Fake reviews for Whatsapp

Like really, as if the worst games of recent years were already plagued with fake reviews like some of the worst Steam games were taken down and then reinstated with fake reviews and changed names for instances, how about Whatsapp being mistaken for a game? Whatsapp the game? LIKE SOME STUPID MORONS THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE PLAYING GAMES WITH WHATSAPP! THIS IS A SLAP ON THEIR FACES FOR THIS SORT OF IGNORANCE!

I don’t care if that is more or less a fake or real news or something to you from my recent discovery at Neowin but I was already annoyed even more than before from this year’s Lunar New Year days and especially for sometime after Lunar New Year where Singtel users like me were knocked out of internet access! So, the real annoyance was that while I was working on something, be it a Game Maker game or perhaps a music arrangement/remix or something, those home morons had the guts to tell the elder aunts that I was playing games or some sort. Their continued ignorance and presence continued to piss me off and there will be no guarantee of peaceful celebration of future Lunar New Year then and especially when it comes to DJ practice which I sometimes do with my DJ controller. Even if they looked at my computer screen, they couldn’t know what I was actually doing by then as if they told others that I was playing. Such ignorance from them was the reason on why I didn’t bring my laptop computer along this year and their manipulation of the others as I fear it is going to make me miserable like I may end up suffering from medical torture because of them.

So, the situation stated above may be why you shouldn’t annoy me with ignorant rumors about me or something else. NOBODY cares for morons like those who take Whatsapp for a game. We CARE for respectful and superior people although those morons who have been annoying me as stated above might think that I have communication problem or some kind and it is a future offense to deny the consequences you’re given by someone whom you have disrespected. You should realize your actions done to that person, NOT think that there’s something wrong with them.

Even as an adult or elder person, you should have decent attitude and knowledge of what’s actually going on and what is someone actually doing. And if you think or talk to others that some DJ doing DJ practice is playing games or something, that DJ will have an indirect “Fuck You” delivered to you for stupidly disrespecting them. You’ll be scolded indirectly with the use of that DJ’s brain. The same goes to the music producer producing something in the bedroom. So a lesson is that you should know what that person you’re intercepting is actually doing before you say anything from your mouth.

So for Whatsapp, they didn’t have time to investigate those morons doing fake reviews like that on the app and it was up to Google to do the investigation themselves. Those fake reviews popped up on Whatsapp from February to March and thankfully, other Google Play apps weren’t invaded with such. Those posting fake reviews like that don’t deserve to be respectful adults and we don’t have time and breath for fools like them.


Facebook halts collection of Whatsapp user data in Europe

Three months ago, Whatsapp updated its group policy to allow data collection to Facebook as its parent company after acquisition. It was a controversial acquisition to be honest as Facebook has been doing illegal data collection of their users for advertisement and the users were not happy with this move.

Such changes, implementations or moves were unacceptable according to our criticism unless you’re an idiot who thinks that we were whining over illegal shit like children when we were actually criticizing something over illegal actions. I mean if you come up with something unofficial and people know about it, you should be clever enough to be aware of your actions although finding a source that legalizes unofficial stuffs may not be an easy stuff. We have been willing to ensure proper freedom but it’s a shame that evil corporations may take it for something suspicious or illegal.

After the amount of complaints and criticisms thrown to Facebook over such actions, the data collection was halted in Germany as it infringed the data protection law. You may be willing to make a change but such a change like this can make a positive or negative impact depending on how you implement it. What about the criticisms then? Well, it appears that Facebook was aware of them and stopped the data collection entirely within Europe after authorities signed an open letter to Whatsapp CEO demanding to stop data collection.

One past news was that many of the tech companies had opposed some terrible trade agreement that was recently rejected this month in the US although large-scale tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, etc. are selfish enough over the public as if they care more for business users but not anyone else. If you don’t care for your standard consumers besides business consumers and people working in your company, you will be cussed by them through many ways but ignoring their cussing isn’t going to make things better either.

Whatsapp-Facebook data sharing – Partial Opt-Out available

People have known and seen the latest news regarding Whatsapp-Facebook data sharing saga and there’s already a way to opt-out of that shit by disabling the check box that mentions sharing the account information. However, that opt-out is a partial solution just like Windows 10’s partial opt-out solutions. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT WILL BETRAY YOU ONE DAY?

Whatsapp had indicated recently that your messages will still stay encrypted while your data will be shared with Facebook for advertising. The purpose is that they will use the information collected from you to improve infrastructure and delivery system as well as to fight spam, abuse and infringement.

It may be an extreme shame on Facebook for the fact that they are one of the bigger betrayals into leaving us for the sake of supporting something corrupted. It’s like they mention that some corrupted bill they’re supporting improves something even more which is completely false when we already know the fact that it will do more damage than before. Even Google is the other one of the betrayals as well as if people think and know that Google is doing the same data collection bullshit through various services while keeping later Android devices optionally encrypted. It’s an UNACCEPTABLE change and the investigation by the UK’s Information Commissioner will take place to ensure that the change doesn’t violate the UK’s Data Protection Act. If Information Commissioner or ICO finds out that the unacceptable change violates the Data Protection Act, the only consequence for Facebook is that Facebook will face a hefty fine for privacy violation.

