YouTube Partnership Program update

A month ago or something, one of the YouTubers had the guts to make a video vow to cause the violent trouble at YouTube headquarters over the new YouTube Partnership Program that affected many of the small channels including mine. Her videos were de-monetized as part of the change and that angered her into accusing YouTube of censorship or something. It’s a wrong way to demand the people behind the change to make a bunch of explanations. Even if they explain something, they still feel threatened. The incident involved the female suspect who was confirmed dead from self-inflicted wound after having opened fire at the YouTube headquarters.

Sure, people didn’t like the change that YouTube planned a few months ago but it doesn’t mean someone can go there and cause trouble like that. It also doesn’t mean that someone can make a bunch of online threats like that as they and their actions can be tracked upon the victims finding out the vows of threats made on the net. In fact, there was a similar but non-violent case that occurred 4 years ago in which a suspect was arrested for having damaged the shop property which was the game display and pepper-sprayed the employee of Gamestop over unacceptable change of the core portion of some parts of the product franchise. However, such topic like that can be saved for the next article as there are tons of things about him. Perhaps, this is due to the high-profile scandals YouTube would eventually go stricter than before.


New YouTube Partner Program controversy

This is one big concern in hundreds of words to the people as YouTube is coming up with a stricter policy that will be effective next month. What you should worry about is the channels that will no longer be involved in monetization and the small YouTube channels are already losing momentum as if people have lost interest in their videos or some kind. It may sound like YouTube is ruining small channels like they no longer care for them because their contents are less interesting or whatnot but it seems that YouTube seems to care for actual professional YouTubers out there who can monetize their stuffs without screwing up their channels. But before this policy is to take place, the most important thing in doing things as a professional YouTuber is that everything in your videos must be in the legal/light zone so that it’s safe to monetize them without worries of trouble. However, one dark example is that someone monetizes the videos they’ve stolen from other accounts or maybe the videos containing something in the grey zone. What an illegal way and I can imagine consequences worse than account termination.

In the past, a lifetime of 10000 views is required in addition to 1000 subscribers to be part of the YouTube Partner Program but then that amount is like too small and my channel has like 400000+ total video views or some kind although I have like 200+ subscribers. However, I have no main goals in pushing these amounts even quicker in the future as showing off something no one else has shown is the first reason why I started my YouTube channel in the first place. Of course, there might be useless garbage I posted in the past but they were easy to take down or something as people probably expected me to do things right in the future so that they would be interested in my channel. However, this is going to change next month with 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months along with 1000 subscribers. For small channels like mine, you may be out of luck if you don’t follow this new criteria but that’s what it is to become big for real with tons of views per video as well as the growing amount of subscribers. A channel with sufficient amount of total video views although the amount of views per video is not that large may have a difficult chance of being a YouTube Partner. Things have changed quite alot although some of the features were more controversial.

What will happen is that you can still use various channel features but to go deeper will require verification and being a YouTube Partner. For Custom URL, Custom Thumbnail and Live Streaming, your channel must be verified and for Cards and End Screens, you will need to be a part of YPP in order to link things to the external source. Plus, this revamped program will be a new license in terms of video monetization. You need to be part of it if you want your videos monetized. A real change is that Super Chat and Sponsorship will be parts of YPP, not outside of it and besides, a sponsorship is not an easy thing to do for YouTube or other professional business.

Well, I might have seen tons of reaction videos and that was an impressive stuff but the thing is, they’ve taken the copyrighted content for their reaction videos and monetized them. I guess commerical-use rights or sponsorship must be required if you want a professional reaction to the stuff you see and it may be the same for product reviews and vlogs containing copyrighted contents.

Sure, you can tell me things about Fair-Use but those things above are at professional levels and your videos must be in the light/legalized zone if you want them monetized legally. Some alternatives in getting your channels supported may include Twitch, Patreon and even your merchandise but then, I don’t know if the policies are changed there or not.

