Gunslinger Stratos series

Perhaps, Gunslinger Stratos series is the true demonstration of what Taito Type X3 system can do. The actual specs used for the series are Core i5, 8GB RAM along with Windows Embedded Standard 7 64-Bit and 1080p arcade gaming. What’s less difficult is that you can see the on-screen specs of Type X3 system instead of the sticker of the Type X2 actual specs. You can see the graphics card along with the amount of RAM the Type X2 uses when booting up but that’s not enough.

The game itself is the online 4vs4 third-person-shooter where you use dual gun controllers like it’s a combination of the arcade rail shooter and actual controller elements. You’re supposed to defeat the opponent team to win the game by emptying the opponent team cost. The way you decrease the opponent team cost/health gauge is to defeat one of the opponent team members. The gameplay may be comparable to other TPS games on consoles and computers but the rules here may be different as you’re supposed to decrease the opponent team’s health guage to win by defeating opponent team members. Knocking one opponent team member out causes that opponent player to respawn at a specified position similar to how TPS and FPS games work in multiplayer modes.

Story-wise, it’s about two dimensions trying to collide with each other, causing mysterious disappearance and the only way to prevent this is to send the participants back to the year 2015 for VS-team battle. There happens to be two versions of the same team except that they belong to different dimensions. Defeating alternate selves is the way to prevent that serious catastrophe from happening but at the cost of the disappearance of the defeated team’s dimension. A simple story like this along with the gameplay rules is one effective strategy.

The second game has the Overdrive-like feature and the third game has the Cross-Link System which enables the entire team to activate it together. There’s also the PC version, Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded, which was discontinued. It is a fun answer to the arcade version but I guess that the even PC version is for use in Japan only. The only thing the US website of the franchise offers is the animated adaption which is kind of awful to be frank as the gameplay of the series is extremely effective and fun to the core that the story is less important. If the game’s important factor is the gameplay even though it has story with animated cutscenes and such, depending on the game genre, an animated adaption may or may not happen.

If you come across and watch the animated adaption of the franchise before discovering the games themselves, shame on you. You should know that it is a game franchise that started 5 years ago for the arcades unless you want to be ignorant about this introductory part of it.

Love Live School Idol Festival After School Activity for arcade

As a rhythm game, it looks quite suited for me to play on like I treated it as an arcade game of some kind when playing on my Android tablet ever since its international release 3 years ago. Unfortunately, there have been problems with this kind of games on IOS and Android that altered players’ behaviors negatively.

  • Microtransactions – A DLC-like item that can be spent in unlimited ways, allowing you to get premium currencies and other premium items you can’t get normally. It can result in an unnecessary waste of money, putting buying a normal game to shame. You could have used thousands of dollars to buy something else.
  • Gatchas – A luck-based feature that draws random items including super and ultra rare items through premium Gatcha features using premium currencies. There are tons of ways to get premium currencies but that depends on the game.
  • Performance perfection – A torturous behavior coming from the player no matter how technically competent the device is.
  • Frustration factor
  • Grinding

The amount of grinding in the game is another torturous one as a way to gain access to additional chapters in the story as well as to unlock additional songs in the main section in the Music Select screen. I had already seen some players raising the player rank too high like I don’t know if they have anything else to do besides playing the game. Even the in-game events are becoming worse that such grinding may require microtransactions and usage of premium currencies.

In the case of the arcade version, it has elements from the mobile version like drawing cards from the machine representing characters in different dresses, team set-up and other stuffs. During gameplay, there will be card effects although in different ways than in the mobile version and the arcade version uses physical controls and is more difficult in gameplay. Like other rhythm games on the arcades, you will need the Nesica card if you want to make the progress count. Also, the arcade version features in-game graphics for gameplay in a similar vein to Project Diva series. Certain songs in the arcade version have the new dance choreography you can’t see elsewhere. The others already have their own via the animated music videos as well as the ones taken from the TV animated series and the animated movie.

