Too Many Games convention with CWC

I bet that there are tons of flaws Christian/Christine Weston Chandler has in my thoughts and there are already tons of documentaries and wiki articles about him. And this time, it looks like he has plans to go to Too Many Games convention which is a gaming convention that takes place in Pennsylvania in June 22nd. I don’t know what kind of games will be there but it seems that certain famous people will be there too. Somehow, he claims that he’s invited to the event and from his video about it, he needs additional cash to go there as it is one expensive trip. However, I already have recent concerns about his immature behavior and his on-going financial crisis. It’s like he plans to go to various conventions with his defensive weapon in which he uses it at anyone who tries to mock him or deny his delusional claims. If he causes trouble at the conventions, it’s likely that he’ll get banned from attending anymore conventions of the same kind. If there’s one convention that requires that you have school or a job like Global Game Jam does, I can imagine that he will get around that prerequisite through forgery of Work Experience section like he did on his resume. As a paper of fill-able list of event attendees, the convention is still as fine as Global Game Jam is but to conduct computer database check to see if there’s any match of the school or company you’ve filled in may cause controversy as this is supposed to be like a roadshow for everyone, not just business people. Sure, it may be strong enough to prevent him from attending such convention but at the controversial level as he may find the person who’s come up with such controversy and do something to them.

Too Many Games convention contains tons of games to try as if the event is like a roadshow. Certain famous people like I already mentioned above will be there as well. Examples may include SomecallmeJohnny, James Rolfe from AVGN as well as the voice actors involved in the games, etc. How does Christian Weston Chandler claim that he’s invited to the event like it’s beyond me? He’s not one of the special guests according to the official website. Other special people invited include various bands and DJs like Crush 40, Hyperpotions, etc. Oh, even indie games will be shown at the event as well.

And by the way, you can get involved in the event as a volunteer known as Defender. It’s all about keeping the event running smooth and keeping Christian Weston Chandler’s behavior in check is one good reason to be involved as a volunteer like a security guard in case he causes trouble there but only if he’s coming there, otherwise, the volunteering is normal.

So, about the flaws Christian Weston Chandler has, here are the following:

  1. He had caused trouble in various gaming stores and shopping malls that he got himself banned but despite that he still went in there as if the fact that he got banned was like utter bullshit to him.
  2. He has the lack of responsibility, maturity, discipline, realization, alibi and principle. Worse thing is, he doesn’t care for maturity at all and blames on other kinds of people when he’s to blame for his actions.
  3. His delusion and obsession are unspeakably off the scale like he keeps on pretending to be a woman and especially that he has no plans to revert back to a man. Through his obsession, he even had the guts to take some celebrities and fictional characters for his sweethearts/spouses. This is one reason on why I had him blocked on social media and video sharing site.
  4. He had done a bunch of retarded stuffs like he doesn’t realize everything.
  5. Sales of his Soni*** comic franchise and other things related to it are illegal in the first place and somehow, this has been done for years. He even had the guts to sell stuffs that didn’t belong to him, angering his brother.
  6. The on-going E-Begging saga in which he uses the money donated to buy additional stuffs like toys, games and even pillows containing pictures of fictional characters.
  7. The forgery of his resume in which he even put in that comic franchise he’s been working on in the Work Experience section when in reality, it’s a fanmade stuff that cannot be profited. It’s been a few years without any professional employment whatsoever since his graduation from university.
  8. Taking Guitar Hero controllers for actual guitar, meaning that nobody wants to form a band with him, book him a band gig or even wants him in any existing band. Weeb-guitarist, anyone?

So the review score of Christian Weston Chandler is basically a 2/10 or even worse like he’s one of the worst nerds & worst S***c fans I’ve ever discovered. I guess that nothing is going to be the same anyone. An epic failure as a proper man with nearly no way to solve the on-going problems he has and his presence at conventions like Too Many Games is going to cause concerns among people and especially for conventions with cartoon shows suited for girls like My Little Pony, Dora the Explorer and especially for magical girl-themed cartoon shows for instance. What if those panels are for females-only? Will they kick him out should he enter those panels?


***** Gather Battle controversy

A fanmade S***c game made by someone from Taiwan with the use of Little Fighters 2 engine with the gameplay being reminiscent of ***** Battle on Game Boy Advance. It has tons of stages and music to choose from, mostly originating from those games in the franchise. It’s a fun game except that I discovered it late like this year or something. What attracted more people into discovering it was due to the fact that it has some malware.

