Infinite Overburst – Product Info (Prototype)

The recent Shoot The Bullet clone that uses the gaming elements of the years 2014 and 2015. It was formally known as Blazing Overburst that used the gaming elements of the year 2014 but the development halted sometime the following year in favor of developing the Global Game Jam game, Project Conspieracy which was started in 2015 as the GGJ game. Finalization of the Game Jam game took place in 2016 with elements from it to be used in Infinite Overburst.

Latest News – RC version available for a temporary time here. (Update: The amount of scenes isn’t 150 although it is getting closer to that.)

Development has reached the Release Candidate stage with 100+ scenes, improved effects, additional bullet patterns along with changes to the BGM list, UI and backgrounds. However, the flow of the scene list per day is still incomplete as you may end up facing the same bosses from the previous scenes in the later scenes. Also, some of the subjects/scenes are replaced with the others due to terrible attack patterns that they have to be redone when possible.

Screenshots can be seen below here. However, it appears that the internal ability to take screenshots in Game Maker Studio is removed and the only way to take screenshots internally will be to use the Take Screenshot action in the event for an object.

The future objective will be to have 200 scenes for a complete development.