Ikaruga on Switch

Zero Gunner 2 on Switch has widescreen support, altered explosion and smoke effects as the game was like remade from scratch by Zerodiv but the way they ported it to Switch caused more minor flaws. Ikaruga falls on the same era as Zero Gunner 2 as they started on Sega Naomi in the arcades before getting console releases on Dreamcast. Ikaruga was also released on other gaming platforms and the Xbox 360 version via XBLA enhances the graphics with Nesica X Live version enhancing the game even more. The Steam version is like definitive if you ask me as it is based on Nesica X Live arcade version which is based on XBLA version. The Switch version is commonly comparable to the Steam version. Like other versions of the game, you get vertical screen orientation support as well as various modes.

I hope the conversion for the Switch version is a decent one when it comes out at the end of this month as from what I saw of gameplay videos of Zero Gunner 2 Switch version, I was disappointed from the way that game was ported with strange way of objects falling for instance.


Bang Dream – Girls Band Party

One disclaimer: I had seen gameplay videos of the game and it remained Japan-only at that time until recently, there is a global release unexpectedly.

There are tons of differences this time when you compare this to Love Live School Idol Festival which is one of those games released outside Japan on mobile. The way you manage cards is different and especially the way you start the song at anytime. Not to mention that the game already has the card conversion stuff in case you have duplicates and Co-Op play similar to the Friendly Match events in the other game. Score Match on the other hand is closely comparable to the VS Multiplayer Mode in Groove Coaster 3 and later as well as other rhythm games that have online VS Multiplayer Mode in which Beatmania IIDX recently had one with Arena Mode. Having a Co-Op Live in this game makes a little sense for some reason when compared to Co-Op play in Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Guitar Freaks series when you play together like a band. It is something to do with the gameplay and the concept for a mobile game and really, you’re not playing as one of the band members. Instead, it’s like merging the card sets from various players for an overall contribution or something.

Next is the song list, in addition to songs from the franchise including the game’s exclusive ones, there are licensed covers of the existing songs provided that they fit the games like this. In addition to cards leveling up from playing the songs, they can also be leveled up through various managements like the tickets and stuffs but to do card transformation/awakening is a different story. You’re supposed to level up the card to the max and then you can do the awakening. I don’t know if there’s bonding feature like the other games have.

It’s one bigger game than Love Live School Idol Festival if you ask me like you have to manage multiple bands by leveling up the band rank to unlock additional stories and there are also places you may have to unlock in the map perhaps for additional story, band or whatever else the game has to offer. Needless to say, the gameplay is NOT original and even the later update of Tokyo 7th Sisters uses the similar gameplay although seeing the SD-dancers in action is one opportunity in addition to FMVs which are less distracting. There’s another rhythm game on mobile that has the similar gameplay as well. In fact, it can be a whole lot better to see the songs from this franchise playable in Guitarfreaks/Drummania if you want a proper rock-themed rhythm game. Besides, it’s a fat chance for an arcade or console version of this mobile game to happen with guitar/drum controllers.

One last thing is regarding the Loot Box and Microtransaction features, as outnumbering this sub-genre is, it can be a huge money sucker if you’re looking for a specific item which is a complicated objective. I guess that even gathering a set of Super/Ultra Rare cards is not an easy task either but it will help you to score even better. Oh, there are also gameplay videos of someone playing this on the Beatstream arcade cabinet whose monitor is hooked up to his Android device like it’s a DIY arcade machine for rhythm gaming. For other games he played on that cabinet, well, you can look up his YouTube channel.

Cytus II

Well, I might have played the original Cytus before although I didn’t have so much time to play the heck out of it although it had tons of songs to go through and the challenge is quite equal to the challenge level from the arcade rhythm games. The original had been updated with tons of chapters and needless to say, the story doesn’t end there when the sequel had recently come out a few months ago. The story of the original Cytus is that some mutant virus or whatever has taken place and to find a safe place for humans’ survival is a tough thing, not to mention that the human memories have to be archived or something. There lies an Android that needs tons of memories through music so I don’t know what happens next in the sequel. I also know the story of Deemo as well and it’s quite dramatic.