Unfortunately, the information for the arcade version may be scarce when trying to use the keywords in English in the search engine as if there’s no English speaking wiki for that version. But, from what I know is that there may be Challenge difficulty in addition to Expert difficulty and the notecharts are obviously superseding and different than the mobile version. The UI engine seems to be at the same level as Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage or something in which other idol-themed music games on mobile follow with the same kind of UI layout for gameplay. Like Beatstream and DJ Max Technika series, the arcade version of LLSIF has double screens and the one on top is for seeing the dance thing in action while the bottom one focuses on gameplay.

Lastly, if you want to know about the system specs of the machine the arcade version uses, you can look it up in Wikipedia or something. From what I saw on social media and video sharing sites, the arcade version uses dual graphics cards and the graphics card is different than the one the Taito Type X3 machine uses and it turns out that the game uses Taito Type X4. Like Taito Type X3, Type X4 has different spec options. Unfortunately, the amount of information about Taito Type X4 is kind of small not because things are so technical or something but it seems that ignorance about the arcade version’s existence is a problem. If the arcade version makes it to the US via Round 1, it may solve that problem but it’s not the same for other countries although it’s already better for the arcade version to stay in Japan as there are already tons of idol-themed music game and animated franchises which are outnumbering everyone non-stop like hell. I think the over-popularity of Idolmaster and Love Live franchises is the reason for such existences of other franchises but it may seem that certain fans’ behaviors had been altered so negatively that they did certain things in public that landed themselves in serious trouble. Examples included threats of stabbing, being a public nuisance via delusion, showing off too much fan-tribute accessories in their possession or even suicide attempts over disbandment or retirement of a group or something. Those are NOT how you become a fan of a particular idol group or individual you like.

The arcade version is more or less published by Square Enix and it may mean that it runs on a Taito-branded arcade system with the Nesica service, similar to other Square Enix games on the arcades that make use of it although one of them uses the Playstation 4 based arcade hardware instead of the Type-X series system.

Wikileaks – Vault7 leak

Again, the reports of the agency-related cybersecurity actions would take you back to the year 2013 when all the cyber-spying stuffs had been exposed by Edward Snowden. They were said to be illegal that it kept people and tech companies concerned that all those actions had been done ever since the past. We know the reason on why they did all this cyber surveillance on people in various countries through the victims’ devices but then, we had also seen actions taken by the tech companies in which many of the vulnerabilities had been patched as stated by Apple and Google.

Unfortunately, even with the encryption intact for Telegram, Signal and Whatsapp, there’s a chance that CIA can bypass it for data collection purposes. The Year Zero issue is not at the application level and it takes place in many devices and operating systems like routers, computers running Windows, Macintosh and Linux and even if the computers are offline, the data collection can still occur.

More and deep information can be found from the links below:

Unfortunately, for those using the outdated Android and IOS like me using Android 4.x series of OSes, chances are that not all vulnerabilities are patched and that the patches support the later OSes. Microsoft investigated this situation but may need more time and strategy to come up with more solutions.

Blazblue Central Fiction

Well, this is the latest in the series and said to be the final chapter released on the consoles a year after the arcade release. The console release is based on the recent arcade update which contained all the acts along with more characters being playable. It also featured additional characters as DLCs which were also playable in the arcade version as the update so they were no longer console-exclusives. What is still console-exclusive is the Story-Mode along with some other modes you won’t find in the arcade version.

And somehow, if the console-release isn’t quite enough, it seems that Arc System Works had the guts to re-release the game for the arcades, this time, for Nesica X Live 2 service which obviously has online-match support similar to console releases of fighting games with Network Mode. Plus, the games running on that service will be in 1080p similar to Playstation 4 version of the Blazblue Central Fiction although there won’t be so much differences whatsoever. It might be a strange move but certain things had to be done as needed for newer platform releases. Not to mention that the re-release of Blazblue Central Fiction to a newer service for the arcades is a core reason to keep the series alive ever since FK Digital having released Chaos Code on Playstation 4 based on the recent update of Nesica X Live arcade version which already had two additional characters way before the Playstation 4 version was announced. Sure, the Taito Type X2, Nesica X Live 1 and Playstation 3 are already quite old and the support for Windows XP Embedded for that Type X2 system had ended last year in which migration of the games on Nesica X Live 2 service and console releases for both Playstation 3 and 4 might be the reasons to keep the game going.

