Soundcloud closure?

Turns out that was something we shouldn’t worry about when it comes to Soundcloud. According to the latest news, it seemed that they had changed CEO with the founder taking on the role of the chairman overseeing the company as he is the founder. Having been the CEO for a long time, he decided to let the other person take over the company as the new CEO after the layoffs. The new CEO of Soundcloud is the one from Vimeo.

At first, when seeing the news about the layoff taking place at Soundcloud, people were worried about the company’s closure at the end of summer in which the resourceful music would be gone for good that the artists would have to submit their music elsewhere. The website also includes a bunch of unofficial remixes, mashups, covers to say a few and indeed, I already had tons of unofficial remixes/mashups. Obviously, it is illegal to use them for public performance like the DJ gigs or something even if the ones who did them had given credits whatsoever. One of the tips for the source for legal public performance is the DJ record pools where DJs can take music from there and use them for the gig, provided that they pay the amount every month as part of monthly subscription.

I’m not into financing and investment stuffs but it seemed that the investors, The Raine Group and Temasek, had wrapped up the largest financing round with Soundcloud in its history. Through public pressure, the founder of Soundcloud says that the company is here to stay and that your musical work isn’t going anywhere after the summer is over. They may have enough money to keep the company resources going for the time being but…


There might be workarounds from various DJ blogging sites like Digital DJ Tips, DJ Techtools, etc. in case of Soundcloud’s closure like posting your remixes/mashups to YouTube, long mixes to Mixcloud, etc. Suffice to say, there are already tons of remixes/mashups/arrangements I made available in my blog, my YouTube account and my Soundcloud account. When it comes to music, the worry might be that big at first when it came to Soundcloud’s closure but then, news about Soundcloud’s closure isn’t the only kind. There may be other things that will be obsolete for real in the future, unlike Soundcloud.


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