Aka to Blue (Red and Blue)

It was a notorious moment to find a bunch of Capcom’s 194x and Raiden ripoff/clone games on Google Play store. Some of the games had stolen assets from those games or whatnot like the ship looking similar, the firepower being quite similar as well as the sound effects. That’s not cloning at times if you’re trying to take those kinds of assets like that. To find an original shmup game on mobile that gives you pure arcade experience is a rare story. Aka to Blue/Red and Blue is one game that requires later versions of IOS and Android as it provides arcade and console gaming experience.

The game consists of 5 levels as well as two ships to choose from as stated from the game’s title. The red man is kind of cool and badass like he sort of reminds you of Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear while the blue lady is seen being formal at times. It is a famous game due to professional developers involved in it. Plus, the music is all rock-style.

The gameplay is interesting in a way that you get to replenish the bomb-like defense quickly without having to traditionally collect the bomb item. It supersedes Dodonpachi Maximum in a way that you have multiple levels of bomb-like special attack but be warned, it’s a hard game like other bullet hell shooters on mobile.


Fake reviews for Whatsapp

Like really, as if the worst games of recent years were already plagued with fake reviews like some of the worst Steam games were taken down and then reinstated with fake reviews and changed names for instances, how about Whatsapp being mistaken for a game? Whatsapp the game? LIKE SOME STUPID MORONS THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE PLAYING GAMES WITH WHATSAPP! THIS IS A SLAP ON THEIR FACES FOR THIS SORT OF IGNORANCE!

I don’t care if that is more or less a fake or real news or something to you from my recent discovery at Neowin but I was already annoyed even more than before from this year’s Lunar New Year days and especially for sometime after Lunar New Year where Singtel users like me were knocked out of internet access! So, the real annoyance was that while I was working on something, be it a Game Maker game or perhaps a music arrangement/remix or something, those home morons had the guts to tell the elder aunts that I was playing games or some sort. Their continued ignorance and presence continued to piss me off and there will be no guarantee of peaceful celebration of future Lunar New Year then and especially when it comes to DJ practice which I sometimes do with my DJ controller. Even if they looked at my computer screen, they couldn’t know what I was actually doing by then as if they told others that I was playing. Such ignorance from them was the reason on why I didn’t bring my laptop computer along this year and their manipulation of the others as I fear it is going to make me miserable like I may end up suffering from medical torture because of them.

So, the situation stated above may be why you shouldn’t annoy me with ignorant rumors about me or something else. NOBODY cares for morons like those who take Whatsapp for a game. We CARE for respectful and superior people although those morons who have been annoying me as stated above might think that I have communication problem or some kind and it is a future offense to deny the consequences you’re given by someone whom you have disrespected. You should realize your actions done to that person, NOT think that there’s something wrong with them.

Even as an adult or elder person, you should have decent attitude and knowledge of what’s actually going on and what is someone actually doing. And if you think or talk to others that some DJ doing DJ practice is playing games or something, that DJ will have an indirect “Fuck You” delivered to you for stupidly disrespecting them. You’ll be scolded indirectly with the use of that DJ’s brain. The same goes to the music producer producing something in the bedroom. So a lesson is that you should know what that person you’re intercepting is actually doing before you say anything from your mouth.

So for Whatsapp, they didn’t have time to investigate those morons doing fake reviews like that on the app and it was up to Google to do the investigation themselves. Those fake reviews popped up on Whatsapp from February to March and thankfully, other Google Play apps weren’t invaded with such. Those posting fake reviews like that don’t deserve to be respectful adults and we don’t have time and breath for fools like them.

Google’s inaccurate Best Android games of 2016 list

We were lucky about the Best mobile games of 2014 list like we took it for an accurate one but for this year’s, it’s not the same. It’s not that Google and Apple have screwed it up or something if you ask.

For Pokemon Go, I already ranted about it over the lack of proper security even with the policies intact. It was declared mediocre for me like it should fall under the Disappointing Games of 2016 list. Fast forward to the present time, I can assume that the game’s having some improvements and in the future, there will be additional 100 Pokemons for Pokemon Go. So, I guess that the game has gone from mediocre to a fine game and even then, it still falls under that list I just mentioned but it is inexcusable to put the game that is terrible, average or okay in the top 5/10 games of the year list. Not to mention that even The Game Awards had gone a little incompetent into making Pokemon Go as the Top Mobile and Family Game. Do people care about personal security or something?

Speaking of The Game Awards of this year, I already have another game to rant about, Street Fighter V, that doesn’t deserve to be involved in it as it has gone from great to okay but that will be in another blog post when possible. It’s still a fine game to be frank but people are not happy with it being the Best Fighting Game of this year for this year’s The Game Awards as if other fighting games deserve that due to sufficient features.

Chromodo web browser under fire for leaving users in danger

According to the research results from some security researcher from Google, some of the policies in Chromodo web browser are disabled while Chrome has the same policies enabled by default. This leaves some users in danger as baddies can gain access to the private data. With the safeguard, scripts can access data in another script if they both originate from the same source. It’s a warning originating from the Google researcher and there is a fix he has made to fix the issue.

Even worse is that the Comodo Internet Security tempers with the DNS settings according to the researcher in addition to importing everything from Google Chrome and making itself the default browser and nobody knows the motive of this. And of course, is there a reason on why Comodo doesn’t have the official solution to this fix.