My better point is that Arc System Works should be making and publishing new fighting games for the Nesica X Live 2 service for the arcades if we want to see them getting a console release in the future after that besides re-releasing Blazblue Central Fiction. Do you expect other developers to migrate their popular fighting games to newer arcade platforms like that ever since Ultra Street Fighter IV on Taito Type X3?

Future updates

Okay, it may seem that download links on my blogs and YouTube video descriptions will be changed to my Onedrive source when the Public folder is starting to become non-public for Dropbox in March. Not to mention that I already started posting arrangements on my Soundcloud account like last year onwards. The aim of these Deconstruction Remixes/Mashups is simply the replacement of the stuffs from the original songs from Bemani franchise with the melody from the other songs from other sources. Besides the Bemani songs, there are also songs from the S***c franchise that follow the same suit as well due to the fact that it’s become a laughing stock to me after having discovered and gotten interested in playing S***c Runners on my Android. I managed to complete that although its Version 2.0 update screwed up that game in the stupidest way like decreased item usage duration for instance which might affect the progress in Story Mode.

The reason for coming up with those new kinds of arrangements is the amount of negative reputation Konami has caused among themselves ever since like 5 years ago or something like a bunch of Pachinko games based on the classic franchises we know of as well as the controversy that haunted Bemani franchise, like some crappy-ass remixes in some of the Bemani games we played, unoriginality in the cabinet design like Beatstream and Museca, as well as the controversial collaboration for music artists in standard parts of the games like those from IOSYS collaborating with those from Bemani for more weird-ass music I couldn’t tolerate in the first place. And if you’re a KAC finalist and you say that you cannot forgive Konami over all that shit stated above including the technical incompetences that haunted the event like they did with Sound Voltex for 4th KAC, I guess that you’ll be disqualified and barred from taking part in future championships.

Development of the Global Game Jam game has been on-going and the gameplay concept is still in a terrible shape. I don’t know if I can make an alternative gameplay like the racing platformer games like Angel Express, Kirby’s Gourmet Race, S***c Rivals series, etc. It may solve the problem that way over limited sprite assets taken from my 2015 jam-mates. Also, the development of Project Egg Rush which is a fan-made S***c  game I’ve been making as my answer to S***c Runners, had been on hold until the present time. It might be due to the fact that I don’t have the idea of the Endless Runner Stage Design on how things will be generated.

Lastly, while we went through the year 2016 successfully as if some of the calamity rumors that would take place were false, there will be lesser guarantees of living peacefully in the future probably due to political selfishness about the climate change which is more or less a man-made global threat as we know it but such selfishness about it takes it for a hoax or perhaps a complete nonsense that things are going for a downturn when it comes to future change. It had decreased by 30 seconds on the clock to 2 minutes 30 seconds left because of that and a huge trouble will come to us unless positive actions are taken to rewind that clock back. So the expectation for the future should involve more solar power although it will look like this kind of activity is done on daylight but balance is important.

One more thing, I might have gone back to being a gaming nerd as I should be after having discovered various game development-themed cartoon shows like New Game and Magic of Stella which aired last year. They might be what it takes to develop a new game although one of them is going towards indie-game development and it’s not that great from the story point of view due to various bullshits that ruined it. Not to mention that the Japanese cartoon shows and gaming as we know them have gone way too far like representing other animals, man-made military stuffs, man-made home properties, man-made electronics, etc. as human characters. It already opened door to hell of animal personification and fictional idols like there’s way too many shit going on. Not to mention that the behavior all because of those stuffs had been altered negatively and especially that people make up pretending/delusional relationship with fictional characters. I made a policy like that on my YouTube account against that bullshit and anyone caught doing it or regarding characters as wives/husbands/sisters/brothers/daughters/sons will be blocked. Even worse is that those kinds of filthy nerds don’t care for their professional future like they may as well get shut-in with nothing to do which is kind already bad in the first place since you will need a paid job for food, new items and even a new house to survive. Go play Recettear or something similar and you will know this important tip of future and survival. Oh, and putting DJ followed by your account name on the social media that contains gameplay videos of Beatmania IIDX/DJ Max/O2Jam or similar may regard you as a weeb-DJ/filthy-as DJ that you don’t deserve to play in a club although it’s already rare to find those kinds of DJs like that. A REAL DJ is a DJ who mixes music on the DJ set which may consist of a DJ controller or perhaps, 2 CDJs+DJ Mixer or even better, 2 Vinyls+DJ Mixer. This is the kind of DJ I want to see in the present time. You may think that I played those rhythm games too much but it doesn’t matter how much I played them, I never represent myself like that on my YouTube channel or social media unless you’re like DARQ, who happened to put my Beatmania IIDX GUI concept for Lunatic Rave 2 I designed as a wallpaper in his gameplay videos. No joke. He didn’t credit me for using that in his gameplay videos as a desktop wallpaper. So, NEVER INTRODUCE yourself using your DJ alias in your YouTube video UNLESS the video is about REAL DJing like you’re teaching new DJs, vlogging about your DJ gig or even giving advises.