The game started like tons of years ago until like a few years ago, the developer sort of freaked out upon discovering that his original character sprites were stolen. Unfortunately, the policy he set up was sort of negative. The sprites for the characters looked like the originals as if they were taken from The Spriters Resource or something and especially for fanmade ones made by others and yet he claimed them all to be his creation or some sort when they were actually made by the company or the fans. Another problem was that if you plan to cheat, mod or even hack the game, the malware would be activated and do some damage to the game even if you reinstall it. What it means is that the malware turns the game in unusual color and switches to the creepy music that is obviously from some game in the same franchise. The registry is modified and some parts of the game are modified permanently to make it unplayable.

Even worse is that you can’t play the game in the virtual machine as it is smart enough to refuse to run. Not to mention that you need to be CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET TO PLAY, as well as to run the game as an Administrator. I don’t know the reason on why do you need to run a fanmade game as an Administrator to fix something that prevents it from running but normally, a fanmade game doesn’t require this kind of permission to run. And by the way, internet connection requirement for gaming has been around ever since the MMORPG days but it’s spread to other kinds of games as well like today’s modern arcade games mostly from Konami for instance as well as other game genres that provide MMO experience. This fanmade game on the other hand, I don’t know what to explain about it. By right, there should be Multiplayer and Single Player game modes but I don’t know if Little Fighters 2 today has Online Multiplayer support. For modern arcade games nowadays, it is unnecessary to require internet connection to start up but it is one bonus feature to prevent piracy or something. Another useful thing in modern games being online is that your player data will be stored on the game servers as well as the fact that they offer online multiplayer and other features that are online exclusive. The same requirement goes for games on IOS & Android nowadays in which you need to be connected to the internet at all times or you can’t proceed any further. Unlike modern arcade games today where you can go smoothly offline, there’s no way you can proceed further easily in IOS & Android games unless they offer offline support in which they are entire playable without needing internet connection.

Interestingly enough, the external actions were at the beginning 4 years ago in which administrator permissions were still needed to run the game although what they did was to make the log file in the drivers folder. Not to mention that the malware was effective like 2 years ago according to some wikis.

The way things work when starting the game are that the game contacts the server like asking for permission to run as well as to check the local conditions stored on the computer to see if the game will still activate them. Firstly, the game secretly opens some site to send your computer’s IP to the developer’s server which he can use that collection to alter or disable the game based on the conditions downloaded secretly to. Secondly, the game checks the Google Search history on your computer as well as to alter the registry without your consent. Lastly, there’s the API call for raw HDD access to see if you try to hack, mod or even cheat in the game. Of course, cheats and hacks are more or less bad in video gaming but to go against modding is another question. If you get caught searching for hacks or cheats for this fanmade game, there’s a chance that the game will close the browser window itself. Not to mention that other things will be modified and activated.

The only way to undo this bullshit is to contact the developer and prove that you are innocent and your computer will be whitelisted. Basically from the beginning, the game contacts the server and the server does something to the game data and further technical actions will be done to the game and your computer if you plan to look up hacks, cheats or mods for the game online. I guess that some of the stuffs are activated from the server or whatnot so the chances of reverse engineering this like trying to take out all the bullshit are difficult. I don’t know if doing OS re-install or System Restore is going to help revert the computer back to the pre-infection phase or not.

Since the developer is situated in Taiwan, there wasn’t any excuse not to use the English language and English voice acting. I wonder where did he learn Japanese from if that’s the case? Also, the team is getting new developers for this fanmade game although I don’t know if there will be promises to take out all that bullshit.

Speaking of Google Search history, I’m not sure if other search engines will be affected by that game like searching the same things on Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. but it is wrong to violate people’s privacy through data collection, system monitoring and other stuffs.

In my opinion, the privacy violation just because the sprites are stolen or whatnot is akin to a cyber-crime. Not to mention the use of Japanese language along with Japanese voice acting had already made the developer look like a radicalized fan of the franchise. There are sprite-sheets taken from the game and posted to Deviantart so that anyone can use them without any worry although they are ripped from the older version of the game. One interesting discovery, some of the sprite-sheets contain sprites taken from other games as well like the giant fire shield-like bomb effect from Cave’s Progear.