There are already concerns so far from people stating that they will be kicked out of the YPP program next month and it looks like they will need some help but then, they can try various alternatives to keep their career alive and kicking. Especially for musicians and DJs in which their public performances don’t give them so much money in the end and it seems that they will need other ways to gain additional money for survival. If gaining tons of money is your first priority, then you don’t deserve your advancement in your career for sure. You must have passion and ambition for whichever career you want.

Will small channels like mine be gone next month? I guess not. I can still continue posting my stuffs there although my channel is already on life support starting sometime last year. The amount of watch time in minutes and views is already decreasing but I guess that I already feared on what the retards at home had been up to against me as well as a bunch of accidental things I did in the past like 1-2 years ago. There’s also a site in which someone can end up making one’s own account and then verifying accounts that are not entire his/hers. I wonder if that is a flaw in the service or something but speaking of impersonating channels on YouTube, it may pose a challenge to indicate which one is genuine or not so that a genuine one can be truly verified. This may solve the confusion among the viewers and the impersonators may be sad or something with/without realizing the trouble they’re in. Sure, a simple consequence is account termination but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some of the immature impersonators or even the useless trolls I had ever seen.

Another part of the revamped YPP is that 10000 people will be hired by Google to work on things like manual reviews of the YouTube channels and such and things will be like effective or maybe complete globally two months later.

Todotodo Skills Marketplace event

The event seems to be a roadshow-styled event with multiple presentations taking place at the same time and various programs were scheduled according to the flyer. There was the Networking with Employers part along with Career Coaching part as well as the presentation venues.

One of the presentations was about Video Resume and I already had tons of knowledge about YouTuber stuffs as I watched so tons of videos from various YouTubers ranging from the ones from the western region and Japan. Also, I already knew the concept about getting paid from YouTube videos via advertising revenue. Sure, the ads are sort of annoying unless you have the adblocker extension for the browser but it poses a problem in getting you paid from your YouTube videos. The presenter who happened to be the Singaporean YouTuber had explained things that left me speechless due to tons of pre-knowledges. Needless to say, he was an actor, dancer and singer but none of those careers earned him so much of cash each as told by him. Perhaps, even being a musician/DJ doesn’t seem to help out either as a day-job is required besides that. Not to mention that getting a gig is a costly idea. Not only you have to pay the license fee but also pay the club entrance fee, that is for DJ. And the worse thing is that the DJ pools are for DJs only so I don’t know if this may apply to new club DJs. Getting a DJ gig at the wedding will give you lesser money to make in the end.

So, what was the video resume that YouTuber was talking about? It’s basically a self-introduction video and especially for about whatever you do as part of the career based on your passion, talents and skills but that doesn’t seem to be enough as educational experience/qualification is a must. However, I found the term, Video Resume, to be unusual when compared to printed and digital resumes. Also, an Electronic Press Kit is the musician/DJ’s resume although I don’t know how it’s being displayed. Making a Video Resume via YouTube Self-Introduction Video is like making one in the same vein Japanese YouTubers come up with. Indeed, I had seen a template and the intro video is about doing whatever you like or something. Also, you have to display the number of subscribers in addition to your YouTube channel as part of the self-introduction. But that is how Japanese YouTubers introduce themselves. Western ones introduce themselves on YouTube in a different way but I suggest that you introduce yourself on YouTube in your own way, not the weird and unusual Video Resume thingy.

One article from Monster website about Video Resume mentions that most companies found it unusual and not recommended that traditional resumes are more recommended instead. It’s worse than putting a photo of yourself in a resume and you’re suggested on using social networking sites as online avenues. A blog about professional passion is another side-step you may want to come up with.

However, there are other articles about video resumes that may guide the heck out of you of making and submitting one but it’s not an easy process compared to a traditional resume.

