Ransomware that requires that you get a required score in highest difficulty to decrypt

HOW IS THAT A JOKE ALL OFTEN? Do you know that this kind of trouble can be extremely big for the person who made this ransomware? Outside of Japan, getting the full versions of the actual Touhou games is already OUT OF LUCK for us and besides, they are SELF-PUBLISHED INDIE GAMES made by an individual! Obviously, a bigger sale of an indie game made in Japan may occur if released on consoles or perhaps Steam but all people got was a bunch of third-party Touhou games ported to Playstation 4 and Vita. Originally, they were on PCs as self-published indie games but they were actually made by other game developers. So, if you run into this ransomware, had it become goddamn real, you’re already out of luck and getting the demo version isn’t going to count I should say.

The highest difficulty as required by that ransomware is Lunatic and expect the game to be seriously hard that way and those who are not into bullet-hell shmup games will get blasted off easily out of their clueless-ness. Even I’m not able to deal with this sort of difficulty. A genuine example is when I played some Cave bullet-hell shmup games in the arcades or perhaps the Xbox 360. Even Eschatos, Ginga Force and Crimzon Clover will be unforgiving at the highest difficulty. I don’t know if 1-credit-clearing is required by this ransomware because if so, it can piss off many players who run into it as if they are harmed.

It’s a pure luck that the person who made this ransomware had apologized and claimed that this is a joke but this is one unusual experimental kind of ransomware we have to keep a lookout for. Furthermore, this is an un-doable mistake as there’s already news about this ransomware everywhere on the net. What about the kind of ransomware that requires you to play some game on the console? On the technical side, it won’t work but on the non-technical side, you’re like supposed to enter some information or something but the problem is that people can fool the baddie with mis-information. Perhaps, this is the next awareness assignment for cyber-security researchers and investigators?

The damage wasn’t anything big from this ransomware made by some filthy nerdy hacker out there who’s into Japanese media stuffs. There was a previous case like the Mirai botnet which was much larger than this and the investigation is still on-going. Would the culprit freak out upon being found out, caught or something? And even then, these troubles for such actions may bring about the last present times for those hacking kiddies as if their future and career have ended without their knowledge.

Emulators banned from Xbox and Windows Stores

Without the policy like this Microsoft has come up with, there will be risks of lawsuits that can happen to that company by other game companies alike. In fact, there were already past lawsuits from Sony against those who made the Playstation emulators for Windows PC and Dreamcast but eventually, the formally sued ones worked on the same emulation stuffs for later generation Playstation consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and the list goes on. Also, the emulators are said to be banned from IOS completely but I don’t know if this is true or not and you still can see a bunch of them in the Android app stores.

While chaotic troubles are prevented this way, there’s one problematic workaround, sideloading of UWP apps. Hopefully, there should be a policy against this that can be done in Group Policy but this is still a problem when it comes to non-business devices and especially Xbox One. Another workaround is the fact that there online emulators that can be played on the web browser.

Unity to be dropped in favor of GNOME in Ubuntu 18.04

During the time the netbooks were around, there was a Netbook Remix edition of Ubuntu that used the Unity UI which was eventually brought over to all editions of Ubuntu with Netbook Remix edition being made obsolete. It was a controversial move at the time as if the UI layout and design were different while still bringing in some shiny looking icons until Unity 8 is where all the glassy-ness is gone with solid looking rounded squares. The icons in Unity for Ubuntu may probably look like the Superbar from Windows 7 although the others may compare the Unity UI to the Mac Dock UI. The similarity is that you click on the icons to open their corresponding programs and if you close those programs, the icons in the Unity bar are still intact. However, if you open a different program whose icon is not in the Unity bar, it’s a similar vein to opening a different program in Windows 7 and Mac OSX. Certain programs in Mac Dock have their special menus where else in Windows 7 and Unity for Ubuntu, certain programs have special commands on the menu when you right-click on them on the taskbar.

In the near future starting next year, Ubuntu will be switching back to using GNOME although it uses GNOME 3 whose UI is different than the classic GNOME so if you click on the top left in GNOME 3 and Unity, you get to see many apps on the screen and somehow, GNOME 3 has the similar elements to Unity UI. So, the controversy isn’t over yet when switching back to GNOME like that with GNOME 3 in the future. The workaround is to install the classic GNOME like I already did with Ubuntu on my computer the last time although the UI layout was restored that way, it wasn’t the same from the way it looks in current Ubuntu OSes like everything is going all solid with lack of gradients.