Beatmania IIDX Sinobuz

Military, Medieval Fantasy, Train and of course, Ninja themes for a DJ simulation rhythm game like Beatmania IIDX are ABSOLUTELY OUT OF PLACE! How could Konami come up with such themes like that? It’s not amusing as the real DJs discover such bullshit themes like that and play Beatmania IIDX for the first time during the time the game is having those styles. Sure, it can make them look ignorant at times but I can assure you that such DJ gigs will NEVER have those places decorated with with such themes stated above. You can dress up like a medieval warrior or ninja for a DJ party for instance but who’s going to appreciate the fact that Konami has gone too far? Also, I don’t think I may have seen a DDR game with an irrelevant theme like that.

Having knowing the fact that zombies don’t fit in Metal Gear according to Hideo Kojima, how about saying and realizing that military, medieval fantasy, train and ninja themes DO NOT fit in DJ simulation rhythm games like Beatmania IIDX? I can assure that none of the DJ Max games may have such irrelevant themes like that. That may include probably DJ Max Technika series and Beatcraft Cyclon. What about Deemo? Does its theme fit so much correctly?

So here’s what the newest style of Beatmania IIDX offers for you. Each day may have different system BGM when you start the game along with differences to the Mode Select screen. One of the days every week gives you some kind of boost in the in-game currency although there should be better features to represent yourself like the player message that is displayed in-game like in Jubeat and Groove Coaster. Also, all the unlockable songs from Beatmania IIDX Pendual are available in case you don’t have so much time for arcade gaming in the arcades. Obviously, you may have to pay money for stuffs representing credits and having to unlock something you want costs even more.

After the gameplay, you get presented with a mini-game again, this time, you’re supposed to raid the castles from bottom to top floors. During gameplay, you get presented with items needed for that event. When you’re inside the castle, you’re supposed to search it for an item or a target. You can consume the amount of riceballs for extra strength by choosing the third option. Once you’ve located a target, you get to choose the second option to encounter it. You’re supposed to rid the castle of all the enemies and other obstacles to unlock the songs and clear it. There are three castles as of the present time and I already went through the first castle. Also, it looked like Konami implemented another mobile gaming element to one of Bemani games this year, this time with Beatmania IIDX Sinobuz’s castle intrusion event. What this does is to increase the amount of riceballs by 1 per 10 minutes of not playing the game. The maximum you can get is 2000 riceballs but bear in mind that you don’t migrate the riceballs over to the next castle so the remaining ones will be lost by the time you’ve completed the previous one. I believe that it will take estimated two weeks to get 2000 riceballs which you can gain with the Replenish command. There’s also the Skills command where you can reduce the enemy’s strength, increase your strength, reduce the consumption of riceballs, etc. Choosing Search will search the castle for treasures, gates and enemies to deal with and then choose Event to begin battle. You get to choose Event Cards to deal with which may look like a virtual card battle you will have in mobile games, not the arcade games.

Once the whole castle is like 100% searched and raided, all is left is the boss character to deal with to conquer the castle. Like always, events like this can be grindy and Konami has already gone to the deeper bullshit level with the Ninja theme for Beatmania IIDX after the Train one.

