General Data Protection Regulation in Europe to be effective this Friday

A new regulation in which every company has to comply will be effective this Friday and it’s a good news for privacy advocates. It doesn’t matter where we live but we already know this from emails, news and other sources like mail subscription where we receive emails posted by the companies on regular basis like every week or something for instance and there was one time where companies we’ve email-subscribed to would inform us of this upcoming regulation.

To continue receiving such news through email like that from companies, it is obvious that we need to opt in to do so.

Microsoft on the other hand has extended the compliance to users around the globe in addition to users in Europe as they had done tons of wrong things in the past regarding privacy violation like the ones done with Windows 10 which caused a bunch of lawsuits to be thrown at them for instance. By extending the compliance, Microsoft has another regulation to comply which is Data Subject Rights which include what data to collect, to correct that data, to delete it and even take it to somewhere else.

Even Apple will comply with this new regulation which is a good one for instance as they had established a website called Data Privacy Website where you can see, download and delete the data that is stored on the server. The opportunity will be extended to the rest of the globe although the opportunity is already available to users in Europe at this moment.

Perhaps, it’s best to respect the privacy of the users from local and foreign countries and there are already scenarios that even cyber-criminals violate users’ privacy regarding of where the users live. This is something people have to be aware of.


Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

I admit that I have been recently purifying the shit out of eXtern OS Beta 1 as the data collection bullshit is equal to or worse than the one in Windows 10 but hope is not lost if you want privacy back. There are already ways to remove that bullshit while retaining the good parts. For the upcoming Spring Creators Update of Windows 10, you get more options than before in the Privacy section of Settings app as well as the updated Privacy Dashboard for your Microsoft account. Also, you’re able to remove the data collected by Microsoft which is a good obedience.

The Spring Creators Update should include security fixes to the vulnerabilities the tech news already talked about tons of times ever since the Fall Creators Update which disabled the SMB1 component by default. It was a serious case of cyber-security breach that took place last year and we should remain vigilant on future cyber-security threats.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

This one’s quite suited for enterprise use like designing and rendering 3DCGIs for CADs, games, 3D animation and the list goes on as rendering a whole 3D animation stuff with so much professional detail is extremely time-consuming and it takes up so much computing resources. The same can go for rendering a video like for making movies and such but then, such kinds of intensive projects being done by the studios had been with the use of advanced computers and this edition is either unnecessary or optional enhancement.

Unless you’re making something as intensive as the one stated above as an example, using this edition of Windows 10 for advanced gaming is a serious mockery among companies as it is extremely expensive. If you really want this edition that badly for your gaming computer, perhaps as an adult, you should plan things very carefully. If you’re a pre-adult, it is way obvious that a standard computer should be enough.

A server-grade PC can act as a server or an advanced workstation but to find such a computer that advanced is going to be quite tough and you’ll never find that kind of computer like that in the computer shops. Most of such computers are obviously for business use and the same can go for servers if you’re going to buy one and besides, they’re extremely expensive, even higher costs than the cost of gaming PCs you find in the shops.

This edition of Windows 10 has additional enhancements such as,

  • Resilient File System
  • Persistent Memory
  • Faster File Sharing
  • Expanded Hardware Support

This is quite useful for computers that use server-grade CPUs although you may end up using them as servers just because of those CPUs. In fact, there may as well be workstation edition of those CPUs so that they can fit those computers even better while keeping the client OS installed as intended.

The new edition of Windows 10 will be available as part of Fall Creators Update and what I previously knew about that update was that Powershell 2.0 would be obsolete in favor of newer version as well as SMB 1.0 which is what nobody should use for security safety.

Windows 10 S

Whether it’s Chrome OS on Chromebooks or Windows 10 S for educational use, you’re pretty much out of luck as they happen to contain the privacy violation stuff that cannot be disabled. You may as well study traditionally if you will and even then, your own electronics are obviously not allowed in schools. In tertiary schools like universities, it may be a different story.

Windows 10 S is said to allow apps from Windows Store to be opened whether it’s a Modern UI app or a Win32 app. Problem is, anything outside of that won’t be opened and the worse thing is that the computers using Windows 10 S are unlikely to be using ARM-based processors. Windows 10 computers and tablets with ARM-based processors using Windows 10 Mobile will soon open doors to using X86 apps although it can be a bigger disaster for Windows Phones as many of the traditional apps are not touch-friendly.