You need to know what’s an acceptable change and what’s an unacceptable change in which we follow the positive and acceptable one unless you’re trying to be stupid enough into forcing me to follow unacceptable changes besides following the acceptable change. It’s like someone’s trying to take my concerns for whines that he/she applies enough STUPID FORCE on me to ensure that I FOLLOW EVERYTHING REGARDLESS ON POSITIVENESS AND NEGATIVENESS! I can keep on using old stuffs despite the fact that things inside them may be obsolete as a way to open doors and opportunities of getting people inspired by Lazy Game Reviews. It’s a kind of change that tech giants may have concerns about due to the fact that the security-level for old technology may be too old but an isolation between old and new eras should be a thing. It may take time and resources for that opportunity to happen.

Whatsapp to begin sharing user info with Facebook

The title of the blog post or perhaps the news as seen on some other site is something you shouldn’t fear and according to the beta testers of the new version of Whatsapp, there’s an option to disable the user info sharing if you probably want privacy. And speaking of security focus, the end-to-end chats and calls are encrypted.

Unfortunately, it might seem that Whatsapp had picked the wrong security technology that originated from Telegram to secure its service as Telegram was recently notorious for weak security, false advertising and being used by te****ists. Why would any normal person use Telegram when they could use Whatsapp like what many people use? That is not security improvement at all like we expect better alternate security for the service we already know of.

Telegram’s controversial conference

The CEO of Telegram has made the conference and speech CONTROVERSIAL by mentioning that even te******ts use their services for the sake of security and in fact, they even take privacy as a higher level of importance than fighting te****ism like really, higher privacy is No. 1 priority with anything else being at lower priority? Has any tech giant have any BRAINS in BOTH protecting and respecting customers’ privacy AND fighting te****ism as the same top priority? If there’s any unbalancing of these importances, it will attract some fearful situation.

And it is already at the WRONG TIME to criticize Whatsapp for the lack of privacy at this time. Have they even known that their technology is nowadays used in Whatsapp as well for improved security? With Telegram in Whatsapp and that Whatsapp being the most popular texting app besides LINE and Wechat, there won’t be any need to use Telegram as not all people know what the hell it is.

Having to mention such stuffs as stated above in the publicized conference is a complete no-no. It’s like the CEO has unexpectedly attracted those cyber-spying agencies like Telegram is next to be on their list for being used by those baddies. It may be true that popular services with high security are used by every kind of people alike including those baddies that make may things difficult for those agencies to track down.

Whatsapp Plus banned by Whatsapp

Whatsapp Plus is said to be the third-party extension to the original Whatsapp but the extension has some flaws according to Whatsapp themselves indicating the privacy concerns for using that. What Whatsapp does is to ban the users of Whatsapp Plus perhaps for privacy safety reasons or something. Sure, there might be encryption feature in Whatsapp recently like what iMessage and FaceTime were already having the same security level but then, it looked like Whatsapp Plus has been used by millions of customers and trying to ban them all for that reason is a difficult thing.

Encryption in Whatsapp

Using the engine from TextSecure or something, it seems that Whatsapp has finally planned the higher level of upgraded encryption process although this kind of higher security may mean that in addition to good people using it for privacy protection, there may be cyber-criminals using services like this as well without being detected. But that’s not the important point at the present time because the bigger scumbags nowadays are probably the corrupted agencies that have been spying on innocent people like trying to detect the location for criminals that way. The spying is so illegal that those scumbags are pretty much the bigger cyber-criminals claiming things to be legal enough.

Of course, when it comes to safer alternatives like TextSecure or any other Silent Circle products, there may be some other problems. First thing is that not all people know what those alternative services are that they are sticking on to the popular services like Whatsapp which is kind of vulnerable in terms of security until the time Whatsapp has planned the upgraded encryption level which attracts even more users like us. The good reason for this opportunity is that the man behind Whatsapp had already despised the cyber-spying all along that he’s come up with the good deeds for us, the good people, not those criminals.

At the time of blogging about this, the encryption is getting effective for Android users and that IOS and Windows Phone users will have to wait even more for the same security to arrive.

Whatsapp’s purchase by Facebook causes the loss of privacy

Wow, what the fuck was Facebook thinking like that? Last time, there may be a new feature that tracks your mouse input or whatever on Facebook website and we didn’t know if there was a way to turn that off. Now, it looks like Whatsapp and their customers are worried about the loss of privacy in their conversation if the company is bought by Facebook. Also, recently, Whatsapp had the plans to encrypt their service with better security than ever but things are likely to backfire when the company is going to be purchased by Facebook. Based on the previous news about Whatsapp, perhaps, Microsoft can buy Whatsapp for the sake of planned privacy protection extension but what is the point when Microsoft already has Skype. What are people going to use Whatsapp by then?

Better technology rules for privacy needed according to Bill Gates

Seems that Facebook isn’t the only one to buy WhatsApp. Other companies like Microsoft and Google, etc are likely to buy that service. Google buying WhatsApp to me is like making things even worse against the privacy as if they may be forced by the spying agenices to insert those stupid vulnerabilities. No, don’t let that happen! YouTube was already screwed up with the Content ID claim disaster and the Google Plus is some service nobody uses and buying WhatsApp like that is even worse as if your god-damn Google account is needed.

Speaking of privacy concerns, Bill Gates will need better rules for technology to see which ones are private or public. Also, he may have said that Snowden should have questioned the government about the on-going spying in other ways but what’s the point when people think that the government is somewhat part of that spying-saga as well. There may be those working there trying to support the bad bills but there are also those who try to oppose them.

Until the time the super encryption from Microsoft is implemented, you should be trying Telegram instead for secure messaging.