Sound Voltex IV

The difficulty scale is equivalent to the present time of DDR starting in which the latest extension for DDR started with DDR X. This extended to Level 20 for Sound Voltex IV. It opened a bigger opportunity for the experts but for me, the change doesn’t affect me that much as I’m still attempting the remaining Level 13 songs from Sound Voltex Booth and III. Level 14 onwards is already more difficult enough for me like I managed to clear some.

Another change was that the song unlock feature was made less difficult and you can unlock the songs at anytime in the music select screen. One condition is that certain songs can be like accessible in the final stage or something. Elsewhere, you still need the sufficient amount of blocks to unlock the songs.

The Music Select and Entry BGMs are what I can think of mashing up with and especially for the Matching screen BGM. Strangely enough, there’s no Title Screen BGM whatsoever.

There’s also the new type of FX note that causes the clap sound or any other sound depending on the song when you press it correspondingly. Unfortunately, I don’t like the way some parts of the notechart are set up for certain songs like the patterns are akin to doing the disgusting calls and responses as gross nerds do in concerts. It has been like this ever since the first Sound Voltex game with some of the Exit Tunes songs and the notecharters/effectors of those songs can go fuck themselves. Even the theme song of Sound Voltex IV, Heavenly Smile, is guilty of that bullshit for sure.

A recent update included the Skill Analyzer except that it is part of the Music Selection screen that you have to open the folder list and go to the Skill Analyer folder yourself.

Appointment at Public Service Center

Well, I guess that I had another recent worry that I went for another appointment for a solution. It turned out that I wouldn’t land myself into trouble for applying for a job under the qualification under the highest one. It’s kind of like the elders getting one with the minimum requirements being the N/O/A-Level qualification but that was for working at those supermarkets for instance. Somehow, the interview would be like the audition and the best candidate would get suited for the specific job. Sometimes, the companies wouldn’t even bother to view your resume as there were too many of the resumes in their hands. I made a comparison between myself and some person who posted his story in Skillsfuture official website regarding the same desperate situation. I mentioned to my career coach about it but I didn’t mention his name as I didn’t memorize it. In case there will be changes to the pages in Skillsfuture website, I may as well put a reference link here.

The last thing I was told was to attend the business workshop organized by WSG and my worries about this kind of workshop were fulfilled when my career coach told me based on the situation I had from attending a similar workshop last year. It turned out that such kind of workshop would have interactive activities to be done by the trainer and I was half-wrong to put the blame on CDAC on having insulted me like that from the way that workshop wrapped up. I have fears that this upcoming workshop from WSG will bring me the similar embarrassment but I was shared something by the career coach that doing those sort of embarrassing things already made him feel uncomfortable like I already was the last time. Maybe I preferred the more professional style of a workshop like a Microsoft/Apple seminar. At least, the things shown in action should tell us thousands of words in addition to the ones shown in the presentation. It’s basically more than a slide show with live demonstration. And since it’s just an event, there won’t be need to memorize everything in details although you can already see the news about those reveals with sufficient information so that you can blog about those in your god-damn words.

Workshop-wise, there will be attendees who might have dropped out of school as noticed by me from their situation in the workshop I attended last year like they dropped out of Primary school or Secondary school. They can still learn but it still poses a bigger challenge in learning whatever they want. So, a dropout like that doesn’t mean it’s your end. How about becoming a musician, comedian, etc. for example? Sure, the ambitions won’t be as professional as the professional positions like IT Support, System Administrator, etc. but, at least those dropouts may still have a chance.

For the job description I was told about was regarding Desktop Support Administration/IT Support where you do all sorts of troubleshooting in the enterprise environment. Troubleshooting on the hardware level was rare and nobody thinks that Public Service Center pretty much has the Anti-Static wrist-strap that prevents the ESD. But in case of hardware problems like computer overheating, how can I troubleshoot that? Do I have to send my computer to the Digital Hospital or something? It may be the case for me as I don’t want to reveal the deeper parts of my computer lest I end up damaging it.