If there’s a controversial side of a fanbase in which some of the fans had committed some crimes over a particular game franchise, it’s probably the S***c franchise or perhaps those famous AAA game franchises. There was already a case like that 4 years ago over S***c Boom’s release although the imprisonment of the fan who damaged the Gamestop store displays of that game wasn’t enough or some sort and he also caused similar trouble at Walmart like using the same spray there over being banned from visiting the store again or something. Even as a fan of the franchise you like, it’s best that you behave yourself like a decent person. It’s rare for anyone to tell you to behave yourself over a particular stuff or place.

Rev Up Stomp Out Livestream at OSN Radio Plus (May 4)

Honestly, I couldn’t know what was going on during the first hour of their gig. Was it a technical problem or maybe a difficulty in transitioning between genres. Later on, there was some silence due to someone disturbing the DJ set or something but nevertheless, the party still continued on. Another strange thing was that the gig ended an hour early or some sort that the OSN Radio Plus tuned in to something else which wasn’t from Rev Up Stomp Out gig or some sort that took place at the same venue. However, it was a smooth Hardcore mix that lasted an hour or more although the person doing that mix was obviously someone else from elsewhere as indicated from OSN Radio Plus’ frequency switching.

To go to the venue myself for real might cause those stinking retards at home to be worried again as if they might talk crap about public troubles happening to me at nighttime. Then again, how am I supposed to network with those behind the gig? Or maybe this isn’t the right time until I get fully trained in DJing as skills and experience are likely required even for the first gig.

To switch genres in your mix is a challenging trick as it requires more than basic DJ techniques. Other DJ techniques I was recently curious about were the Slip Vinyl and Beat Juggling and I knew things about Beat Juggling recently. It is about playing the same song on both decks and the playback points must not be too far. You can try with Cue buttons but I still recommend that you use the turntable for that technique. Unfortunately, this is a questionable technique if you have a DJ controller.

Other future plans may include going to DJ schools but I already know on how expensive the courses are. I managed to learn more of turntable scratching from CreativeLive DJ courses when they were free at the special time but that wasn’t enough for me. There may be Practice Sessions and Trial Lessons which are less expensive although Practice Sessions are likely to be for those experienced including the DJs who already got their gigs before.

Rev Up Stomp Out (March 2)

I probably wished that I could go to the same place as invited on social media but I couldn’t as the presence of those retards at home had kept me from doing so, like hogging on the computer watching some dramas and variety programs. Obviously, those shows were like watched illegally or some kind but I admitted that I did a bunch of messed up things in the past. Furthermore, those retards I just mentioned had become bigger obstacles than before. To play strict while becoming that bad or stupid is equal to getting one smacked. Prior to this event, one of them had the guts to return back home extremely late like beyond midnight. I wondered if she went to the club or something after her tuitions but was I worried about that? No! So, why would those retards act worried or something like they already did in the past over events I attended like the Global Game Jam and the Halloween-themed school DJ gig organized by Electronic Music Production interest group? I could ignore those stupidly useless transport advices being thrown at me! If those retards had to teach me something I thought to be unspeakably stupid, I could ignore them as well!

By the way, the DJ gig organized by the crew wouldn’t be part of the Lunar New Year celebration just because that day was the final day of the celebration so by the time it was midnight, there wouldn’t be any more point to celebrate Lunar New Year anymore as it was ALREADY DAY 16! Sure, the gig would be over by 3am without any ending speech whatsoever as indicated by the radio live stream in which the radio channel already moved on to another program after that.

I don’t know if the DJs who have their day-jobs can let their colleagues know that they have gigs on other days. It may be a good knowledge as long as those two jobs don’t clash although being a DJ/musician doesn’t seem to be quite enough as a career unless you’re at a superstar level.

So, a couple of different things I had so far this time.