The situation is that Canonical is moving towards cloud computing, Internet of Things along with Ubuntu Core and Snap apps which are applicable to IoT devices. Of course, running their own data center for the sake of cloud computing is energy and money consuming but what will they get is the money from the users running virtual machines in the cloud as part of the monthly subscription. This obviously makes more business sense that way as having to turn a phone into a computer will still give you limited software resources that is if you’re running Windows 10. On Ubuntu Touch for phones and tablets, you’re still sort of limited in the same vein as Windows 10 Mobile but from their demonstration, you should be able to run desktop-like apps stored on those devices when using Convergence.

Needless to say, both Unity and newer versions of GNOME are likely to take up more resources than the classic version. You could have run the other editions of Ubuntu if that’s the case on the old computers.

Verizon AppFlash

Well, the internet privacy is gone in the US as people around the globe know about the news like this and especially that the US ISPs are planning on making their services pre-available with the cyber surveillance stuffs. Like, what kind of political selfishness is that anyway?

If you really care for freedom and know the situations that have been going around, there must be careful plannings and you must make sure that you plan things right but for US ISPs, it will be a challenge for the US citizens heavily concerned about them. Various tech companies have been concerned about the privacy, net neutrality and other stuffs outside of the tech field that try to affect their businesses negatively but if you’re going to talk shit about this sort of concern, perhaps, you’re borrowing that sort of political selfishness like you think that the tech companies are helping baddies and stuffs like that.

It seems that Verizon had started delivering their phones pre-loaded with the worthless search engine app, AppFlash, which is based on some existing search engine app. Currently, the phone to delivered with the app is LG K20 V and as of now, we don’t know if the other Android and IOS devices will be the next victims.

The reputation is bad enough for the US ISPs and even Google does the same sort of security compromise through its services like the Play Store that you’re better off with the third-party alternatives to it.

Speaking of alternatives, you can get the Cyanogenmod OSes on your Android devices when possible but they’re not the only workarounds for privacy protections. VPNs are useful for bypassing the data collection and censorship but the downside is that they can be used for viewing and obtaining foreign contents as if the regional information is made false on purpose. I don’t like falsifying personal information on many of the websites but if the websites don’t have international support, chances are that your phone numbers will be mistaken like it already happened to me during the Relay texting assignment I had last year and there won’t be a Country option in the form that supports full country list. Last suggestions for privacy protection are to make use of the secure web browsers like Tor and Tails OS but I don’t recommend them to you as they are too over-protective and going through various websites you visit everyday can be a problem that way.

So, privacy protection is an important thing but don’t use the purpose of this barrier for doing bad things as it will be penetrated through once you are found out.

Fake reviews for Whatsapp

Like really, as if the worst games of recent years were already plagued with fake reviews like some of the worst Steam games were taken down and then reinstated with fake reviews and changed names for instances, how about Whatsapp being mistaken for a game? Whatsapp the game? LIKE SOME STUPID MORONS THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE PLAYING GAMES WITH WHATSAPP! THIS IS A SLAP ON THEIR FACES FOR THIS SORT OF IGNORANCE!

I don’t care if that is more or less a fake or real news or something to you from my recent discovery at Neowin but I was already annoyed even more than before from this year’s Lunar New Year days and especially for sometime after Lunar New Year where Singtel users like me were knocked out of internet access! So, the real annoyance was that while I was working on something, be it a Game Maker game or perhaps a music arrangement/remix or something, those home morons had the guts to tell the elder aunts that I was playing games or some sort. Their continued ignorance and presence continued to piss me off and there will be no guarantee of peaceful celebration of future Lunar New Year then and especially when it comes to DJ practice which I sometimes do with my DJ controller. Even if they looked at my computer screen, they couldn’t know what I was actually doing by then as if they told others that I was playing. Such ignorance from them was the reason on why I didn’t bring my laptop computer along this year and their manipulation of the others as I fear it is going to make me miserable like I may end up suffering from medical torture because of them.

So, the situation stated above may be why you shouldn’t annoy me with ignorant rumors about me or something else. NOBODY cares for morons like those who take Whatsapp for a game. We CARE for respectful and superior people although those morons who have been annoying me as stated above might think that I have communication problem or some kind and it is a future offense to deny the consequences you’re given by someone whom you have disrespected. You should realize your actions done to that person, NOT think that there’s something wrong with them.

Even as an adult or elder person, you should have decent attitude and knowledge of what’s actually going on and what is someone actually doing. And if you think or talk to others that some DJ doing DJ practice is playing games or something, that DJ will have an indirect “Fuck You” delivered to you for stupidly disrespecting them. You’ll be scolded indirectly with the use of that DJ’s brain. The same goes to the music producer producing something in the bedroom. So a lesson is that you should know what that person you’re intercepting is actually doing before you say anything from your mouth.