Before the sequel hit the final stage, it was available on IOS in beta stage. And at the time, Rayark is also working on the Playstation 4 version of Deemo which is a strange move to me as it may borrow the strange move from the Switch version of Voez in which you use the physical controls when compared to the touch screen controls. I don’t know if that defeats the challenge but such games like Deemo, Cytus and Voez should stay on the devices that are touch-screen compatible. To port a mobile rhythm game to console with full control compatibility like Musync on consoles is a different story.

Prior to regular updates of the original Cytus, you have to pay for additional chapters but as the game became popular, it was updated for free with additional chapters unlocked without having to pay for them. Perhaps, it was to combat piracy or something but what about the mods and hacks that make the game unfair?

The song, Brain Power, is a famous one. It was originally on Sound Voltex II before the DJ/producer ended the contract with Konami to ensure that he had the full rights to the song. Eventually, it was available on other rhythm games as a third-party song including Cytus II. You can check out the story if you want but be warned of spoilers.

Rudymical: Dark Witch Episode Music

Like Eat-Beat Dead Spike on mobile, this one uses the music from the existing games so you won’t find exclusive arranges whatsoever. This started off as a mini-game in The Legend of Dark Witch 2 and later where you have to slice projectiles to the beat like you’re playing Rhythm Heaven. Unlike Eat-Beat Dead Spike, the assets are so much the same as the main games.

Unfortunately, the game itself isn’t anything great, that is on Nintendo Switch. It is plagued with several flaws on both mobile and Switch versions but the Switch version is already quite worse enough that it is on the list of Top 10 Worst Games of 2017. You’re already better off playing other rhythm games on the Switch like Voez and Deemo by Rayark. One cool thing is that Voez on Switch has songs from The Legend of Dark Witch games and that can cause the rise of the ESRB game rating to Teen-Rating as some of the characters from those games have skin-revealed too deep and therefore, it can be inappropriate for little children to play Voez on Switch.

Flaws so far:

  1. Character grunts are repetitive for a game like this and some of the characters can be outright annoying. Maybe, there should be attack calls and other stuffs but even then, this is annoying and repetitive. Thankfully, you can turn those off in the Switch version but that’s not enough appeal for it.
  2. The gameplay is questionable. You’re slicing things thrown at you to the music and there’s no way you can fight back the enemy. The mini-game in the main games is like a special training or some kind and you get the Results screen that is akin to the one in Rhythm Heaven series. Unfortunately, unlike Rhythm Heaven, the gameplay in this game including the Rudymical mini-game in the main games is already repetitive at times and it can be annoying at higher difficulties that you may want to switch games after that from the way the game is designed.
  3. The amount of songs is quite low and you may expect at least 30-40 songs for today’s rhythm game standard. This is quite inexcusable even for a spinoff game like this.
  4. The Multiplayer Mode in the Switch version doesn’t do justice. Even the VS Mode is a 2-screened mode. Can’t there be a music game where you reflect things back to your opponent that are thrown at you in ONE GODDAMN SCREEN AND AREA?

Not even anyone is interested in planning to do the real life version of some Rhythm Heaven mini-game in a Legend of Dark Witch cosplay or something where they slice things to the music seamlessly. To do seamlessly, there should be sufficient amount of different moves, grunts and attack calls although special attacks are difficult to do so and certain of them won’t be done anyway. It’s not like they can organize a dance battling game where you have to dance and slice things to the music dressed up in a fantasy combat cosplay. I don’t think people may appreciate this kind of inferior idea in the first place.

If there’s a Rhythm Heaven game on Switch, things may be questionable like whether the game will make use of motion controls or not like it’s beyond me. The only better idea for a real life skit of Rhythm Heaven I have is if anyone will mimic those stages from Rhythm Heaven Fever. You can try to mimic the Muscular Man Interview part although you don’t NEED to be muscular to do it for instance.