YouTube Heroes controversy

No matter which social media, video sharing or streaming service you use, there may be times that you’re vulnerable to some cyber-threats you’re not aware of like people talking trash to you over your look and other personal stuffs of yours. You can just ignore them or maybe find a way to take actions against them for their inappropriate behavior. Another problem is that you may be falsely accused during online gaming probably due to your skills or something. If you’re showing off your skills, that’s fine like you may be praised with positive comments and especially that other players may want to learn from you. However, when it comes to online game modes where you have to tackle other player characters online or something, there will be chances that other players may freak out on you with a bunch of troll comments. Even worse is that there¬† may activate some sort of non-verbal threat coming to you from some players like trying to ban you falsely over mods, hacks, cheats or whatever despite the fact that you’ve got skills and efforts to keep yourself on top.
Another notorious thing that has been haunting YouTube for years is a bunch of inappropriate videos posted there like to do real or fake mischievous shit to other players and especially that even kids have played games that are not suited for them like posing as someone famous through the entire impersonating channel or the video itself. Making an account that impersonates someone or some organization is a bad idea although chances of getting you reported for that are rare. Man, talk about the lack of online manners for sure.
Unfortunately, YouTube Heroes is not going to address the problems stated above. It’s bound to make things worse while trying to get you some rewards for your efforts. You can gain points by adding captions/subtitles to your videos and share your knowledge with other people but here’s where the disaster begins, the ability to report negative contents. The disaster is that the program may be abused easily in which some mischievous lifeless people can take this opportunity to flag/report whatever video they don’t like regardless of how actually appropriate it is. What if some criticisms of a video are not enough? You think that the Like/Dislike system is not enough? Or maybe, there one kind of stuff that you don’t like that you use YouTube Heroes as an excuse to report everything that falls under that kind of stuff you see? Under the end-user level, this falls under the mischievous act, the jealousy act or maybe the program can be criticized for attracting a kind of hate where one kind of contents someone doesn’t like can be flagged like he’s abusing the system. Perhaps, most of the things have dark/light sides and YouTube Heroes is one of those dark programs out there. Try flagging the videos that belong to the company’s official YouTube channel or some famous person and there will be lawsuits and troubles coming after you. It’s useless to think that you don’t care for the troubles you will land yourself into for doing that. On the corporate level, it opens doors to censorship like if a company’s stuffs are seriously criticized, they can use YouTube Heroes to do whatever it takes to take down the criticism videos that belong to various types of users like internet celebrities, YouTubers, and even product critics. Also, depending on the situation, the YouTube Heroes may be unnecessary, necessary or even optional to say the least. There were already cases where lawsuits were filed against the famous critics over some extremely terrible content out of the defenders’ stupidity.
Before the existence of YouTube Heroes, there may be inappropriate videos that can be flagged just because they are offensive or something for instance although false reports from you on videos, comments or the users can get your account terminated. Also, moderating on other YouTube channels that don’t belong to you may give you like one option compared to the moderating comments on your videos which you’re given three options. I don’t know the truth about multiple moderation options until now and from my account’s perspective, I’m given one option for the comments on others’ videos, that is to Report Spam or Abuse. Do I have time to review tons of comments on my videos like that?
At Level 3, this is where an evil disaster I mentioned above may take place where anyone mischievous or jealous can obtain this evil power to mis-flag whatever videos either for fun or because he doesn’t like one kind of stuffs he sees to get this sort of reward. It’s an epic WASTE OF TIME AND BRILLIANCE like why don’t you give up when you reach Level 3 of YouTube Heroes program?
It’s an evil and mischievous program we have ever discovered recently. What happened to the “Don’t Be Evil” slogan? HOW COULD YOUTUBE BE EVIL TO COME UP WITH A PROGRAM LIKE THAT?¬† Such an evil part of the program, service, device, policy or whatever like that Level 3 feature I mentioned above SHOULD NOT EXIST! There’s also YouTube Trusted Flagger Program that gives you additional action-taking powers or something provided that you follow the rules and guidelines carefully but then, the discovery of this can come from discovering YouTube Heroes program.
OK, I may be wrong about what I mentioned above. Corporations, brands and businesses are not eligible for YouTube Heroes program according to the rules so you don’t have to worry about the censorship part on the corporate level and of course, even anyone working for government, government-owned or controlled company, public international corporation or political parties is not eligible for the program as well. There may be other rules of YouTube Heroes program in place where abusing it is a complete violation of the policies. However, even if the rules are in place, people are still ranting about this without even stumbling upon them. So, are the rules not enough by then?
There may be YouTube Heroes summits and workshops but then, local summits and workshops with YouTube are way too rare. Right now, the program is in beta stage but I don’t know if I may end up bashing on it even if it reaches the final stage. If you thought that the Google Plus integration with YouTube was controversial, YouTube Heroes is the beginning of the EVIL MAN-MADE DISASTER I MENTIONED ABOVE.
Perhaps, I can show you the famous videos via links here about YouTube Heroes but even then, we could probably go to YouTube directly and watch those videos from there:

Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock that forces users to watch video ads

The actual culprit behind this bypassing is the unintended result of fixing the previous security issue and the developers behind the Chromium are already aware of it. The patch is likely to be on the way to Google Chrome 46 and until then, the only way to get around this situation is to disable Adblock, whitelist YouTube or maybe uninstall the YouTube app. Wait, YouTube web app on Chrome? That sounds kind of bullshit to you for your sake! You could have used the YouTube with HTML5 for smoother browsing right now on any web browser. You could have also used the YouTube app on mobile devices which obviously makes any sense.

OK, it may seem that many people were like putting blame to Google for causing this security problem but once again, the actual culprit is the one stated above at the beginning of this post. It may be a minor or normal issue level.

YouTube Kids app – Ads targeted at children

Embeddeding advertisements in the products or services is one of the ways for the company to make money but the serious downside is that the advertisements may be used to track users illegally by collecting or even stealing data from them for some bullshit purposes. Maybe there should be an app that doesn’t have the ads at all and that it should be free even if it is highly popular but without advertising your app, you won’t be able to make money from it as a developer. Perhaps, there should be other ways in making money like DLCs, in-app purchases and that’s that.

It may be unbelivable that YouTube Kids app is under FTC scrutiny for targeting ads at children. Why do you want to be brought to things by those ads? And the annoying thing about ads in YouTube or any other app is that there may be video ads that do or do not have relations to the apps/services at all and it can be extra annoying that you may have to watch the entire ad in order to proceed any further. I think that it may be the most annoying moment on YouTube unless you have the extensions that go against the ads which can be simple to get but for YouTube Kids app, I can probably assume that there are ads about stuffs that will affect the people in a negative way whether they are children or not. So if the ad is about Cola-Cola product, it’s a negative example because there may be something unhealthy about soft drinks like Cola-Cola ones. Even worse is that the other channels children may want to watch thanks to those ads may require subscription from their parents.

Or better yet, there shouldn’t be ads in the first place because illegal tracking by ads is one of the security bullshits and that you should stick on to something really healthy and decent online services.

Microsoft’s YouTube videos with stolen product keys in comments accidentally taken down

What’s up with the thoughts from the leakers and pirates? How could the same mistake happen to the upcoming Windows 10? Well, it’s not the first time Microsoft is trying to make sure that leakages of their products should not happen but things are backfiring even before the Technical Preview was announced for download in which there were already screenshots of what was going to be in between the Technical Preview and the next preview or perhaps the final version.

And in fact, this kind of piracy of prototype products has been going on for years regardless of whichever brand but when it comes to video games, things may have been that strict from the video game companies that they have been doing whatever they can to avoid leakage of their games by leakers but this is something the tech giants have been missing for years. There’s also the warning message on the bottom-right of the screen for the private prototype builds, that is, the builds being done and shown around the company premises and that they are not for public or other companies to use. Public prototype versions won’t have this message but the leakers have the guts to bypass that for the sake of piracy purposes.

Even if the products like Windows OSes have gone to the final stage which is RTM of course, it is still wrong to take product keys like that so that anyone can try them. The product keys should be bundled with every genuine copy of the product and especially that the products for business use should have the multiple licenses.

I have been beta-testing products and they surely have their own product keys that apply to specific builds only such as Windows 7 Beta that has its own beta product key and that exact same product key can be used by other beta-testers as well.