Citrix’s Receiver is a bigger rescuing solution. It allows you to use X86 apps on Windows 10 Mobile, Surface Hub, Hololens, IOTs and even Windows 10 S devices. It is useful for tablets, Surface Hub, IOTs and of course Windows 10 S computers but for Windows 10 S computers, the only handy thing about this solution is that students can go to Chrome, Google search engine, Microsoft Office desktop version and other tools needed depending on the course taken. But still, Windows 10 Education Edition is a better bet than Windows 10 S when it comes to educational use in tertiary schools and policies like GPOs still have to be implemented as part of computer deployment for school use.

What about computer labs in elementary and middle schools then? Will they use Windows 10 S or what? I may be sure that edutainment software is NOT likely to be compatible with Windows 10 S so the Education edition is a BETTER CHOICE FOR THOSE COMPUTER LABS!

I’m sure that there are still IT technicians handling computer stuffs in schools regardless of the educational level of whatever school they’re in like they handle the policies, student accounts, software for educational uses and even the edition of the OS for educational purpose. Hell, there’s even the school network but depending on the school, either the student’s computer gets it connected by the technicians or maybe it’s a computer in the lab that is immobilized already set up by them.

Privacy protection-wise, you can choose to exclude the default Modern apps but the problem is that Command Prompt or Powershell WON’T BE SUPPORTED! It is good that way considering the fact it is an edition for educational use and prohibition of those tools is due to user misuse or some kind in which one specific stuff will deliver greater technical damage without the student’s knowing. Not even Linux OSes obtained from the Windows Store will be supported as well as if they’re too complicated or something.

Lastly, upgrades to Pro edition are reasonable in tertiary schools but there are already hopes and lessons in keeping students cautious on what to do and what not to do to the school computers. There are already better solutions for educational uses out there like using Chromebooks or perhaps using Windows 10 Education Edition. Even better about Windows 10 Education Edition is that it is based on Windows 10 Enterprise so that the IT Professionals in schools have full control. Hell, there’s even the Pro Education Edition which removes Windows Store, Windows Spotlight and Cortana by default. At least you won’t see any student making some stupid noise or nonsense to Cortana that way, otherwise, the main fault may go to the IT people who allow Cortana to be enabled.

Windows 10 China Government Edition

The conditions had been fulfilled by Microsoft so far with this special edition of Windows 10 based on the Enterprise Edition for China government. It surely fits well as if the OS based on Enterprise Edition is for government work and it features full customization to the features ranging from privacy, group policy, updates and even features suited for business. What will satisfy the government the most is that the telemetry is turned off by default and that the government will make use of its own encryption feature.

For computers that will have this edition of Windows 10 for government use, Lenovo is the first to announce that they will be manufacturing their PCs containing this edition for the government but as of this present time, one such computer still has yet to be made available.

While this edition has made and fulfilled technical promises for the government, the same promise doesn’t go to normal consumers using Pro and Home editions of Windows 10. The Enterprise edition surely has brought full control for businesses but according to some research by Mark Burnett, it appears that even if you turn off those tracking features for privacy, there’s still connectivity going on with the purpose of telemetry. The best solution so far will be to get the Enterprise Edition LTSB version of Windows 10 which doesn’t have all the bloaty stuff pre-installed including the fact that there’s no naggy advertisement whatsoever telling you to use the default products like Windows Defender, Onedrive, Bing and even Edge. One problem though, Enterprise Edition including its LTSB counterpart is for BUSINESS use and getting that for your personal use is going to get business people ostracized and somehow, the forms had changed recently when it comes to evaluating Enterprise Edition for test use or something.

Lastly, I could sense a bunch of ignorant users whining to many of the tech news on social media or the sites themselves over this good news. Like what is disgusting about it, anyway? It’s like they thought that the tech news sites were starting to go off-topic at times like those sites were going incompetent even though it’s a mixture of technology and other stuff. Besides, it’s already useless telling those sites to take down this kind of tech news article over some whiny dis-trust.

The verdict of this news is that it’s a good one since this edition of Windows 10 has fulfilled the promises for the China government and that we expect the same amount of promise for other editions of Windows 10.

Emulators banned from Xbox and Windows Stores

Without the policy like this Microsoft has come up with, there will be risks of lawsuits that can happen to that company by other game companies alike. In fact, there were already past lawsuits from Sony against those who made the Playstation emulators for Windows PC and Dreamcast but eventually, the formally sued ones worked on the same emulation stuffs for later generation Playstation consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita and the list goes on. Also, the emulators are said to be banned from IOS completely but I don’t know if this is true or not and you still can see a bunch of them in the Android app stores.