Somehow, I was questioned about the Join The Tech Elite Asia contest from Microsoft Virtual Academy but that was because I was questioned like, “Do you know the OS installation stuff”? for instance. Indeed, I was taught on how to install Windows 7 as part of the module in my ITE days but there was something I was missing out in challenge it was based on one of the standard Microsoft certified courses which don’t make use of moderate deployment tools like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager. Those were what I didn’t learn until the days I started learning through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Yes, I also mentioned the achievement about Join The Tech Elite Asia contest the last time as well as the fact that I really visited Microsoft Singapore itself several years ago. I couldn’t know what the office was like although I was questioned that did I really reach the office in that company branch. All I saw when I went inside the company premises was the counter in front, a server room on my left, the comfort zone on my right with stuffs to read. There was also the TV inside the lift so to speak but I can believe that the company is located somewhere in Raffles Place.

Unfortunately, I forgot certain things about Join The Tech Elite when trying to mention it to my career coach but what I could recall was that you need to learn the specific courses that would count towards Join The Tech Elite contest but nowadays, it’s Know It, Prove It campaign and I still made progresses from there. Another change to the MVA service was that the points system was already made obsolete but I still can learn courses offered there.

Global Game Jam 2017 – Plans to attend scrapped

There really isn’t anything special to say about the set used in DJ Viperstar’s podcast in Happy Hardcore website but it surely took place a day before the Global Game Jam. Unfortunately, until now, I still have an anxiety like, will there be a trouble I will land on if I secure an IT job despite having a diploma in something else which is above the NITEC and Higher NITEC of IT courses? That is something I have to ask the career coach about in the next appointment or I can ask someone else about it since I have another worry like this.

Also, the Global Game Jam is pretty much the one for those who have schools or work but the bigger surprise was that I had found someone in Skillsfuture website whose situation is the same as mine. He wanted to pursue the programming career badly like I wanted to pursue the IT career but the problem is the latest qualification on something else taken. Perhaps, I’m more frustrated than him to be frank. Sometime after I graduated, I got a bunch of job interview phone calls for whatever job I didn’t apply myself. It seemed that those fools at home had the guts to make an account representing me and then applying whatever bullshit they wanted. I thought that they would do this for fun like they accessed the USB HDD which wasn’t mine to set me up for fun during my internship days 6 years ago. I guess that it is illegal to make an account representing someone else and applying a bunch of jobs for them. That will land you in serious trouble for that when the company the victim works at realizes that the victim secured a job you applied for instead of him/her. I guess that the password you specified for that account was something victim didn’t know and that account you made is missing some of the things only the victim can specify. It was like they were trying to get in my way about after sometime, it would look like they would stop doing this shit, not because applying through an account representing me but not made by me would land them in trouble anyway and besides, they would specify a bunch of false records I would not accept.

As of the time of the writing, the event is on-going but I can’t tell the theme and all that until the event is over.

Privacy Dashboard for Windows 10

At least the mistakes had been realized that we eventually came up with solutions to fix them but it depends on the kind of serious mistake that had been made. However, there were certain mistakes that had gone so viral and controversial could lead to a serious of investigation like the ones that landed Microsoft into serious trouble. What about certain companies in the US that have been notorious for continuous troubles they land themselves into perhaps, for violating users privacy on their accord for years, using the fossil fuel or any other source that heats up the climate temperature, for instance? Corruption-wise, they never realize the amount of trouble they have landed on like they have been ignoring it, thinking that consumers’ concerns are whiny or something.

Eventually, after a long time Windows 10 was released like two years ago, it seems that Microsoft had been pressured into adding a privacy dashboard feature for that OS that allows a wider adjustment on what can be toggled on or off. Not to mention the presets that range from Basic to Full Telemetry levels. However, that feature will be part of the upcoming Creators Update of Windows 10 and the privacy features are said to be extended in Redstone 3 update. The data collected by Microsoft will not be used to target ads to you. One fact about Basic Telemetry Level is that it has been around ever since Windows NT 4.0 days as if Microsoft will need to assess the technical situation the consumers have encountered.

We definitely hope that Microsoft is doing the right thing this time with the upcoming Creators Update like they did the right thing for the Xbox One Kinect. Simply upgrading someone’s computer to Windows 10 as a punishment is what only idiots do until the day Creators Update is released which is sometime in April this year. And if you do that to your child’s computer or something regardless of whatever wrongdoing your child has done, I can assure that you will be scolded and disciplined at work for electronics property abuse and to privacy advocates, you will have lesser respect than before after having damaged your cyber-reputation as a parent.