It’s an epic waste of time and money for anyone who’s bought the Switch version. The mobile version is already a mixed bag for me but the Switch version is either bad or mediocre. It’s best to stay away from the Switch version in favor of other rhythm games on the same platform. In fact, you may as well stick on to The Legend of Dark Witch series which is a Megaman-style game with Gradius power-up bar.

Aka to Blue (Red and Blue)

It was a notorious moment to find a bunch of Capcom’s 194x and Raiden ripoff/clone games on Google Play store. Some of the games had stolen assets from those games or whatnot like the ship looking similar, the firepower being quite similar as well as the sound effects. That’s not cloning at times if you’re trying to take those kinds of assets like that. To find an original shmup game on mobile that gives you pure arcade experience is a rare story. Aka to Blue/Red and Blue is one game that requires later versions of IOS and Android as it provides arcade and console gaming experience.

The game consists of 5 levels as well as two ships to choose from as stated from the game’s title. The red man is kind of cool and badass like he sort of reminds you of Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear while the blue lady is seen being formal at times. It is a famous game due to professional developers involved in it. Plus, the music is all rock-style.

The gameplay is interesting in a way that you get to replenish the bomb-like defense quickly without having to traditionally collect the bomb item. It supersedes Dodonpachi Maximum in a way that you have multiple levels of bomb-like special attack but be warned, it’s a hard game like other bullet hell shooters on mobile.

Tokimeki Idol (Same controversy as Metal Gear Survive?)


It’s an epic waste of time with this upcoming spinoff with similar looking concept like the interface design being the same, 2D and 3D graphics of idols performing on stage during gameplay and I don’t know the amount of originality the gameplay has. Some of the games in the list according to Wikipedia have DIFFERENT CONCEPTS, like Taito’s Idol Chronicle where you manage only ONE idol group with whatever outfits and accessories you can randomly draw for, Tokyo 7th Sisters has different and better gameplay concept with version 2.0 onwards although it uses FMVs behind the HUD and of course, Bang Dream Girls Band Party which has rock bands instead of idol groups although the kind of fanbase along with partially original interface design are the reasons on why the game falls on this list.

I don’t know what caught the game developers like Square Enix, Taito and even Konami the attention into making such a copy-paste game like that with similar layout and template. This is like taking Street Fighter IV template and then making your own fighting game but this is too outnumbering.

Many of the nerds may regret the fictional idol stuffs due to being outnumbered by the endless amount of such games in existence for mobile and it can be a huge waste of battery and storage space in playing those anyway. You may look like a spoilt idiot if you have played all of those idol-themed rhythm games as stated in the on-going list in Wikipedia but a few of them should be enough as you have other things to do.

You know what Konami should do instead? Make a god damn campaign for Bemani games that is a tribute to Tokimeki Memorial franchise just like they did with Hina-Bitter campaign. Why would they waste such a god damn time ripping off the other rhythm games in existence?

It’s an unlucky time for us and especially that Konami is coming up with Bombergirl which is a controversial spinoff of the Bomberman franchise. This, on the other hand, is the spinoff of Tokimeki Memorial franchise and they made a comeback with it? Perhaps, THIS and Bombergirl are what Metal Gear fans can talk shit about and I hope nobody as a gamer cares about them. It’s a negative change and not what I want to see.

I don’t know what is so DIFFICULT to make a new game in the classic series like the Tokimeki Memorial one so to speak. Even without the main and famous director behind the series, they could have made a new one without him under a new team just like what the other team at Konami comes up with Super Bomberman R. Like Metal Gear Survive, this upcoming spinoff is unacceptable as if some fool thinks that a few idol-themed rhythm games is not an enough amount.

The only appealing so far is that one of the characters from this upcoming spinoff is a retro-gaming freak as if Gradius is one of her favorite games or some kind. Another thing is that the prologue CD has some songs from the classic Konami games.