While chaotic troubles are prevented this way, there’s one problematic workaround, sideloading of UWP apps. Hopefully, there should be a policy against this that can be done in Group Policy but this is still a problem when it comes to non-business devices and especially Xbox One. Another workaround is the fact that there online emulators that can be played on the web browser.

Appointment at Public Service Center

Well, I guess that I had another recent worry that I went for another appointment for a solution. It turned out that I wouldn’t land myself into trouble for applying for a job under the qualification under the highest one. It’s kind of like the elders getting one with the minimum requirements being the N/O/A-Level qualification but that was for working at those supermarkets for instance. Somehow, the interview would be like the audition and the best candidate would get suited for the specific job. Sometimes, the companies wouldn’t even bother to view your resume as there were too many of the resumes in their hands. I made a comparison between myself and some person who posted his story in Skillsfuture official website regarding the same desperate situation. I mentioned to my career coach about it but I didn’t mention his name as I didn’t memorize it. In case there will be changes to the pages in Skillsfuture website, I may as well put a reference link here.

The last thing I was told was to attend the business workshop organized by WSG and my worries about this kind of workshop were fulfilled when my career coach told me based on the situation I had from attending a similar workshop last year. It turned out that such kind of workshop would have interactive activities to be done by the trainer and I was half-wrong to put the blame on CDAC on having insulted me like that from the way that workshop wrapped up. I have fears that this upcoming workshop from WSG will bring me the similar embarrassment but I was shared something by the career coach that doing those sort of embarrassing things already made him feel uncomfortable like I already was the last time. Maybe I preferred the more professional style of a workshop like a Microsoft/Apple seminar. At least, the things shown in action should tell us thousands of words in addition to the ones shown in the presentation. It’s basically more than a slide show with live demonstration. And since it’s just an event, there won’t be need to memorize everything in details although you can already see the news about those reveals with sufficient information so that you can blog about those in your god-damn words.

Workshop-wise, there will be attendees who might have dropped out of school as noticed by me from their situation in the workshop I attended last year like they dropped out of Primary school or Secondary school. They can still learn but it still poses a bigger challenge in learning whatever they want. So, a dropout like that doesn’t mean it’s your end. How about becoming a musician, comedian, etc. for example? Sure, the ambitions won’t be as professional as the professional positions like IT Support, System Administrator, etc. but, at least those dropouts may still have a chance.

For the job description I was told about was regarding Desktop Support Administration/IT Support where you do all sorts of troubleshooting in the enterprise environment. Troubleshooting on the hardware level was rare and nobody thinks that Public Service Center pretty much has the Anti-Static wrist-strap that prevents the ESD. But in case of hardware problems like computer overheating, how can I troubleshoot that? Do I have to send my computer to the Digital Hospital or something? It may be the case for me as I don’t want to reveal the deeper parts of my computer lest I end up damaging it.

Somehow, I was questioned about the Join The Tech Elite Asia contest from Microsoft Virtual Academy but that was because I was questioned like, “Do you know the OS installation stuff”? for instance. Indeed, I was taught on how to install Windows 7 as part of the module in my ITE days but there was something I was missing out in challenge it was based on one of the standard Microsoft certified courses which don’t make use of moderate deployment tools like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager. Those were what I didn’t learn until the days I started learning through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Yes, I also mentioned the achievement about Join The Tech Elite Asia contest the last time as well as the fact that I really visited Microsoft Singapore itself several years ago. I couldn’t know what the office was like although I was questioned that did I really reach the office in that company branch. All I saw when I went inside the company premises was the counter in front, a server room on my left, the comfort zone on my right with stuffs to read. There was also the TV inside the lift so to speak but I can believe that the company is located somewhere in Raffles Place.

Unfortunately, I forgot certain things about Join The Tech Elite when trying to mention it to my career coach but what I could recall was that you need to learn the specific courses that would count towards Join The Tech Elite contest but nowadays, it’s Know It, Prove It campaign and I still made progresses from there. Another change to the MVA service was that the points system was already made obsolete but I still can learn courses offered there.

Privacy Dashboard for Windows 10

At least the mistakes had been realized that we eventually came up with solutions to fix them but it depends on the kind of serious mistake that had been made. However, there were certain mistakes that had gone so viral and controversial could lead to a serious of investigation like the ones that landed Microsoft into serious trouble. What about certain companies in the US that have been notorious for continuous troubles they land themselves into perhaps, for violating users privacy on their accord for years, using the fossil fuel or any other source that heats up the climate temperature, for instance? Corruption-wise, they never realize the amount of trouble they have landed on like they have been ignoring it, thinking that consumers’ concerns are whiny or something.