  • Common/regular music genres like EDM/House or whatever that were played in this event although they would defeat the purpose of it. That part got me energized or some kind but then I shouldn’t be confused about this all along when I should know the fact that I was already in the right place in terms of the live stream location. The radio program was already tuning in to the gig I was invited to by some DJ all along. I guess that becoming a DJ myself like they did isn’t an easy path after all.
  • Like the gig that took place at the same place two months ago, there were some songs that I could recognize so far especially for other songs like B.B.K.K.B.K.K., Gigadelic, Guitar Hero, etc.
  • What was up with the last part of their gig? Playing a bunch of J-Core music and especially the Vocaloid one or some kind? It’s a shame that the Vocaloid and J-cartoon music are kind of frowned upon or maybe the unusual choices for club parties. You may piss off the clubbers who are not nerds at all with that kind of music but I bet that no nightclubs may welcome it in the first place. Plus, this is a DJ gig where you may optionally have glowing bracelets, glowing finger rings and other stuffs, not some idol concert you have to be using those stinking glow sticks or some shit.

Lastly, I was bombarded with invitations about going into such places I had no interests in and to say that I’ll pass isn’t going to help. However, there is something like a magazine that I was given along with the invitation voucher recently that mentioned whatever situation that is all happening as a current prediction but that is a story of another time. And to drag me into meetings I can barely understand has been an absolute test of my interests as planned by those retards all along. It’s also disrespectful to teach me how to laugh or smile and especially when you mix childish rhyme with that bullshit because it’s a lack of knowledge of a person’s personality and you should have known different kinds of personalities all along from movies, dramas, etc.

Serato Scratch: Fundamentals For You at CreativeLive

There’s probably not much to say about this side-class as it is about the interface navigation of Serato DJ software which has features similar to other DJ software. It mentions things like crates, rules that do something to new tracks or something according to the criteria and of course, the adjustment to beat-grid markers, navigation of the cues and other stuffs which can be useful for preparing tracks for better beatmatching.

The second part of the lesson mentioned the crates which may represent the custom folders exclusive to the software as well as the rules like I already mentioned above. The third part has additional settings to adjust like using keyboard shortcuts to navigate the cues if only something is checked where such things can be done while holding Shift key as well as the auto-detection of the gain. One interesting thing to pay attention is the adjustment of the beat-grid. Sometimes, the markers are set incorrectly when the new tracks are initialized by the DJ software for the first time but somehow, Serato DJ makes things easier in shifting the markers and adjusting the BPM range by resizing the space in between markers. Not to mention that you can add additional separations on various parts of the track like one part going 130BPM with the other going 80BPM for instance.

So, it’s all about beatmatching preparation and it can be useful to spend some important time to prepare cues, adjust the beat-grid markers and familiarize with different music structure with every different genre. One more thing to mention is the Looping feature, you can scroll left and right as well as to turn on or off the various loop with the press of one of the buttons. Another cool feature is having 2 decimal places for the BPM but it seems that other DJ software already has that.

Unfortunately, to master the Loop feature will require learning the Intermediate/Advanced DJ course and that course at CreativeLive teaches you about starting your DJ business, setting up Cues and Loops as well as the DJ FXs like Filters, Flangers, Gates, etc. Also, the course itself is quite short like it lasts for estimated an hour.

Scratch DJ Academy – DJ Fundamentals at CreativeLive

As this was viewed for free for a limited time, I was able to view the entire 13 lessons. Lessons 1 and 4 are free but to access the rest of the course, you will have to buy it. The live broadcast probably started in 1AM Singapore Time at Day 1 of the course or morning time for Pacific Time which is the western timezone. According to the syllabus, it has Parts 1 and 2 and this course is more or less Part 1. I guess that the second part is the Intermediate/Advanced DJ course from the same academy at the same site by DJ Hapa.

Before I learnt the entire course, I learnt the mini course on turntable scratching that was organized by Digital DJ Tips. To see the full course would require buying it and the same goes for this course but this course seems to be more than turntable scratching as it teaches you the DJ gear setup, music structure, song breakdown and manual beatmatching techniques. Of course, the intermediate and advanced ways of beatmatching can make things enjoyable for yourself like to keep yourself busy and energetic in spinning the music.

Using the number of beats per bar and number of bars, you should be able to understand the difference in pattens and especially when scratching the turntable. Of course, the challenging thing is scratching the turntable and using the crossfader without even looking at the screen. I followed along the Simon-Says part of turntable scratching lesson although I did so inaccurately as the patterns can be challenging to memorize. There’s also the manual beatmatching lesson in which DJ Hapa showed various techniques like turntable scratching, common technique like navigating the track by using the outer part of the turntable as well as adjusting the tempo and ensuring that the beats are in sync. You can try using Sync button but I don’t recommend that you use it the entire gig as things can be boring after that but the manual and traditional beatmatching is an absolute challenge and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may screw up your set.

