advanced animations, hidden capabilities of the program itself, artworks and other stuffs that can be entirely in PowerPoint. Speaking of advanced animations in PowerPoint, you can make an animation that may look like a Flash animation except that things are done entirely in PowerPoint. If you think that my idea on my PPT animation is good enough, you can take a look the animations done by certain PowerPoint Heaven members. Project Diva is the series of Vocaloid rhythm games by Sega for Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and arcade. The arcade version will be receiving updates for newer songs and has the highest number of songs in the list just like the other rhythm games in the arcades.

Q4: The slides look kind of messy or covered with senseless objects in the Slide View. What are these things for?

A: They may look prepared for the advanced animations on the slides. Plus, one of the creative ways for the advanced looking presentation is to have certain objects prepared for the animations and then cover them with the things you’re supposed to put in like I already did for my IAP presentation’s first slide. The animations may be impressive and interesting but they can be distracting if done incorrectly.

Q5: Will there be another advanced PPT animation?

To PowerPoint users inspired by PowerPoint Heaven, there will be challenges awaiting them on making their advanced animations based on their knowledge, skills and experience but I don’t know if I will be doing the next animation. Well, we’ll need resources, research, time, seriousness and efforts to do this kind of work. Maximum hard work is at Maximum level!

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