Offensive domain name on Arch Linux

Some host used an offensive domain name or domain mirror address for one of the Arch Linux packages in the repository. I don’t know which repository contained such offensive in one of the packages but this is an act of suspicious distribution to the server for victims to download/install without realizing something.

Perhaps, that person/host had done, fucked it up! It’s a serious trouble he had landed into without realizing it! For an offensive reference taking place in the IT-land, it takes us back to the days of Mirai-Botnet where such bad acts had been done with some cartoonish references. Cartoonish reference, indeed, the name of the botnet and the nickname of the culprit referenced various J-cartoons but here, the offensive domain name has the reference to under-aged kids according to the Urban dictionary.

Obviously, who knows the true motive of the host behind the offensive domain name like people think that he wants to sell fictional under-aged characters online or something. But if you want to put in some J-cartoon stuff as part of the IT product, THEN DO THE GOOD THINGS LIKE COLLATERAL DAMAGE STUDIOS DID WITH PROMOTING INTERNET EXPLORER A FEW YEARS AGO! Like, I don’t know how could someone use the J-cartoon reference thingy to do a bunch of bad things in the IT-land. Such bad actions like the ones stated above could essentially land the baddies like that host in deep trouble, a trouble THAT’S WORSE THAN A HOT SPRING SOMEONE WILL PANIC IN!

To the host whose nickname is ‘Alucard’, that doesn’t even count as a nickname due to the complete lack of originality. And to even DARE TO DEFEND this offensive domain of choice like the offended users are whining or something, the punishment awaits regardless of this kind of mistake and damage done! Perhaps, that host is heavily obsessed or something that he comes up with this sort of domain name. Plus, I don’t know if that person is actually working for some ISP in Portugal or not and especially that he mentions things like freedom of speech in a wrong way. Maybe his freedom method is a wrong one.

It’s not the first time someone in the community was offended. The previous time was regarding the license code and certain of them can be offensive although they are randomly generated by the system and offending codes were likely to be removed by the organization. What about the offending names, has someone reported them?

To make things as professional as possible is a good thing and especially for everything written down on the Arch Linux official website including the names of the packages, domains, repositories and even codenames. But it’s not like Arch Linux and its derivatives will be on the tracking list all because of offensive stuffs like the offensive domain name as if the host by the nickname of ‘Alucard’, will be tracked down after weeks, months or even years. To tamper with the domain names that lead to the official sources by changing redirection path or to make some offensive domain names that lead to the same source is already bad enough but I have a fear in my mind like what if someone tampers with the system component files inside the ISO and then redistributes that modification to the official download source? That kind of fear IT-persons have is a lesson for themselves, NOT to install, distribute, deploy or even bundle such radicalized packages/features/components to various computer devices regardless of whether they are for home use, personal use, school use or even work use. Since some package was considered radicalized due to the offending domain name, you may as well find a more professional domain that leads to the clean package to install.

And of course, I have the new terms, W**b-Domainer and W**b-Package-Includer:

  • W**b-Package-Includer: The person who includes the package in the OS ISO image that has the offensive references to the cartoons.
  • W**b-Domainer: The person who makes a domain and/or directs users to it containing the offensive references to the cartoons, turning users into victims.

For me, I don’t use Arch Linux but this is one important lesson people should learn.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Linux