Future challenges in beatmatching I’ll like to do:

  1. Transitioning to the next song and then changing the BPM a little bit.
  2. Using the additional techniques DJ Hapa taught.
  3. Preparing cues for future beatmatching although the traditional way can be more challenging.

The live broadcast eventually repeated itself after going through the last lesson so the entire thing took like 5+ hours from 1AM Singapore Time. However, buying this course is the most recommended way if you want to access the lessons at anytime so that there won’t be any schedule conflicts.

Rev Up Stomp Out live stream at OSN Radio

The Hardstyle/Hardcore DJ gig by the organizers of Rev Up Stomp Out is back this month and it has been a few months since I attended one at Piedra Negra for first time clubbing. However, this is a different story this time as I tuned in to the live stream from the bedroom as I have the on-going sore eyes which are getting worse ever since the last month. I wonder if stupid things being done are the cause of this or maybe the on-going bad influence from various idiots I saw was the reason on why I got that.

In comparison to this month’s Rev Up Stomp Out and the one from last November, here are the followings:

  1. At least the drama music isn’t played this month by accident or something.
  2. This month’s event has some spoilers.
  3. The only criticism with the UK Hardcore set for this month’s event is one track about not wanting to work as if work is for losers or something. If I have become a DJ for real, one ridiculous thing is a bunch of motivating tracks to see if people are willing to work on something again.
  4. Regarding the UK/Happy Hardcore set, I recognized some S3RL tracks from last November’s event/gig and this month’s has On My Wings Zekk Remix and Dougal & Gammer’s Guitar Hero.

Unfortunately, when someone talked on the mic while the music was playing, there was some sound distortion going on during the live stream when compared to having gone to the actual event venue for clubbing. Like the last November’s gig, the DJs and organizers behind the event have the license to live stream this month’s gig through OSN Radio.

SITEX 2017 Day 4

It’s the final day of the event at Singapore Expo this year and needless to say, I discovered more stuffs there and bought something from that event. Various stuffs included the band and DJ performance taking place at the venue, karaoke booths, NES/Famicom clone booth and even the home theater venue from another brand.

About the band and DJ performance taking place there, the performance was bound to start sometime at night there and you need various knowledge if you wanted to register for it. Second is the karaoke booths which I forgot to blog about where you can buy the karaoke machine home. It’s not the laserdisc player that has the karaoke mode I’m referring to ever since I had ones in my childhood. Various laserdisc players have their internal karaoke scoring system while the external karaoke scoring addons are just the addons for the existing physical media players. These from this year’s SITEX event are more or less the home equivalent to Joysound public karaoke center. There’s the Joysound addon for game consoles but again, it’s just an external karaoke addon for an existing system. I don’t do the karaoke thing but it was an interesting discovery at the IT event. Next is the home theater booth from Devialet and I saw a giant turntable which is so suited for home entertainment in the living room although I don’t know if you can fit the existing vinyl records but as the purpose suggests, that turntable there wasn’t DJ-suited as it is quite large like a table with spinnable center.

Lastly is the NES/Famicom clone booth where I saw two consoles that looked like the NES Classic Edition and the Famicom with its cartridge slot but they were clones like always with the cartridges being the multi-game carts. Why would they get involved in IT events like this? This is some technology that could be suited in China or something and I already got my childhood wasted due to non-genuine systems and cartridges. I bet Nintendo won’t accept something like this. The PC-Engine and its games I had played in my childhood were genuine and so is the Game Boy Color that I have although the games I played on that console weren’t genuine as they were in the multi-game cart. Perhaps, I could have bought the NES Classic Edition if I wanted to but the problem is that I might end up leaving other games unplayed and it may be the same for SNES Classic Edition that recently came out this year. At least those systems are genuine, so are the games stored in them internally and the emulation is official and superior. The Famicom clone being shown at the booth had the higher sound pitch for some reason but its controllers had additional buttons for turbo-fire.

