Ransomware that requires that you get a required score in highest difficulty to decrypt

HOW IS THAT A JOKE ALL OFTEN? Do you know that this kind of trouble can be extremely big for the person who made this ransomware? Outside of Japan, getting the full versions of the actual Touhou games is already OUT OF LUCK for us and besides, they are SELF-PUBLISHED INDIE GAMES made by an individual! Obviously, a bigger sale of an indie game made in Japan may occur if released on consoles or perhaps Steam but all people got was a bunch of third-party Touhou games ported to Playstation 4 and Vita. Originally, they were on PCs as self-published indie games but they were actually made by other game developers. So, if you run into this ransomware, had it become goddamn real, you’re already out of luck and getting the demo version isn’t going to count I should say.

The highest difficulty as required by that ransomware is Lunatic and expect the game to be seriously hard that way and those who are not into bullet-hell shmup games will get blasted off easily out of their clueless-ness. Even I’m not able to deal with this sort of difficulty. A genuine example is when I played some Cave bullet-hell shmup games in the arcades or perhaps the Xbox 360. Even Eschatos, Ginga Force and Crimzon Clover will be unforgiving at the highest difficulty. I don’t know if 1-credit-clearing is required by this ransomware because if so, it can piss off many players who run into it as if they are harmed.

It’s a pure luck that the person who made this ransomware had apologized and claimed that this is a joke but this is one unusual experimental kind of ransomware we have to keep a lookout for. Furthermore, this is an un-doable mistake as there’s already news about this ransomware everywhere on the net. What about the kind of ransomware that requires you to play some game on the console? On the technical side, it won’t work but on the non-technical side, you’re like supposed to enter some information or something but the problem is that people can fool the baddie with mis-information. Perhaps, this is the next awareness assignment for cyber-security researchers and investigators?

The damage wasn’t anything big from this ransomware made by some filthy nerdy hacker out there who’s into Japanese media stuffs. There was a previous case like the Mirai botnet which was much larger than this and the investigation is still on-going. Would the culprit freak out upon being found out, caught or something? And even then, these troubles for such actions may bring about the last present times for those hacking kiddies as if their future and career have ended without their knowledge.


Gensou no Ronde for Playstation 4

This one’s a special discovery as G.Rev was already aware of what that game is all about when it was announced for Playstation 4. The game itself is basically Senko No Ronde with Touhou and for the original version on PC, it uses the 4:3 resolution for whatever reason and that the only shiny thing about the graphics is the amount of glowing bullets on screen. The gameplay is so similar but there are some differences to reflect the purpose of the Touhou Project franchise.

The Playstation 4 version was announced with licenses obtained from G.Rev to allow the release of the game. It features HD graphics as well as online matches and other stuffs available as DLCs. The PC version was taken down but I guess that the developers of this Senko No Ronde clone are improving it to make it on par with the Playstation 4 version. Of course, they still need to obtain the license from G.Rev if they are to release the PC version in the future.

Needless to say, I’m not a goodie at Senko No Ronde as the gameplay concept is unspeakably complicated and it looks like there’s no way we can try out the PC demo version as of this time if there’s one of course to see how things go.

Touhou Project fan-made games coming to Playstation 4

Apparently, the fan-made Touhou Project games made by other doujin circles are much superior to the actual ones made by ZUN. The graphics are superior, the arranged music is superior and the sound effects are quite doujin-ish. Even the artworks are superior as well but the thing is, will that combination of all of those make the doujin game look like the doujin game in next generation? Comparison between Playstation 2 and 3, the major basic changes people will need to know that the gaming has gone high-definition with 24-Bit True Color display for real. The textures are mostly in 8-Bit, 16-Bit or even 24-Bit but depending on the game, the textures may look sharp or blurry. Not to mention that certain games are already in 1080p and the various Touhou fan-made doujin games are either in HD 24-Bit True Color or SD High-Res Retro style in which we can still see pixellated graphics.
For 3D Touhou fan-made games coming to Playstation 4, you may probably expect the realistic graphics and effects to fit in the next generation gaming quality but the indie games don’t have to look like that for the Playstation 4 and especially that the graphical style is looking comical, cartoonish or retro.
For this Playstation 4 Touhou Project, it allows the doujin circles to share their own fan-made creations of Touhou Project games. It may be a long time to buy those games for the Playstation 4 legally as the number of copies of the PC version are quite limited.

Shoot Shoot Nitori by Tasogare Frontier

Another Touhou spinoff to be released on the same day Touhou 14.3 was released, this one is horizontal based and as the title suggests, you are playing as Nitori from Touhou 10 – Mountain of Faith. The messy way about powering up in this game is something like from Katamari Damacy where you attract various objects and form a huge ball of them for you to roll. But this one doesn’t involve forming a ball shaped group of those objects or any other shape. The objects you take from also do the shooting in whatever angle.

Touhou 14.3 in May 11

Another Touhou spinoff besides the fighting games and Shoot The Bullet series, this one’s the Spell Capture kind of game based on the Spell Capture mode in Imperishable Night where you have to capture the spellcards one by one. Each spellcard may take place in each battle and just like Shoot The Bullet series, there may be like tons of Spellcards to deal with.

When you start the game, you can choose whichever kind of bomb-like self-defense you want and then use those self-defenses for survival. I guess that getting hit will fail the scene similar to Shoot The Bullet series.