So for Whatsapp, they didn’t have time to investigate those morons doing fake reviews like that on the app and it was up to Google to do the investigation themselves. Those fake reviews popped up on Whatsapp from February to March and thankfully, other Google Play apps weren’t invaded with such. Those posting fake reviews like that don’t deserve to be respectful adults and we don’t have time and breath for fools like them.

Dance Music Formula Training Parts 2 & 3

So we’re back to where we left off and this free training lasts for a week on the day it began with Part 1. In part 2, I was taught the music structure like the Intro, Breakdown and the Verse and I was taught even more in part 3 where there are intros, breakdowns, verses, drops and even outros. The Breakdown portion has lesser instruments being played while the Drop portion has most of the instruments being played. The Verse portion is like having the standard amount of instruments.

Outside of the training, I had already heard tons of songs where there are parts of the music structure where there are less instruments being played with no drums at all. There are also Pad-type instruments in those portions of the structure as well but it depends on the song. Also, for the intro, the song starts off with the drums only, followed by the addition of the bass and other stuffs containing some repeated melody being moving on to the Verse section or something.

Bonuses so far from Parts 2 & 3:

  • Part 2: You get the pack from Digital DJ Tips although the Crash and Reverse Crash are missing in the pack. Also, you get to register at Loopmasters website and get a bonus pack for free. I guess that you can use it in any Digital Audio Workstation of your choice but you may want to read the Legal Terms and FAQ before you realize things quite late on what you do.
  • Part 3: A beginner assignment on arranging a song from Joey Santos, seriously? Why is it looking like you start the music production lesson with arranging/remixing a song first? What is so difficult about composing one?

Lastly, there will be a full priced version of the course which will arrive in your inbox if you had registered for free courses like this at Digital DJ Tips. Also, the song used from the training doesn’t seem to interest me enough to arrange it at this moment but I had arranged tons of songs prior to registering for this free training. It’s just that I’ve been doing music production in an unusual way probably due to using the demo version of FL Studio. Will I have plans to buy the Cubase product so that I can do music production in an usual way? I don’t know. There are already changes done to the shopping malls so I don’t know if the retail copy of a Cubase product is still sitting there or not?

The potential of music production from this training was quite low but at least, it taught me what music production was like for real. If I had joined Electronic Music Production Interest Group in my first year like 5 years ago instead of being in my second year, I wouldn’t have missed the music production lesson at all. I was able to learn DJing stuff during my first year of the Interest Group but that was quite all I learnt so far. What was I missing until last year was the theory information about how to get DJ gigs and it’s not as easy as I realized. Well, I guess that this free training wasn’t in vain this time, not like the DJ lesson I had during my interest groups days then. I guess that it was in vain either last this or this year but what was more in vain was the Diploma in other technical field I took.

Dance Music Formula Training Part 1

Note that I’ve been an FL Studio user for years but despite the long duration for music production part, my potential has been low due to:

  • Lack of usage of plugins that offer superior FXs as used in many music I have heard.
  • Lack of superior resources like the famous paid plugins used for FL Studio.
  • Lack of originality for music remixes.

For the third disadvantage, Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips was right when he said about copying people’s methods. You actually need to come up with the original loops, samples and other stuffs that make up the original music structure used for music composition or remixes.

Part 1 of the training brought me to Ableton Live which has its own 30-day free trial. It was a close call for my computer as the website is now showing version 9 which requires 4GB of RAM along with multi-core processor which are pushing its limits. It is the same story for Cubase series 9 although it now requires a 64-Bit CPU unlike Ableton Live version 9. I don’t know if the retail copy of a Cubase product is still there at the shopping mall that I can buy in the future but then, it looks like 8GB of RAM for my computer is more recommended and who knows where I can buy additional RAM chips for it?

What I was taught so far was the Track part of the interface where you can insert, edit and remove a track. It is likely to be divided into multiple rows and the Browser-like section on the left is where the samples, packs, instruments and other stuffs are stored similar to FL Studio. The MIDI track which I guess that it opens doors to inserting musical bars similar to Piano Roll in FL Studio although it looks like you have to double click to insert one and the snapping system is somewhat different than the one in FL Studio BUT the Piano Roll-like feature was what was NOT taught in the tutorial. It’s that I figured it out after watching the video. There’s also the Transpose stuff which I also figured out after watching the video and I adjusted the pitch as it didn’t sound right.

