Dragon Ball FighterZ

So my initial impression when discovering Dragon Ball FighterZ is that it is a hybird between Guilty Gear Xrd and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It’s a 3-3 fighter in the same way as Marvel vs Capcom series and the 3D graphical style is like Guilty Gear Xrd but superseding. It has some elements similar to other famous Arc System Works fighting games and especially that the Super and Instant Kill moves take the 3D animated scenes to the next level. Even the match’s intro and outro are superseding at best like the fighters clash in 3D animated scene while the announcer is saying out the match quotes for instance. In Guilty Gear Xrd starting with Revelator, when the round is being announced by the announcer, the camera moves down from top to bottom before the round starts.

For Story Mode, it is sort of like Guilty Gear Xrd’s Story Mode where everything is 3D animated but even better as Guilty Gear Xrd’s Story Mode has some minor flaws like the separate windows of characters talking to each other like it’s a different and unusual way to advance the visual novel gaming to the next level. It’s kind of like two different screens of characters in different scenes talking on the phone or something. Also, there will be battles in the Story Mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ although the flaw is that you’ll end up fighting clones or some sort. For Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, there are battles where you end up fighting enemy guards, enemy soldiers or even brainwashed dolls for SFV in addition to the standard battles. Why put in enemy soldiers or guards as fighting game opponents? A scene of characters tackling those enemies should be enough or perhaps, a modern 2D beat-em-up game where the camera switches to 3D mode for conversation and 2D mode for gameplay.

Graphics-wise, the game uses Unreal Engine 4 and it has superseded Guilty Gear Xrd in various ways. If there were problems in 3D character models for Guilty Gear Xrd, then the workaround the developers came up with was the swapping of parts of the models or something. Another challenge is that the characters may end up clipping through each other when they get too close during the fight. Through similar graphical techniques, the cell-shaded graphics match the modern Dragon Ball cartoon shows quite well although I might have seen portions of the classic Dragon Ball cartoons back then in my childhood. One thing I can recall is the scene where Goku’s body was swapped by some opponent. Another thing I can recall is the Ginyu Force whose introduction is ridiculous.

It’s a massive improvement over the previous Dragon Ball games developed by Arc System Works on 3DS. This one’s a big effort from them and as of this writing, it seems that they need more time on creating assets for other characters for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle which is half-finished by the time of its release in terms of character roster. Not to mention that the game’s release on PS4, Xbox One and Steam with Unreal Engine 4 has proven the amount of graphical potential done to it while retaining the similar techniques as Guilty Gear Xrd. Why can’t Blazblue Cross Tag Battle go next-gen like it’s beyond me? I mean the assets are one-era behind for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle although I don’t know if the sprites will have much higher resolution or some kind.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a must buy for fans of fighting games and Dragon Ball franchise. It may have finished off Marvel vs Capcom Infinite through its badass concepts and is said to be one of the best modern Dragon Ball fighting games for years to come.


Thumper Pocket Edition on IOS

Originally on Playstation 4 and Oculus with VR support, followed by the Xbox One and Switch releases, Thmuper is the violent rhythm game where you ride to the beat in a similar fashion to Audiosurf except that it is more of an actual rhythm game than Audiosurf.

On consoles and Steam, you use the controller to do the interaction but on the upcoming IOS version, this is all done on the touchscreen although I don’t know if you can tilt the device to the beat or something. As this is on Portrait orientation, it can be easy to play with one hand and that’s that. The IOS version will be coming out in January 24th this year.

Superbeat XONIC for Switch

Originally, the game was released on Playstation Vita being getting the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases. The Switch version is the next version to happen as this is the second portable console version next to the Playstation Vita version. It will have all the songs along with the songs that are previous DLCs for the previous console releases. One bonus celebration is that the new DLC-songs will be free for Switch users. The same DLC-songs will be available in Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions. I don’t know if the Playstation Vita version will have those DLCs as well.

Basically, the game originated from the arcades as Beatcraft Cyclon although the home console versions are closely based on the Playstation Vita release and even the Switch version will follow as well. It’s a similar story to how DJ Max Technika Q has similar rows of notes to DJ Max Technika Tune in which you get three rows of notes on each side instead of four rows as used in DJ Max Technika series in the arcades. Maybe the size of the device is more or less an important factor and it may be same for the upcoming Switch version of Superbeat XONIC.

The release date for the Switch version in the US will be sometime late this year although there was already a delay from the intended release date which was sometime a month ago.