Sure, Love Live School Idol Festival on mobile is one popular and excellent rhythm game and it’s fine for Bandai Namco to come up with their rival games from the Idolmaster franchise but THIS OVER-POPULARITY HAS TO STOP. It’s getting out of control with the endless amount that it can be difficult to find the ones you can recognize and be interested in.

At this rate, it may look like Konami can do whatever sinister shit they want besides doing the right thing. The game is said to be coming out in late this year or something and there’s nearly no way anyone can cause a reform of the incompetent game company we know of. Play the game by the time it comes out if you want, but that will mean you’re pissing off Metal Gear fans regularly.

Top 10 IOS and Android apps banned by companies for security reasons

The majority of Android apps are probably banned by companies due to malware and anything that goes against cyber-security while the list for IOS mentions various famous apps like Whatsapp, Pokemon Go, WinZip, Facebook Messenger, Plex, WeChat and some unknown eBay app.

For Whatsapp on IOS, it can send Address Book while Facebook Messenger, WinZip and some unknown eBay app in the Top 10 list send SMS messages. Plex on the other hand, does something quite worse like exposing device name and location. Camera exposure through apps is another reason like you don’t want other people in public areas in the photo or video or maybe private premises SHOULD NOT be photographed or filmed. Plex is supposed to be some kind of a home media center service but why would it expose camera like it’s beyond me? This is something Plex should explain and media centers at home are for watching something like movies, dramas and other TV shows.

According to the firm however, it appears that companies are seriously concerned about those cyber-security flaws in the apps like they pay detailed attention to them. Most of the time, the information transmission isn’t encrypted despite the fact that there are promises to get messages encrypted for apps like Whatsapp, for instance. Furthermore, Facebook, Pandora and Yelp are to be treated with extra care by administrators, that is for IOS and on Android, Uber, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger may include things like data leaks and breaches.

Lastly, about Pokemon Go being in Top 10 IOS apps banned by companies, it may be due to the fact that:

  • The players may be disturbing the workplace like trying to find and catch the Pokemon taking place in the company premises.
  • The locations may be vulnerable to trepassing because of rare Pokemon, gym or any other stuffs taking place there.
  • The game can be used by criminals for illegal activities which may make the players and non-players the victims. (Eg: Luring victims to such locations through illegal modification of the game)
  • Even with policies, the cases can occur.

To use those apps in the workplace is equal to seeking serious trouble and the researchers at Appthority spent tons of effort in identifying the flaws of the apps for IOS & Android. Perhaps, the same policy should go for Windows Store apps as used in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. To make them exactly like Windows 7 in which every Modern UI stuffs and apps have to be removed completely isn’t an easy task but the enterprise version of Modern UI apps should be a thing for business touch screen devices.

Raycrisis on IOS and Android

It had been years since Raystorm was released on IOS and Android and Raycrisis is the final addition to the series for mobile. Before the IOS and Android releases of Raycrisis, the mobile versions of Rayforce and Raystorm were updated again with widescreen support, bluetooth controller support and the arranged music for Stage 1 which may seem to be a strange and incomplete move for me. The same can go for Raycrisis in which one of the stages will have its track arranged although the original version is still there if you ask me.

Most of the gameplay videos of Raycrisis aim for the true ending so to find the ones with bad ending and good endings may be rare whether it’s the arcade version or the Playstation/PC version. The mobile version is based on the arcade version minus the 2-player support similar to other shmup games ported from arcades.

The future plan will be to buy the game for my Android tablet from Google Play Store as my Ipod Touch had its screen damaged even worse. Maybe I used it while it was being charged and no wonder it took up so much power than ever. However, I don’t know if Raycrisis is going to work well on my Android tablet as this is released this year but my guess is that it uses the same porting engine as Rayforce and Raystorm as indicated from the similar interface and walllpaper.

One thing to keep in mind is that the ending is different between the arcade and the Playstation/PC versions and the true ending leads to the beginning of Rayforce as Raycrisis is the prequel.