For a week, I’ll get 90 minutes of the training if you have signed up for it but bear in mind that this free training is time-limited.

Unexpected dinner at Our Tampines Hub (19 March)

The original plans were to proceed to the arcades at Century Square and then going to Tampines Mall to buy the USB HDD and USB Flash Drive but I unexpectedly was called for a dinner upon being spotted. The dinner took like estimated 2 hours or more and I eventually went to Tampines Mall to buy those things before going back.

Blog articles about the USB HDD and USB Flash Drive I bought can be seen on my main blog and needless to say after the day of the dinner, I already applied for more technical jobs at the time at Jobs Bank portal. Before the dinner stuff, I already realized on how bad the reputation is for CareerBuilder that I eventually thought of applying directly from the company website but needless to say, it was a harder method that way. Some of the sites don’t have the Career/Jobs/Join Team pages where you can directly apply there, some require the CV letter which I have never done before, some require the photograph along with other things as well as to send the email as the digital modern alternative to CV letter and some bring you to the external job portals. Why will they bring you to some external job portals you don’t know of when trying to apply directly like it’s beyond me? Also, job portals related to CareerBuilder carry over the reputations and technical errors from it as if I got bombarded with a bunch of unknown phone calls offering me the sales part ever since two years ago. You know, I should have known the goddamn solutions way earlier than last year like planning to apply directly from company’s websites as well as to apply from better job portals that have decent reputations. Securing a job thanks to CareerBuilder or any other related job portal is guarantee-less as I had recently seen the negative opinions about it like you don’t know if the one you’re offered turns out to be on a dark side or maybe a scam job.

So, DO NOT APPLY OR SECURE ANYTHING from CareerBuilder or any other job portal acquired by it! I don’t know if your future is going to be ruined or not because of that but I really hope that legal employment is the careful key this time.

Then, there’s the restaurant card called, Kopitiam Card, which you can use it to buy foods, deserts, snacks and even drinks from that any Kopitiam outlet. I have no idea how and where you can top it up though but I guess the concept is more or less the same as EZ-Link Card or perhaps the card you use at the arcades to insert coins. Do I have the intention to buy that in the future? I don’t know but it’s essential for the future.

One more reason for going out at that time was that there was a event booth area taking place at Our Tampines Hub and one of the booths caught me the attention in which there is a music production course in the previous day. Unfortunately, because of that dinner that took me 2 estimated hours or more, the event was already over by the time I finished it. Where else can I find music production courses locally?

And for the DJ/Producer stuff, that should be known by my DJ friends along with other DJ people I networked with offline and online so it could be an inconvenience telling my elder aunts and uncles about that. It’s not because the ambition of becoming a DJ is being frowned upon or something. It’s that not all parents and elders know stuffs like DJ, musician, rock bands and stuff. There are already cases where some DJs deny their parents’ rejection of them becoming DJs but what’s next after finding out that career, who knows?

Lastly, I already demanded the deactivation of my Jobscentral account recently as the damage done to the companies was already dark enough thanks to CareerBuilder being the source culprit of my complete delays. It was an epic confusion like you can’t tell if the phone call comes from the company you’ve applied from or something else but criticizing CareerBuilder and Jobscentral over CareerBuilder’s bad reputation during the interview is a risky idea in the first place.

Gunslinger Stratos series

Perhaps, Gunslinger Stratos series is the true demonstration of what Taito Type X3 system can do. The actual specs used for the series are Core i5, 8GB RAM along with Windows Embedded Standard 7 64-Bit and 1080p arcade gaming. What’s less difficult is that you can see the on-screen specs of Type X3 system instead of the sticker of the Type X2 actual specs. You can see the graphics card along with the amount of RAM the Type X2 uses when booting up but that’s not enough.

The game itself is the online 4vs4 third-person-shooter where you use dual gun controllers like it’s a combination of the arcade rail shooter and actual controller elements. You’re supposed to defeat the opponent team to win the game by emptying the opponent team cost. The way you decrease the opponent team cost/health gauge is to defeat one of the opponent team members. The gameplay may be comparable to other TPS games on consoles and computers but the rules here may be different as you’re supposed to decrease the opponent team’s health guage to win by defeating opponent team members. Knocking one opponent team member out causes that opponent player to respawn at a specified position similar to how TPS and FPS games work in multiplayer modes.

Story-wise, it’s about two dimensions trying to collide with each other, causing mysterious disappearance and the only way to prevent this is to send the participants back to the year 2015 for VS-team battle. There happens to be two versions of the same team except that they belong to different dimensions. Defeating alternate selves is the way to prevent that serious catastrophe from happening but at the cost of the disappearance of the defeated team’s dimension. A simple story like this along with the gameplay rules is one effective strategy.

