Dance Music Formula Training Part 1

Note that I’ve been an FL Studio user for years but despite the long duration for music production part, my potential has been low due to:

  • Lack of usage of plugins that offer superior FXs as used in many music I have heard.
  • Lack of superior resources like the famous paid plugins used for FL Studio.
  • Lack of originality for music remixes.

For the third disadvantage, Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips was right when he said about copying people’s methods. You actually need to come up with the original loops, samples and other stuffs that make up the original music structure used for music composition or remixes.

Part 1 of the training brought me to Ableton Live which has its own 30-day free trial. It was a close call for my computer as the website is now showing version 9 which requires 4GB of RAM along with multi-core processor which are pushing its limits. It is the same story for Cubase series 9 although it now requires a 64-Bit CPU unlike Ableton Live version 9. I don’t know if the retail copy of a Cubase product is still there at the shopping mall that I can buy in the future but then, it looks like 8GB of RAM for my computer is more recommended and who knows where I can buy additional RAM chips for it?

What I was taught so far was the Track part of the interface where you can insert, edit and remove a track. It is likely to be divided into multiple rows and the Browser-like section on the left is where the samples, packs, instruments and other stuffs are stored similar to FL Studio. The MIDI track which I guess that it opens doors to inserting musical bars similar to Piano Roll in FL Studio although it looks like you have to double click to insert one and the snapping system is somewhat different than the one in FL Studio BUT the Piano Roll-like feature was what was NOT taught in the tutorial. It’s that I figured it out after watching the video. There’s also the Transpose stuff which I also figured out after watching the video and I adjusted the pitch as it didn’t sound right.

For a week, I’ll get 90 minutes of the training if you have signed up for it but bear in mind that this free training is time-limited.


Other activities in July 27th

While it was System Administrator day two days ago, the others had no time to spare such as the start of the Olympic games, the recent activities from Sega and various Vocaloid producers and more.

For Sega AM2 over the upcoming Project Diva F, there was a news on the official website indicating the updated online shop or some sort containing accessories that are the tributes to the game and the collaboration between Sega, Crypton Future Media and Piapro for the module designs. So far, the Kimono outfits are the only collaborations on the official website but we can see more of these at Piapro website. For the latest trailer posted two days ago, it seems that the developers have done like 19 songs out of 30 more. It may be really disappointing if the song list is less than 39 songs for this latest game.

Next is the new songs from Deco*27 and They had come up with the birthday song for the upcoming August 31st as part of Miku’s 5th Anniversary Contest. The premise of the contest is that it must be completely Vocaloid related and the birthday song for her should be the original composition and the premises of the music video must be about her and her birthday. The song name is ’39’ which represents her or Thank You, so a big thank you to all the known Vocaloid producers out there including Yahama, Crypton Future Media and Sega for such an advanced technology phenomenon. Not to mention, thanking the Vocaloid characters we all know and like. I believe that the contest is until July 30th or something before the best birthday song will be chosen. Choose an existing simple birthday song as everyone knows for your project and it’s a simple slap and shame on you, lol. I mean the song that is made out of 4 lines only and that is that so plan your birthday carefully in the advanced way.

Next, since two days ago from me, the latest remix I did was DJ Taka’s Broken from Reflec Beat and it was just finished today. However, there are some flaws, the notes may be somewhat incorrect in keys or the timing and the vocal and Synth parts were likely to be flawed. Although the rendered version or the final version is better with correct sets of notes, it is not the same for the NWC and MIDI files. The NWC file is the first step in sequencing all the stuffs before exporting to MIDI format in which I import to FL Studio for inputting respective instruments and making final corrections through Piano Roll feature. Once the rendition sounds good, I may decide to export to MP3 and then share to the respective public locations. However, not all songs for games may be appropriate for me to publicize my remixes of but they can be found on my DropBox storage.

Download for the MP3 file is right here.

Finally, there was some Reflec Beat festival happening two days ago and it has newer songs including the upcoming sequel to Reflec Beat Limelight called Colette. What surprised me was that the system BGM of Sound Voltex Booth was finally available in Reflec Beat Limelight and Colette as the theme song of that game.

Remastered Posts of March

Game Meaning of Eschatos

Eschatos may be fictionally worse for Xbox 360 in terms of storyline and the title’s meaning but the meaning of the game title is another interesting meaning to learn and know. It means the final days are coming before something causes the ultimate ending. For this game, it may be the exception or perhaps the warning because the invasion is right here hundred years later. It’s another shmup game that will be coming in March 24th and that will be freaking late for that release. Also, the surface is 80% purple-ish as if the whole damn thing is taken over or something. Lastly, if the orbits are getting out of control for no reasons, that can be the extreme chaos for everyone.

Update: The game is delayed so is Otomedius Excellent but the new release date for Otomedius Excellent will be in April.