Eventually, after a long time Windows 10 was released like two years ago, it seems that Microsoft had been pressured into adding a privacy dashboard feature for that OS that allows a wider adjustment on what can be toggled on or off. Not to mention the presets that range from Basic to Full Telemetry levels. However, that feature will be part of the upcoming Creators Update of Windows 10 and the privacy features are said to be extended in Redstone 3 update. The data collected by Microsoft will not be used to target ads to you. One fact about Basic Telemetry Level is that it has been around ever since Windows NT 4.0 days as if Microsoft will need to assess the technical situation the consumers have encountered.

We definitely hope that Microsoft is doing the right thing this time with the upcoming Creators Update like they did the right thing for the Xbox One Kinect. Simply upgrading someone’s computer to Windows 10 as a punishment is what only idiots do until the day Creators Update is released which is sometime in April this year. And if you do that to your child’s computer or something regardless of whatever wrongdoing your child has done, I can assure that you will be scolded and disciplined at work for electronics property abuse and to privacy advocates, you will have lesser respect than before after having damaged your cyber-reputation as a parent.

Linux OS not blocked on Microsoft Store Signature PCs

It’s a pure luck that Microsoft still remembers the Microsoft Loves Linux campaign in which they have implemented some Ubuntu elements in the later builds of Windows 10 with the Bash shell as well as to port some of their tools to Linux OSes recently. I can imagine and guess that you can use Powershell on Linux host machine to remotely deploy Windows machines but I may need additional ideas about using Powershell for Windows deployment.
The fault about Linux OS not supported on Lenovo signature PCs lies with Intel, new BIOS or perhaps the RAID-mode for SSDs. Having RAIDs turned on for SSDs or HDDs may probably mean redundancy so that if one drive goes down, the machine can still operate with the remaining drives although replacements are still necessary. Unfortunately, installing an OS on the RAID enabled drive can be challenging.
There is a fix available for those affected Lenovo PCs in the future as announced from Lenovo but still, the opportunity to use Linux besides Windows on the same computer may be a rare one unless you have some reason or maybe you’re the big IT enthusiast like me in which I use Ubuntu and Windows on my same computer. In fact, if you bought one of those affected Lenovo PCs as the first or the replacement and want to use Linux on it, you may be out of luck and such complaints like this may make you look like a shameful whiner until the upcoming fix is on the way which may take place on the hardware level.
Many Mac and Windows PCs are able to run Linux OSes although I don’t know if the Windows tablets are able to do the same thing as well. For various embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi 2, you should be able to run Windows 10 or some other OS on them.
Compared to bloatware that poses security problems in which people can write articles or complain about, this one makes such user reviews kind of stupid as seen in the screenshot from that Neowin article. Luckily, on Lenovo Yoga 900, you should still be able to install Linux OS on it although it is not officially supportedĀ  to run Linux.
Even if you hate something, giving it a 1/5 like that despite the fact it is not that terrible in your opinion may anger the others using it. Also, telling people to avoid something over some serious flaw you’ve encountered in the forum is asking for some stupid trouble you’re going to land yourself into.

Windows Server 20th Anniversary – Late celebration?

People have spotted something wrong on the articles about Windows Server 20th Anniversary everywhere but let’s face it, the real flaw lies with the official announcements from Microsoft regarding Windows Server 20th Anniversary that the falsified news has been spread everywhere. It’s a chain reaction of stupidity or something for having celebrated something way too late. They could have done the celebration three years ago but the truth is that Windows NT 3.1, 3.5 and 3.51 Server editions were not so much successful back then while Windows NT 4.0 Server onwards had enough momentum that those failures didn’t even count. If they had to celebrate Windows Server 20th Anniversary three years ago, that could pose them a problem like they had to explain on why Windows NT 3.1 had limited success back then compared to Windows 3.1 which was so successful.

While Windows NT was like more stable enough for business use, it didn’t have the features the DOS-based Windows OSes had back then. Even if Windows NT had those features, chances are, they might be limited. It was until the existence of Windows 2000 which had more features that were enough to make it on par with DOS-based Windows OSes and to even supercede them although Windows 98SE and ME already opened doors to using some Windows XP-era technologies with IE6, WMP9, Office XP, etc.

Worse thing about the celebration was that it occured on July 28. Question is, do they have BRAINS about Windows NT 3.1, 3.5 and 3.51 Server editions before preparing to celebrate Windows Server 20th anniversary? WHERE HAD THE OFFICIAL KNOWLEDGES ABOUT THOSE GONE TO? WERE THEY EVEN AWARE OF THOSE OSes’ LIMITED SUCCESS?