Talk about a positive change in this one as Cuphead uses the style of 1930s cartoon but with color and sharper visuals thanks to modern technology. Don’t expect any shiny shaders like you see in modern cartoons nowadays in which the character’s body is having gradient fills everywhere as if those things are done in 3D and then converted into 2D. Not even the smoky and explosion effects will have those shaders as well. Music back then is mostly jazz-like and the cartoon shows back then are probably suited for everyone to watch. Not to mention that the way the cartoon shows are produced in the past is analog-ish so it’s not all digital like you produce a modern cartoon with a modern computer. Imagine a modern cartoon produced at this present time with the style of the past, will there be whiny complaints or something?

The gameplay is said to be a run-and-gun shooter similar to Contra or something. You can shoot enemies, slide and even air-dash like in Hard Corps Uprising. Certain games are mentioned as official references by the developers in their blog to proof the inspiration. I guess that the only originality is the modernization of the past cartoon style without drifting away from what the game looks like in visual style. Be warned, like other run-and-gun shooter games, this one is really hard as if my hard times in playing Hard Corps Uprising weren’t hard enough due to how harsh the games of this genre are. Perhaps, it’s something to do with the level design part with a bunch of harsh platforming elements. Not to mention that there may be some kind of concept conflict in Hard Corps Uprising when I played it like no matter how modern the gameplay concept is with additional action techniques, the game is still hard.

The story of the game occurs because the two main characters had caused trouble at the casino or some kind in which they lost to the devil and had to pay a huge debt. In fact, they shouldn’t have gone there in the first place and that the story should be completely something else.

As this is an indie game with the graphical style of a 1930s cartoon, the game could have been ported to other platforms besides Xbox One and Steam as it doesn’t take up so much resources that way, not like those anima-tic games produced by Arc System Works that take up more than what Cuphead does. In fact, even Animal/Kemono Friends should have the same character style as Mickey Mouse franchise as I find it a serious mistake of this year over childish behavior influence coming from some of the human-personified animal characters which reduces one person’s IQ and maturity according to the critic. Also, a talking penguin with white gloves and shoes should be worth looking at like it is a style of cartoon character suited for everyone instead.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

From what I saw about the gameplay in action from Angry Joe’s YouTube channel, there were some impressions so far. The graphics were done with Unreal Engine 4 similar to Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV although people were already displeased with the way the graphics were done and especially for the character models and voices. The effects were fine for the engine alone but then, when it comes to cartoon-ish graphics done in Unreal Engine, there could be various shaders to make things cartoon-ish while retaining the coolness of the effects like what Arc System Works did with Guilty Gear Xrd and the upcoming Dragon Ball fighting game that uses Unreal Engine 4 itself.

Perhaps, it might be a mistake that way at first but the things is, the graphics of Marvel vs Capcom 3 are already in the same style as Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko vs Capcom in which the cartoon-ish shaders are not used at all when it comes to 3D graphics. The only things that look comical are that certain screens like the Winner screen, Character Select Screen, Ending scenes, etc. look like something out of comic books. Perhaps, those aren’t necessary for previous Marvel vs Capcom games but then, there should be comical feel in upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Even the cinematic cutscenes are going in a different direction as well as if the game’s not following the comic-style concept or some kind. Another problem is the art style in addition to how the characters are 3D modelled as stated above. I don’t know if the criticism for this game is worse than the one for King of Fighters XIV or not but thankfully.

Also, the amount of characters is quite lower than in Marvel vs Capcom 3 but then, the game still has yet to be released sometime this month so we’re not sure about the overall amount by the time of the game’s release.

In fact, I don’t even know if the game will have the Arcade Mode or not as the compensation for the incompetence Capcom has but to make Story Mode even more important like that than the Arcade Mode in terms of Capcom’s game development is like they care less for the Arcade Mode like they do for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V STILL doesn’t have Arcade Mode as of the present time but to make it ABSENT for the consumer system versions isn’t going to make any sense. In fact, that game also has the option to turn on or off the fight interruption when it comes to Single Player modes. That feature has been way to effective for fighting games in the arcades and it gets even more effective for fighting games on Nesica X Live 2 service with online matches as if going through various Single Player modes like Arcade Mode is not quite easy without getting interrupted. But taking out Arcade Mode for whatever reason is INEXCUSABLE! Not to mention that the arcade business part of Capcom has been doing well or something that it makes complaints about lack of finances obsolete after awhile as if the company has enough money to buy additional development kits for future main games.