There might be plans to add something akin to Raycrisis’ Encroachment system in Project Conspieracy which has still been worked on but the balance was way too off so I discarded it. The idea of this feature might indicate on how dark the heroes’ kingdom’s karma was from the game’s start. The higher the value, the darker the karma was but at that time the feature was implemented, I had no plans to make the immediate transition thingy similar to what Raycrisis will do abruptly if the Encroachment reaches 100%. The Corruption Points indicated on how dark the kingdom’s karma was when they reached the high amount. The same corruption could go to the heroes as they were parts of that kingdom.

BLU smartphones banned in Amazon over spyware issues (Posted in 5 August in Blogger)

Update: A recent news update had indicated that things were already safe for the sales of BLU smartphone to resume at Amazon as if it all turned out to be a false alarm.

A bigger lesson than the one for Windows 10 was learnt as the spyware technology was removed in the devices. However, from the deeper report from the researchers, the data collection is still there via the telemetry in which the data collected is stored in the servers in China. Furthermore, the researchers have fears and concerns of security risks for servers in China.

Another concern is that the BLU smartphones are banned from sales by Amazon as it may seem to be an offense to Amazon like selling a phone, tablet, set-top-box, a computer or any other computing device pre-loaded with spyware is an illegal act and an individual, group or a company can be in deep trouble for that sort of sale.

It is controversial ever since last year in which those smartphones were pre-loaded with spyware but until the illegal data collection is completely removed including the telemetry, there will be no point in getting them available according to Amazon.

Fake reviews for Whatsapp

Like really, as if the worst games of recent years were already plagued with fake reviews like some of the worst Steam games were taken down and then reinstated with fake reviews and changed names for instances, how about Whatsapp being mistaken for a game? Whatsapp the game? LIKE SOME STUPID MORONS THINK THAT PEOPLE ARE PLAYING GAMES WITH WHATSAPP! THIS IS A SLAP ON THEIR FACES FOR THIS SORT OF IGNORANCE!

I don’t care if that is more or less a fake or real news or something to you from my recent discovery at Neowin but I was already annoyed even more than before from this year’s Lunar New Year days and especially for sometime after Lunar New Year where Singtel users like me were knocked out of internet access! So, the real annoyance was that while I was working on something, be it a Game Maker game or perhaps a music arrangement/remix or something, those home morons had the guts to tell the elder aunts that I was playing games or some sort. Their continued ignorance and presence continued to piss me off and there will be no guarantee of peaceful celebration of future Lunar New Year then and especially when it comes to DJ practice which I sometimes do with my DJ controller. Even if they looked at my computer screen, they couldn’t know what I was actually doing by then as if they told others that I was playing. Such ignorance from them was the reason on why I didn’t bring my laptop computer along this year and their manipulation of the others as I fear it is going to make me miserable like I may end up suffering from medical torture because of them.

So, the situation stated above may be why you shouldn’t annoy me with ignorant rumors about me or something else. NOBODY cares for morons like those who take Whatsapp for a game. We CARE for respectful and superior people although those morons who have been annoying me as stated above might think that I have communication problem or some kind and it is a future offense to deny the consequences you’re given by someone whom you have disrespected. You should realize your actions done to that person, NOT think that there’s something wrong with them.

Even as an adult or elder person, you should have decent attitude and knowledge of what’s actually going on and what is someone actually doing. And if you think or talk to others that some DJ doing DJ practice is playing games or something, that DJ will have an indirect “Fuck You” delivered to you for stupidly disrespecting them. You’ll be scolded indirectly with the use of that DJ’s brain. The same goes to the music producer producing something in the bedroom. So a lesson is that you should know what that person you’re intercepting is actually doing before you say anything from your mouth.

So for Whatsapp, they didn’t have time to investigate those morons doing fake reviews like that on the app and it was up to Google to do the investigation themselves. Those fake reviews popped up on Whatsapp from February to March and thankfully, other Google Play apps weren’t invaded with such. Those posting fake reviews like that don’t deserve to be respectful adults and we don’t have time and breath for fools like them.