Then, moving on to the proper topic here based on what happened above. There have been illegal promotions in the YouTube comments regarding the stolen product keys in Microsoft’s official YouTube videos. It’s illegal and such usage has been done by the pirates and if anything bad happens, perhaps, the pirates are to blame. Out of the general reasons when it comes to reporting comments on YouTube, the only option I have been choosing is that I take stupid and useless troll comments for spams. Is there an option called “Piracy (something)” in the list that Microsoft could choose as part of the comment report? In fact, as there are so much kinds of comments that promote piracy, there may be too many to complain to YouTube like that but the thing is, the YouTube videos that belong to Microsoft were removed. If your YouTube account has three copyright complaints, that account will be banned.

Twitch to be bought by YouTube?

OK, we might have seen some good news from Microsoft that Google+ is apparently shutting down sometime in the future probably due to the lack of momentum that service has as if the Google bashers at Microsoft are glad or something even if the Scroogled campaign had come to an end recently this year. The campaign was controversial and wrong in the first place back then that it angered Google users but with the arrival of the big news of the on-going cyber-spying thingy ever since June last year, there were already senses being made on this past reason. Another recent reason was that Google and YouTube users were forced to use the Google+ service in which nobody uses as well and it was like a wrong move until today. However, even with Google+ integration and the service itself gone, it doesn’t mean things are technically safe. There are still remaining bullshits Google has done including YouTube’s controversial change of Content-ID system that have yet to be fixed.

The positive side of Twitch being bought by YouTube is that there will be more momentum than ever with YouTube and Twitch is popular among gamers in which there are tons of gaming videos. Although I don’t know if you can transfer the videos you’ve video-captured with PS4 or Xbox One to the computer so that you can upload them to YouTube besides uploading them to Twitch through the game console. Xbox One already has the YouTube service but I don’t know if you can upload the exact same video to YouTube that you have already previously uploaded to Twitch. What about the other gaming platforms? Is this another good reason to use Twitch besides those two consoles?

Direct video upload to YouTube for Xbox One owners

There is Twitch support for Xbox One and Playstation 4 where you can video capture whichever game you’re playing without having the need to use the video capture device and then upload to that website but the only downside is the time limitation. It may look like a good move overall to me as YouTube itself is already fucked up and corrupted with some stupid Copyright ID Claim disaster thingy. What made that change from YouTube stupid though is that even certain of your gaming videos will be mis-claimed of the Content ID thingy even if they won’t contain any single non-gaming content at all unless your videos contain some licensed contents like licensed songs for example, then there may be a risk that your videos will contain the Content ID claim that you can’t blame YouTube for that.

So, why YouTube video upload feature for Xbox One? Maybe the service is still popular even today as if we don’t know much of other video sharing sites like Twitch, Veoh, Dailymotion, etc. The serious downside nowdays as stated above is the reason you may want to switch to Twitch no matter which console you’re playing. Hopefully, we can see some time limit extension for Twitch for consoles like having a 30-minute gameplay video which may be useful for arcade games ported to Playstation 4 or Xbox One but not the other styles of video games that take you longer than that time to complete.

If there’s Nico Nico Douga direct video capture and upload feature for game consoles in Japan, they can use it instead of YouTube as the videos may look sharp and smooth at HD 60fps.

Google DNS Servers blocked in Turkey

Another evil technical action is there in Turkey in which Google DNS Servers are blocked in addition to Twitter and YouTube. Even Tor was recently attacked in Turkey as well by having its website blocked. I don’t know if there’s a secure browser that’s similar to Tor but even then, Turkey was already conquered with cyber-censorship and cyber spies and this is where things are going to get even worse. This blockage is already at the ISP level and Google was already aware of this situation with no workarounds whatsoever as of today.

The next victim will be Facebook and the social-link of the posts between Facebook and Twitter will be like cut-off soon if this is true. What it means is that you can post on Facebook or Twitter and that post will be posted on the other. So if you tweet something, that tweet will be posted on Facebook, for instance. Another example is that if you post something on Facebook, it will be posted on Twitter as well although your Tweet will not be exactly the same as the one on Facebook. Photos you post on Facebook will have the photo link tweeted.