The full nickname’s Silvery Fighters Jr. and I have future aims of becoming an IT Professional and Club DJ. The mission as an IT Professional is to troubleshoot problems, maintain and monitor computer systems as well as to deploy applications and operating systems, and the mission as a DJ is to keep people entertained through multiple genres. On the IT side, I‘ve been heavily influenced by the IT Professionals who work at Microsoft while on the DJ side, I’ve been influenced by DJ Aly and Fila for Trance genre as well as the local DJs like DJ Viperstar and DJ Eko. Also, there are tons of Japanese DJs that I know of that got me inspired but it’s beyond the scope since some of the genres are not suitable to be played in the club.

Prior to planning to be a DJ and IT Professional, I already have the music production skills, mostly remixes and mashups as well as the skills of OS deployment with Microsoft Deployment Kit.

Lastly, my future strategy is to have either Windows 10 deployed to the corporate environment provided that it is deployed with the policies followed and applied as well as to get Microsoft certification.


Education-wise, I had received the SOA for completing a course from Coursera as well as having the opportunity to attend the Global Game Jam.where my skills and experiences were tested like an indie game developer although I’m still missing out the theory part of game design and development.


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