It’s another security weakness that can leave you vulnerable to attacks by cyber-criminals, not some kind of a measure/practice that lowers down the security level through illegal cyber-monitoring for detection of baddies. No, like I’ve said, it’s just another security weakness or bug that the ones behind the web browser or the app should come up with a patch or something to fix it. There’s already no clue this time on why Comodo isn’t aware of this. You could have used the other antivirus/internet security brands instead of this unusual-ness.

Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock that forces users to watch video ads

The actual culprit behind this bypassing is the unintended result of fixing the previous security issue and the developers behind the Chromium are already aware of it. The patch is likely to be on the way to Google Chrome 46 and until then, the only way to get around this situation is to disable Adblock, whitelist YouTube or maybe uninstall the YouTube app. Wait, YouTube web app on Chrome? That sounds kind of bullshit to you for your sake! You could have used the YouTube with HTML5 for smoother browsing right now on any web browser. You could have also used the YouTube app on mobile devices which obviously makes any sense.

OK, it may seem that many people were like putting blame to Google for causing this security problem but once again, the actual culprit is the one stated above at the beginning of this post. It may be a minor or normal issue level.

Actions taken by Google against ad injectors

Advertisements can be useful in having business companies earn money that way but should there be wrong advertisements that infect the visitors’ devices, it can be a serious trouble after tons of users are complaining about that situation. A recent situation is that Google has owned the DoubleClick technology that allows advertisers to manage advertisements on behalf in the respective websites. Perhaps, there should be trusted ones that don’t allow illegal activities to take place in victims’ devices.

One example is that cyber-criminals can hijack various websites into replacing the professional ads with undesired ads that do harmful thing to the website visitors’ devices but another recent situation will take you back to the days of the Lenovo Superfish scandal in which Google has taken actions in. Another problem is that even some evil ISPs are doing the same thing as stated in the above example but this is what the companies are to worry about undesired ads on their sites injected by the ISPs themselves. For normal users, it’s easy to get around this situation with the Ad-blocking extensions in the web browsers.

Unfortunately, Google should have taken actions against ad injectors earlier as the ISPs in the US might have gone way too far. The privacy is violated there over those bad ads, other malwares are injected on ISP broadband routers and certain services belonging to them doing the same violation thing as well.

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Spyware extension silently installed on Chromium

A mysterious extension installed on Chromium silently listens in to whatever the user is doing on Chromium according to some reports from the security experts and researchers. Google was already aware of this situation and they confirmed that it was Debian’s responsibility and reason that the extension was installed without concern because it is a security problem related to privacy. It might affect the users using the Chromium-based web browsers on Debian and Debian-based OSes. Also, it might seem that Chromium itself is not a Google product but then, Google Chrome itself is pretty much based on Chromium and they still have the hands on that technology. The origin of that doesn’t belong to Google however.

The only solution will be to disable the microphone and camera on the computer or use other web browsers on the Debian and Debian-based OSes.

Google My Account Hub

This one looks new and features more privacy and security control of your account. And before I just blogged about this, I already made adjustments to the privacy and security of my Google account with Privacy and Security Checkups. For history, I already turned everything off except for the YouTube video view history in which I still can go to the YouTube history section to see the previous videos. However, it still appears that I have the option to keep or remove the apps that require access to various Google serivces and like there’s no way to customize the permissions.

This feature is built for the cloud security where you can make adjustments there even if you don’t have your Google account.

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Android M Developer Preview

Android 5 may have improved security on newer phones running it but the performance issues and the new interface are what drive the customers away when it initially launched. There are still people using IOS 8 and Android 5 of course but the amount of customers using Android 5 is unspeakably low compared to those using Android 4.x. Maybe, those superior Android devices are super-expensive and especially for those running the later versions of Android OSes. Another problem is that your current Android device cannot be upgraded to Android 5 if it doesn’t support that.

Then, for Android M, it has better security than ever with the opportunity for the users to accept or deny the app permissions just like what Cyangenmod OS has. Other than better security, there’s also the battery saving feature such as Doze in which when the device is inactive for a long period of time, the app activity will be inactive as well. For tablet devices, this feature may be handy like you can place it on the table when you’re not using it but I still think that it should be better in saving battery when the device is on standby with app and service activity inactive. The activity should be really inactive when the device is on standby for a long period of time but I don’t know if this is the point of that.

There are other features such as app auto-backup, USB Type-C support, new volume control, certificate installation for enterprises and so on. I don’t know how the app auto-backup works but I guess that this is Google’s official way of backing up your apps. I guess that the destination for that will be the cloud storage or something.

Android M will be released in the third quarter of this year.

Google patents dolls that track children’s habits

This may seem unbelievable like there may be suspicious thoughts of repeat betrayals coming from tech companies to customers like what some of the US ISPs do in betraying their customers with something that goes against the purpose and definition of proper security or perhaps what Microsoft has with the How-Old.net service that makes technical betrayal real. Another unbelievable thing is what Google’s planning with the dolls that listen and watch on what the children are doing. In general, we don’t know what Google will be up to in patenting this technology.

This kind of technology such as voice controlled toys has been around for a long time and the Contana, Siri and Google Now are already based on the same exact technology which Neowin doesn’t find them intrusive so be glad about that when using those voice assistants. However, combining all of these can lead to serious consequences for comprising security like that and we don’t know if this is going to happen.

The movie, Five Nights at Freddy’s, may have the same concept but in reality, the only addition is the technology itself that allows the fictional magic to happen in a wrong way. I may suggest that you invent the real-life version of something from some other franchise that has its own fictional technology like the hoverboard for instance. That was something someone invented and broke the global record when riding one in the air above the water for long instance. Don’t patent and invent the technology that is used for something intrusive, destructive or any other bad purpose.

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