In the end, I bought the Sony-branded bluetooth speaker and the ASUS-branded gaming mechanical keyboard. Not to mention that I decided not to attend the discussion meeting today and the exploration took such a long time since the event is quite big. Even the PC Show event at Singapore Expo is said to be large as well like it takes two halls. Talk about a few hours taken in exploring the venue that the meeting already ended by then. The way the meeting starts and ends is some kind of chanting. Additional thing I saw from the Tech Career booth had the list of IT jobs like System Administrator, Network Engineer, IT Support Technican along with the company like OPUS which I recognized from Jobsbank or something.

Thankfully like a few years ago, I wasn’t asked to explain about why didn’t I attend those events I had been avoiding but to explain that I went elsewhere would open opportunities to some consequences like I would be held back a year or something for messing with the importance level as if those events were more important than the DJ lessons I had. However, all of these were just my imaginations.

One imaginary story is that you get approached and mailed by someone who dresses up as a magic teacher as part of his disguise and told to attend his events despite the fact that they are organized illegally in which you’ll think that nobody attends them. By avoiding his events, there will be consequences given but on the contrary, the consequences are false all along that you shouldn’t worry about in the first place. Even worse is that he has hijacked the school system of all magic academies in which all freshmen including you get chosen incorrect courses that many magic teachers from all magic academies will investigate the incident. And yet he denies all the bad things he’s done and claims that it’s for the sake of students’ graduation from the engineering field he’s heavily obsessed with through those events. Normally, there are no consequences for missing, failing to attend or avoiding academic events but he’s made things way too strict that he holds back those who don’t attend his events for a year or something. The controversy has been going on for several months but even if he’s charged by kingdom courts, it’s already wasted the long time of the victims’ in which the victims will finally get to study the ones they truly want based on various criteria.

For this year’s SITEX, it’s a different story. The discussion meeting wasn’t part of my main interest in the first place like it looked alienating to us and who the hell came up with the negotiation and idea to drag me into such nonsensical shit in the first place.

SITEX 2017 Day 3

This year, the event took place at Halls 7 & 8 of Singapore Expo which was kind of far away unlike the previous IT roadshows I attended there. The Daikin company seemed to be involved in the event with tons of new air-conditioners being shown there as seen in the commercial and they even had a truck parked near the event venue on the outside with electrical appliances hooked up. There were also cars inside the venue in one of the halls but that was beyond the scope and none of my interest to look at. Somehow, I had a some new recent gadgets for some reasons like a new phone, a new computer, etc. before the days of the big event.

Unfortunately, the following day after the day I attended is the discussion meeting stuff which is the odd stuff I blogged about the last time. Everything about it was unusual for me at first but I understood the reasons on why I got dragged into it nearly every month. So, it may basically clash with the SITEX event which would last until November 26. The third day of the event was the day I attended there but imagine that I register for Global Game Jam next year and all of the sudden, I get invited to this unusual shit again that clashes with it, that will probably mean that those troublemaking retards at home will know things about it as if they will try to stop me from attending it in the future.

Mining Rig

What the unusual looking computer does is to make use of multiple GPUs to generate passive income and provide a simple inroad into cryptocurrency. It’s basically making use of Bitcoin technology which is not regulated in Singapore according to MAS. MAS is the local agency that governs something financial. Those managing the rigs are being paid and the Mining Rig Club is so famous enough that they get interviewed on various newspapers and TV channels. I don’t know if this is a legal business or not as I’m not sure if they have the license to do this. Sure, they won’t get known by the government or something but…

Samsung Booth

There is a tour of various Samsung booths and at the end, you can complete a survey to win a Galaxy S8 phone or something but the thing is, I recently had the a new phone by the name of Galaxy A8 which is incompatible with some of the devices shown there like the VR and the Dex Station.