March 12th Progress

The long awaited progress from last year is coming up but that turns out to be Darius Burst Stage 1 with elements of Remilia’s Theme. Originally out for the PSP two years ago, there was an arcade release last year with full HD graphics and two HD monitors. In addition, there’s four player support that can be even funner as well as the improved boss destruction sequence that slows down the game but then the size of the glow isn’t that large enough due to the fact the bosses are very gigantic in the arcade version. Only Taito Type X2 can support this game in the arcades and the Original mode is Deluxe-like mode in which you still have to try this mode besides Chronicle Mode which keeps you in playing this game again and again and again. However, each run is quite short no matter where you’re in unlike the PSP version where you get the longer run. Also, the Original Mode runs are shorter than those in PSP version but you get additional songs and ships that are exclusive to the arcade version. Strangely enough, the opening FMV is still 1280X720 centered just like in YouTube where the intro video is apparently sharper. You’ll rather watch the HD version on YouTube or the arcade version than the one in the PSP version which is 480X272.

Seems that only Pink Sweets Arrange Stage 4 may be the one having some elements from Eirin’s Theme and Kaguya’s Theme, leaving Darius Burst Stage 1 to be as normal as ever.

March 13th Progress

Looks like things are apparently ready and I had fulfilled the different promise the other way.

What was fulfilled was that I had completed the remix of Pink Sweets Ibara Arrange Stage 4 that is mixed with two final boss themes from Imperishable Night. It is pretty confusing when mixed up like that due to difference of notes but I can surely identify well as we know that Pink Sweets Ibara Arrange Stage 4 BGM is a rip-off of Eirin’s Theme from Imperishable Night. What the heck is the composer thinking? First rip-off seems to be the Hyper-Cannon thing from Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Iphone Mode which is a rip-off of Master Spark.

March 16th

The disasters starting March 11th may affect the progress and the vacation but then I’m running into problems remixing Underwater Rampart from Battle Garegga. That ruins it for sure no matter how I can do this.

March 17th

Will this be the final progress and final work? No. Staying idle is boring and it’s not like my life is complete. I had already completed Underwater Rampart Remix so far leaving the elements of UR’s Jupiter Jazz to be unused.


March 20th

The remastering of the respective remixes uploaded to YouTube due to being posted in holidays will be coming up but I can assure that some will happen.

SITEX IT Show Exploration

Note: This was posted in November 26th last year at Blogger.

The exploration was damn great but there were many too things to explore with like I had to go in one whole corner in a round. Strangely enough, the GPS devices are modernized as well as discovering additionally great USB devices and Google Android devices. Also, I already have an Acer laptop which is Acer Aspire 4740G that I didn’t even bother to take a look at other computers to avoid some kind of movie spoilers. For music videos, it’s surely full of popular K-Pop videos. Be it the music video or the live concert, either way, it’s an idol-like performance. One of those USB devices was a camera embedded with the flashlight which can be useful for bicycle users. The other one was a mini keyboard and when I controlled the mouse with it, it felt like you’re playing the flight or racing games. There was also the controller next to it that looked like what the Playstation 3 controller with the keyboard addon should have been. Next up was the phones. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any single Windows Phone 7 phone being shown which was a shame to this whole IT Show. There were popular GPS devices like those from TomTom for example where you can do the touchscreen thing. Unfortunately, GPS devices are not on par with the modern mobile devices with multi-touch screen support and modern interface animation. You may ask if those devices are like powered with Windows CE or something. There were also Media Center DVRs which are hard to buy at shopping complexes as well as various NAS devices and even Portable Internet TVs. Strangely enough until this year or next year, there was the first portable Internet TV launched two days ago in this country.

Overall, this IT show is a must go if you feel interested but that Drag Toilet Paper flash game contained shitty controls and the GPS devices are somewhat inaccurately embedded so that they can be on par with various modern mobile devices. I want the tapping method instead of constant sliding.


It seems that the only thing left for proper Windows Phone 7 Remix is The Grimoire of Alice in the style of Stage 5 of Dodonpachi Resurrection Iphone Mode. Maybe it doesn’t sound risky unlike that freaking Septette for the Dead Princess mix I did. Remixing the remixed song is a total permissive asshole to me unless the whole thing is popular enough.

An exceptional sphere shaped object is approaching fast

I’m sure that this kind of object will surely get burnt off, causing a fire-tail that burns whatever that is behind it. Watch that in the middle of less than a few years later when we are in the line of this object. It seems that the rumors are starting to get true. Some kinds of rumors are true while other kinds of rumors aren’t.