Maimai Plus

The word, Plus, sounds like there’s going to be an IOS port of this rhythm game but my imagination is wrong. It is actually an updated game with additional stuffs and improvements. There are more Vocaloid songs to play in addition to the originals as well as even more Extend songs. Another information is that there is some soundtrack CD called, Rave Party Tokyo or something, in which Sega took several songs for that game and to a surprise, it seems that various Touhou circles were involved in that soundtrack CD. Even Cranky, the BMS music composer was involved as well as his latest song was put in Maimai Plus. This isn’t the first time his song was in put the commercial rhythm game in the arcade. The previous game was DJ Max Portable 3 according to the Japanese Wikipedia of La Campanella.

Damn, it seemed that the mechanical problem of the card swiping part for Maimai is still there despite the update that took place yesterday when blogging this in Eastern regional time. And it’s really fascinating to me when some little kids try to bash the shit out of the buttons of whichever arcade games when they’re in attract modes. What an inaccurate rule and its factors that the vacation is left out way too long like lasting for more than five weeks for children.

Sound Voltex Booth–December Touhou Arrangement Packs

Wanting to see more? There’s probably one thought from Konami and this month may have more than one pack of Touhou arrangements. This started from last week and they think that this is not over yet. Maybe they’re adding more of the arrangements before reaching next year but then, it seems that the preparation for some celebration next Tuesday will be cut off like some badass Touhou characters will be tearing apart the whole globe if the remixes are poorly done again for that game. Nobody wants that consequence to happen again like what already happened the last time when some Bemani songs were horribly screwed up that the controversy already happened.

Well, it may be too late to play off the fourth pack of Touhou arrangements for that game but there was still time for the third pack that was released last week. So in the meantime, you can try out the famous arrangements from the third pack such as Marisa Stole The Precious Thing, Help Me, Eirin, Kero Destiny and three other arrangements I don’t even know of. Speaking of those three famous arrangements, there have been MAD videos everywhere with those songs.

The fourth pack may contain more arrangements we have known a lot such as Nights of Nights and the other one by IOSYS which is the arrangement of Orin’s theme and holy cow, it seems that Cool & Create, IOSYS and Silver Forest have been pretty famous but unfortunately sometime this year, it seemed that Silver Forest had already disbanded so how can Silver Forest be credited by then when their arrangements are put in Sound Voltex?

Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade

Last year, there was Ten Desires or Touhou 13 but what’s a current year without a Touhou game? This year, Touhou 13.5 is a fighting game by Twilight Frontier but right now, the website turns out to be the teaser site with some screenshots below. The screenshots indicate that the game will be in widescreen and featuring 3D graphics but we’ll get to know more here once the website is completely updated.

Sound Voltex Late September Update

Wow, another rhythm game with Touhou music? That looks quite surprising to us and Konami had already contacted the sole creator of the Touhou franchise which might be an awesome opportunity. This isn’t the first rhythm game that has the Touhou music in the arcades. The previous one is the MGG series by Taito in which this was not the first time Taito had collaborated with ZUN. The first time Taito had collaborated with him took us back to the early 2000s via Graffiti Kingdom for Playstation 2 where you can use some Touhou character which had made the cameo appearance but you can use that game to model other Touhou characters in the better way as it allows you to model whatever character you want. Also, you have to define the emotions, attacks, poses etc. for the custom characters. This which is Touhou X Sound Voltex is what Konami took their opportunity to take some Touhou music on their own accord while contacting ZUN for some permissions as if he was already surprised on his Twitter account. That was after IOSYS, Sound Holic, etc. had contributed by adding their original songs and previous remixes to IIDX Lincle and this as well. Remember the Bad Apple black and white shadow art video? It was previously added to Taito’s MGG series and it is now in Sound Voltex Booth. Perhaps that is one of the most popular Touhou remixes so far. Other two remixes may include the remixes of UN Owen Was Her by IOSYS and Sound Holic. The one by IOSYS may have some reference to Second Heaven like you’re throwing out the party at the concert or so.

Bravos to Konami for this contribution but is there a reason not to HAVE the Bemani remixes of Touhou music instead? Nice flavor from Konami after doing good contributions to IIDX Lincle and Sound Voltex, IOSYS and Sound Holic. Hopefully, you two circles should be putting your own new songs to IIDX Tricoro one day.

First wave of Windows 8 Metro games announced

You know, they should have announced this in September 1st instead of August 31st and here comes some announcement from Major Nelson. The first wave of Windows 8 Metro games powered by Xbox Live will be released in October 26th and what surprised me was that, I stumbled upon the upcoming Metro edition of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO PLAY THAT PORT IF IT DOESN’T SUPPORT KEYBOARD CONTROLS? You expect to hook up the USB controller for that? WHAT IF THAT PORT IS FOR TABLETS ONLY?

You know, there was ALREADY a PC version released two years ago and that wasn’t enough to Microsoft like that? It turns out that Steam is somewhat better in services and functionality than Games for Windows Live. I tried out Games for Windows Live like one to three years ago or something and the login process could go and troll on my ass that I gave up using on that service in favor of Steam, where I can look for more indie games to try there.

In addition to that existing fighting game, there are also casual games as we know of that will be released for Windows 8 devices. OK, it sure seems that the controls will be easily compatible that way with mouse and touch and of course, you’re going to play them once the operating system is out but WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER GAME GENRES?

And that’s what has been happening to Microsoft without like enough motivation and fun activities to deal with. Where in the hell is the multi-national music artist appreciation like Google Japan did in showcasing the commercials featuring like three different young music artists?

But wait up, there’s a good news for you. There will be the upcoming sequel to Blazblue: Continuum Shift and one of the characters is somewhat comparable to Iku Nagae from Touhou series. Holy cow, that character is kind of badass but it turns out that it is the male character. That sequel will be released in Japan in Winter this year with the Playstation 3 release hitting sometime next year.