The second game has the Overdrive-like feature and the third game has the Cross-Link System which enables the entire team to activate it together. There’s also the PC version, Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded, which was discontinued. It is a fun answer to the arcade version but I guess that the even PC version is for use in Japan only. The only thing the US website of the franchise offers is the animated adaption which is kind of awful to be frank as the gameplay of the series is extremely effective and fun to the core that the story is less important. If the game’s important factor is the gameplay even though it has story with animated cutscenes and such, depending on the game genre, an animated adaption may or may not happen.

If you come across and watch the animated adaption of the franchise before discovering the games themselves, shame on you. You should know that it is a game franchise that started 5 years ago for the arcades unless you want to be ignorant about this introductory part of it.

Love Live School Idol Festival After School Activity for arcade

As a rhythm game, it looks quite suited for me to play on like I treated it as an arcade game of some kind when playing on my Android tablet ever since its international release 3 years ago. Unfortunately, there have been problems with this kind of games on IOS and Android that altered players’ behaviors negatively.

  • Microtransactions – A DLC-like item that can be spent in unlimited ways, allowing you to get premium currencies and other premium items you can’t get normally. It can result in an unnecessary waste of money, putting buying a normal game to shame. You could have used thousands of dollars to buy something else.
  • Gatchas – A luck-based feature that draws random items including super and ultra rare items through premium Gatcha features using premium currencies. There are tons of ways to get premium currencies but that depends on the game.
  • Performance perfection – A torturous behavior coming from the player no matter how technically competent the device is.
  • Frustration factor
  • Grinding

The amount of grinding in the game is another torturous one as a way to gain access to additional chapters in the story as well as to unlock additional songs in the main section in the Music Select screen. I had already seen some players raising the player rank too high like I don’t know if they have anything else to do besides playing the game. Even the in-game events are becoming worse that such grinding may require microtransactions and usage of premium currencies.

In the case of the arcade version, it has elements from the mobile version like drawing cards from the machine representing characters in different dresses, team set-up and other stuffs. During gameplay, there will be card effects although in different ways than in the mobile version and the arcade version uses physical controls and is more difficult in gameplay. Like other rhythm games on the arcades, you will need the Nesica card if you want to make the progress count. Also, the arcade version features in-game graphics for gameplay in a similar vein to Project Diva series. Certain songs in the arcade version have the new dance choreography you can’t see elsewhere. The others already have their own via the animated music videos as well as the ones taken from the TV animated series and the animated movie.

Unfortunately, the information for the arcade version may be scarce when trying to use the keywords in English in the search engine as if there’s no English speaking wiki for that version. But, from what I know is that there may be Challenge difficulty in addition to Expert difficulty and the notecharts are obviously superseding and different than the mobile version. The UI engine seems to be at the same level as Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage or something in which other idol-themed music games on mobile follow with the same kind of UI layout for gameplay. Like Beatstream and DJ Max Technika series, the arcade version of LLSIF has double screens and the one on top is for seeing the dance thing in action while the bottom one focuses on gameplay.

Lastly, if you want to know about the system specs of the machine the arcade version uses, you can look it up in Wikipedia or something. From what I saw on social media and video sharing sites, the arcade version uses dual graphics cards and the graphics card is different than the one the Taito Type X3 machine uses and it turns out that the game uses Taito Type X4. Like Taito Type X3, Type X4 has different spec options. Unfortunately, the amount of information about Taito Type X4 is kind of small not because things are so technical or something but it seems that ignorance about the arcade version’s existence is a problem. If the arcade version makes it to the US via Round 1, it may solve that problem but it’s not the same for other countries although it’s already better for the arcade version to stay in Japan as there are already tons of idol-themed music game and animated franchises which are outnumbering everyone non-stop like hell. I think the over-popularity of Idolmaster and Love Live franchises is the reason for such existences of other franchises but it may seem that certain fans’ behaviors had been altered so negatively that they did certain things in public that landed themselves in serious trouble. Examples included threats of stabbing, being a public nuisance via delusion, showing off too much fan-tribute accessories in their possession or even suicide attempts over disbandment or retirement of a group or something. Those are NOT how you become a fan of a particular idol group or individual you like.

The arcade version is more or less published by Square Enix and it may mean that it runs on a Taito-branded arcade system with the Nesica service, similar to other Square Enix games on the arcades that make use of it although one of them uses the Playstation 4 based arcade hardware instead of the Type-X series system.