Once again, it is INEXCUSABLE to take out Arcade Mode for fighting games like you and other players don’t care for it! It is one COMMON AND STARTER GAME MODE for pretty much many of those arcade-style games regardless of the platforms! Furthermore, people expect sufficient content for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite when compared to the lackluster from Street Fighter V. Hell, even King of Fighters XIV has sufficient content like sufficient characters along with actual Arcade Mode which is called Story Mode. It is so successful that it also gets a proper arcade and Steam releases.

Emulators banned from Xbox and Windows Stores

Without the policy like this Microsoft has come up with, there will be risks of lawsuits that can happen to that company by other game companies alike. In fact, there were already past lawsuits from Sony against those who made the Playstation emulators for Windows PC and Dreamcast but eventually, the formally sued ones worked on the same emulation stuffs for later generation Playstation consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and the list goes on. Also, the emulators are said to be banned from IOS completely but I don’t know if this is true or not and you still can see a bunch of them in the Android app stores.

While chaotic troubles are prevented this way, there’s one problematic workaround, sideloading of UWP apps. Hopefully, there should be a policy against this that can be done in Group Policy but this is still a problem when it comes to non-business devices and especially Xbox One. Another workaround is the fact that there online emulators that can be played on the web browser.

Raiden V for Xbox One controversy

It is unbelievable that MOSS had done it in MESSING UP THE FANBASE! Do you know that MOSS is a third-party game developer company? How could Microsoft strongly encourage MOSS like that? And of course, an Xbox One exclusive release of a Raiden game? It may be a mixed opinion of mine to be frank but it’s already too late as if the newest game is released on the less popular platform. Another unfortunate thing is that the Xbox One has been struggling so badly in Japan, worse than the Xbox 360 when released initially. And games previously released to Xbox 360 already have the sequels released to Playstation 4 to keep the fanbase as promising as ever. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case like that as there may be multiple platform releases of the sequels, like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases for equal fairness when it comes to console releases. Raiden IV for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 to Raiden V for Xbox One? Like HOW? Do you think that it is the great reason to buy the Xbox One like that? NO! The entire series was made in Japan by Japanese game developers but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the Xbox One has sufficient amount of Japanese games released for that console just like the Xbox 360, then picking up Raiden V at the later time is reasonable. The controversial move with Raiden V for Xbox One isn’t that great to be frank as there’s not enough momentum for that unfortunately.

So here’s the thing, the path branching depends on your performance so it’s not like Darius games and that’s a disappointing move. Also, the C**** System is another strange implementation for me although it could be suited for a Versus game, rhythm game or even better, the Let’s Play if you will. Hell, there are already some fighting games out there that make use of the similar system in Online Versus Mode or perhaps, Spectator Mode. What you do is to root for the specific player or feel disappointed over that player’s disappointing performance. It’s like you’re in a virtual crowd and the same goes for the live Let’s Play or Exhibition Play. Also, there’s a lack of Vertical Mode but even with Vertical Mode present, there are still blank borders for something as the 8th generation consoles don’t support 4:3 anymore. In fact, the boss explosion for some stages is the strangest one I have ever seen.

On a different side, the powerup system is different in behavior. Collecting the same color of the powerup increases the level of that corresponding weapon while collecting a different one switches to a different weapon. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get the same powerup level when you collect a different powerup just like in the previous games. So if your Vulcan Power Level is 6 and your Laser Power Level is 3, the weapon level will switch to Level 3 when switching from Vulcan to Laser. Also, to face the True Last Boss, you need to have maximum level for all weapons from START to FINISH.

Windows 10 Preview in Xbox One

As things are getting more universal with Windows 10 on tablets, smartphones, computers and even the Xbox One, it may seem that the same apps that are in Windows 10 on computers will be available on Xbox One as well through the same kind of code. It is said that Windows 10 on Xbox One will have improved speed and social media such as a community section for social networking interaction, revamped TV features and optimized Xbox store for easier navigation. The Xbox 360 store surely has divided into three parts in which the game part is the main part with games, DLCs, etc. with the app part being the one not related to gaming and avatar part for customization. Sure, the avatar app in Xbox 360 is still good looking in visuals but the navigation combined with painful networking make it a total pain. I don’t know if the avatar customization app in Xbox One is an improvement or not.

And of course, I may expect Microsoft Edge in Xbox One as a replacement to Internet Explorer as we anticipate its superior and common features like improved tab interactivity that makes the browser on par with its rivals. Hell, even Firefox is already on par with that same improvement but until the time Microsoft Edge is on par, we also expect extensions on it but we have to bear in mind that not all extensions can be installed universally. I don’t know if the Edge and Firefox for Windows 10 extensions are made universal or not at this time.