The Dex Station by Samsung is similar to Windows 10 Continuum feature and the one for Ubuntu phones. Obviously, it is suited for business even more but who’s going to use this kind of technology at work? Gaming-wise, those with simple controls are as compatible with Dex Station as the Android Set-Top-Boxes or Android TVs as you cannot use the keyboard with the device in Dex Station mode. Another interesting thing is the VDI in which you use Citrix, Amazon or VMWare cloud service. What this does is to stream whatever server that runs Windows Server containing Windows apps that can be run on your Android device via cloud. It’s basically RemoteApp on the cloud but you’re virtualizing the technology due to different architecture. It’s similar to using Remote Desktop apps on your Android/IOS device to connect to your computer remotely but that is the local scope and not the cloud scope. There might be a previous story about getting X86 apps to run on Windows 10 S devices thanks to Citrix technology but I don’t know if this is going to happen for real and plus, you’re streaming those apps off the server through virtualization anyway. Needless to say, the Dex Station is compatible with Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

NTUC Learning Hub

This one’s going to be a good opportunity although it is missing the Windows Client side of courses and going through the Windows Server side is not a good start as those courses can be really hard. The same difficulty can go for networking and cyber security which I’m not good at. However, with the Post-Secondary account or whatever as I was told, there will be discounts for whatever courses you’ve chosen.


A local company that started business late last year. What they do is to customize the computers and make them sellable to the customers provided that the company like this has the license to do so.

Gaming keyboards

This is what’s bothering me with many more companies being interested in inventing mechanical gaming keyboards probably due to the price range or something as if those keyboards are affordable. Companies like Fujitsu, Rangers and even Valore which is part of Challenger had started inventing those keyboards. Question is, where am I supposed to fit the keyboard on the bedroom workstation desk? It’s outnumbering if you ask me but at least this is something I can appreciate.

Rev Up Stomp Out event at Piedra Negra

The first DJ event I attended so far and it might look like that this was the first time clubbing or some kind. Perhaps, I need to familiarize with the environment along with the people managing the club but so far, it looked like I knew one person a little bit as if my opinions are nothing special probably due to the fact that I knew tons of things about music and DJ stuffs. Another thing I need to familiarize myself is the tracks themselves from each genre but needless to say, this kind of DJ event is a rare kind as you don’t see anyone spinning to Hardcore genre in their gigs in countries like Singapore. I mean, do nightclubs accept this sort of genre? Also, there might be complaints about how fast the music is.

As this is my first time, the music would be loud like always but at least I could see things carefully due to sufficient rotating lights although the room was obviously small but wide in my opinion. Not to mention that my Ipod Touch had a small microphone that it was not able to tolerate such an extremely loud noise when trying to film the scene with it so the sound from the video was completely distorted due to that.

The main genre was probably Hardstyle but the last set went UK/Happy Hardcore for some reason like it was a surprise. Other surprises included some song from the foreign Chinese-speaking drama I watched along with some DJ who played a bunch of Chinese tracks.

There was some rain going on during the gig and even if the event ended, the rain was still there although it was drizzling. I wanted to check outside but in the end, I managed to go downstairs completely and saw that it was still drizzling.

Needless to say, clubbing is an expensive trip and especially when you’ve become a DJ who has gotten on your gigs before. Most of the time you’ll go back home is probably in the middle of the night or morning-to-be time. For musicians, it may be a different story as if the live shows take place in daytime or nighttime but for DJs, it’s mostly nighttime activity so you may want to think twice before planning to become a club/bar DJ as you’ll be going back home extremely late.

Furthermore, being familiar with the music structure, music genre and the way you mix are the important keys before you do any DJ networking there. Not to mention that you may need to pay your dues if you want to get a chance of getting booked again. Unfortunately, it looked like networking isn’t going to be easy and I still have yet to prepare DJ identity cards as well as the music from professional legal sources. Like what do new DJs do for the first gig, register for a DJ pool after getting booked? I don’t know.

There can be plan B in case of system failure during the gig but the music you’re going to play from must be from the legal source as well.

Lastly, it looked like I have one more obstacle after attending that event. Like attending Global Game Jam 1-2 years ago, those retarded troublemakers at home would get themselves worried if I had to go back home late but then, there was a Halloween-themed school-DJ event which ended late but before midnight that I went back home in a similar fashion. To find a club that operates at early night to beyond midnight is a challenge but I don’t think I can be a different kind of DJ who signs up for an early night gig like that in which I can go back home before midnight or something. That’s not how the occupation works as a DJ. So far, those kinds of events I attended were none of those retards’ concerns as of this writing, it seems that those retards’ ignorance had gotten worse from May this year onwards. It was a crazy torture going with them and the way they converse to other elders about what I do continues to piss me off in the present time. It’s a bad influence enough on my brain but I hope that I should be more responsible on my own in public. No elder people DARE to disrespect musicians/DJs with such conversation like that.