The Black Label edition will be out next year for the Xbox 360 but things are already confusing enough. The Black Label edition should be out as the DLC while the package version will have the Black Label arrange. The Black Label arrange reminds me of Raiden DX for the Playstation where we get the soundtrack from another game. The instance is Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi but everything in this arrange is upgraded to Cave CV1000 styled so you get enhanced weapons and items but the explosive effects still look like shit compared to next generation shmup games on Xbox 360. Do you think you need to buy two freaking packages of the same game? That’s wasting additional money to see which mode is better looking. Also, there’s even the arranged soundtrack of Ketsui on that Black Label arrange, something Raiden DX doesn’t even have, meaning to say you get the original soundtrack, new soundtrack exclusively to PSX version and Viper Phase soundtrack. That’s right, there’s not even Viper Phase arrange soundtrack in that game as well.


It appears that I’ve completed this thing all along with The Grimoire of Alice WP7 Mode Remix. Unfortunately for Stage 2 DDP DFK Iphone Mode, I may have cancelled the WP7 Mode Mix of Cirno’s Theme based on that song as I don’t want to get affected by her. Man, I bet that Cirno sucks even though she claims to be the strongest one. Looks like that’s it for now and that Septette for the Dead Princess Remastered mix is next which can be based on Darius Burst Stage 1.

The Grimoire of Alice WP7 Remix

How to make Gensokyo a green land of fantasy starring Nitori and Marisa

Note that this was posted in August 14th.

Note, the lyrics for EXEC_HYMME_GRRENA_ORVICLLE may be remastered again until the song is complete for submission as Touhou Eco Challenge Project. I can’t actually use these actual names like Gensokyo for example as this is the bad idea in the first place when submitting this.

Characters in this story: Nitori, Marisa, Rinnosuke, Reimu

Eco examples: Wireless environment monitor (Perhaps to know which one takes up the most environment power), Devices that save energy and cost, Devices invented by Nitori

Progress: The song is complete but the lyrics is not. The song is actually a Touhou related arrangement.

Actual version:
There is Gensokyo where the Youkai mountain is located there. At the base of the mountain lies the Kappa river and the brilliant engineer named Nitori Kawashiro. She has her personal laboratory where she is seen engineering various stuffs for herself. Meanwhile, there’s a shop run by Rinnosuke where things are being imported to Gensokyo. He has already imported the eco related devices and they are ready to be set up all around Gensokyo. Nitori’s close friend, Marisa, arrives at the shop and delivers them all through a bag before taking off. Arriving at Nitori’s laboratory, Marisa shares some eco devices and good information about going green to her. Using these information, she decides to invent her eco devices which are more advanced than those imported before setting them up. As Marisa leaves with all the new devices Nitori’s invented, she decides to visit all known places around Gensokyo. Unfortunately, some places are already against the eco color. The border of entry of Gensokyo is the Hakurei Shrine where it doesn’t have any single coin in the donation box. There, she decides to have approval from Reimu before setting up the eco devices she is carrying before moving off to other places. The setup will take from weeks to months to complete before Gensokyo is ready to go green. However, this is not enough to go green as everyone has to know how to clean up their places from messes as well as recycling unused stuffs. Unfortunately, there’s no recycling service in Gensokyo like there’s no solution.

The CME trigger has arrived from August 4th

There comes another emergency post here, it seems that my enemy must have triggered a bunch of these fireball like objects at us that started before August. Perhaps he had the invisible weapon to cause this disturbance that he scarred me away like this that I couldn’t use power supplies so this post was posted in battery mode of the portable computers. What will happen to the future then after my graduation? Will this be worse than now and past like there may be Salamander like attack?

Currently, I have the work of EXEC_HYMME_GRRENA=ORVICLLE for Touhou Eco Challenge Project or NEA Eco Challenge Project. What is this meant is that, it is an another Touhou related arrange for NEA Eco Challenge Project. Any arranged music not from Touhou games can cause the rejection of this project. Another thing about this musical project by me is likely to be another Touhou related crossover with one of the RPG games. Unfortunately, only the lyrics for this work is incomplete but the progress is likely to be closer.

What I bought was only HDMI cable

It’s really damn sharp with high definition but when I connected the HDMI cable to the STB and TV, the screen was over-large like my HDTV is not anything enough. When I hooked this up between my laptop and the TV, it might seem that everything was sharper.

Moving on to the progress section, I had done the Splash Hill Zone in the style of Eastern Project. Unfortunately, the updates may have pushed me to do the whole zone like that take this work as the prototype version.

Still planning about games

The next computer game I’m going to purchase turns out to be Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing for Windows. Unfortunately, as I will be likely to be playing this on my new laptop, laptops aren’t suitable for this game as their graphic cards are not compatible for it. What a retarded idea on not to support laptop graphic cards but the good thing is that the graphic cards for laptops can be sensitive to heat when playing next generation computer games like those FPS games for example. Using System Requirements Lab, I had tested my laptop and seen that many other computer games are suitable for it. Why can’t this game anyway, you may ask? Is there a guarantee that this game may be the next one to lag?


Anyway, moving on to next work. We’re planning to make a next music work which consists of Splash Hill Act 1 and something else mixed together. The current target may seen to be Flowering Night and Withered Leaf but things may be too much taken from them.