Other features I can imagine like the Cortana support for Xbox One, streaming in between the console and the Windows 10 device in which the only useful thing about it is video-capturing. Having to buy that console just to stream PC games to it is kind of a stupid idea. Perhaps, a cross-platform play is a better idea like it doesn’t matter which gaming platform you own the game for.

Lastly, I don’t know if the respect for security is getting much worse in Windows 10 for Xbox One like only certain privacy violation options can be disabled or something. Also, who knows if there will be complete backwards compatibility as well at this time.

Microsoft stops selling Kinect v2 for Windows

For whatever reason, the Kinect v2 for Xbox One and Windows has identical functions that the Windows version is a complete duplicate. But then, the Kinect for Xbox One is more of an addon nowadays that even if you have that console, you can buy the Kinect for other purposes besides playing Kinect games. Of course, there’s an adapter for that console that will allow you to connect that device to the PC but then, you must have the technical reason on why you’re using the Kinect for some technical project to work on on the PC. If you already had the Windows version, this is something to disregard.

Street Fighter V controversy?

OK, sure are many fighter games out there on Playstation 3 and Vita in addition to the arcades. Some of those are pretty much on the PC and Xbox 360 in addition to Playstation 3 and the arcades but now, it looks like things are starting to change with Sony console exclusivity. Many of those like Under Night In Birth Exe:Late, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Chaos Code and of course, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, are likely to be on Sony consoles. It may not be because the Xbox series consoles are like struggling in Japan or something but rather, the contents may not be suitable for western releases. If you probably long for those releases in the western regions in addition to Asia releases, good for us although not all people may appreciate such kinds of those games previously released in the arcades before their console ports. Of course, there may be other arcade fighters we don’t know of and especially that there may be newer ones coming in next year and it should be the same for SF V.

Speaking of SF V, it looks like there may be controversies regarding the bad business techniques from Capcom. Wasn’t the on-disc DLC bullshit quite controversial enough for them? Why isn’t there the Xbox One release? This franchise is not like those fighting games I mentioned above. It is a popular franchise globally. It doesn’t matter which platform you’re playing those on! Why is this missing out various ports like the Xbox One and arcade ports? That’s not the right thing Capcom Japan does! There was USF IV on PC, consoles and of course the arcades but outside of Japan, the arcades are still having SSF IV instead. Combined with all editions, the whole SF IV is sold in millions of copies.

But then, it looks like the producer had budget issues last year or something but that doesn’t mean they can make games with no money. So is it Microsoft’s fault for whatever they had done for Xbox One that many of those games are Playstation exclusives? What about the gamers outside of Japan, is there any platform equality whatsoever like there will be Xbox One release in addition to Playstation 4 and PC releases outside that? This target platform plan is misleading all the way up to the global ass!

And what’s unnecessary is the Playstation 4 release of USF IV. What’s the point of this is there’s no graphical remakes whatsoever for Ultra edition? At least for the upcoming SF V, the graphics are kind of new although things still look like SF IV by the way. There may be opponents bouncing on the ground when knocked away and of course, the scenery damage like other previous fighting games including stage transition. What else? There are some lightings and reflections to the effects but then, realistic effects are expected when fighters throw off their projectiles. Other impressions include the Cross-Play feature which is easily implemented for Nintendo and Sony consoles although the Microsoft one is kind of difficult or something in which you’ll need your Windows 8 or 8.1 device connected to Xbox 360 or One for such kind of Cross-Play gaming.

Lastly, you should be playing like a grown up gamer, not throwing profanities or saying stupid things at anyone for nothing. Such kinds of behaviors like the system-war thingy for example may make you pathetic like Angry Joe already mentioned in his rant. Speaking of that rant, the official trailer is pretty much in the Playstation official account which may be fine but what’s not fine is the trailer video posted by others on YouTube. Such videos posted by others were flagged on Capcom Japan’s own accord and that is unspeakably stupid. Why the decision on making this Sony console exclusive in addition to the PC release in the first place? I mean this is not like those fighting games I mentioned above but such business decisions to the other fans may be wrong and bullshit.

Oh, there’s going to be SF V involvement in the Capcom Cup in a few days? Who knows what the reactions will be like when they see this? At least, this is less controversial overall than the on-disc DLC bullshit.