Windows 10 China Government Edition

The conditions had been fulfilled by Microsoft so far with this special edition of Windows 10 based on the Enterprise Edition for China government. It surely fits well as if the OS based on Enterprise Edition is for government work and it features full customization to the features ranging from privacy, group policy, updates and even features suited for business. What will satisfy the government the most is that the telemetry is turned off by default and that the government will make use of its own encryption feature.

For computers that will have this edition of Windows 10 for government use, Lenovo is the first to announce that they will be manufacturing their PCs containing this edition for the government but as of this present time, one such computer still has yet to be made available.

While this edition has made and fulfilled technical promises for the government, the same promise doesn’t go to normal consumers using Pro and Home editions of Windows 10. The Enterprise edition surely has brought full control for businesses but according to some research by Mark Burnett, it appears that even if you turn off those tracking features for privacy, there’s still connectivity going on with the purpose of telemetry. The best solution so far will be to get the Enterprise Edition LTSB version of Windows 10 which doesn’t have all the bloaty stuff pre-installed including the fact that there’s no naggy advertisement whatsoever telling you to use the default products like Windows Defender, Onedrive, Bing and even Edge. One problem though, Enterprise Edition including its LTSB counterpart is for BUSINESS use and getting that for your personal use is going to get business people ostracized and somehow, the forms had changed recently when it comes to evaluating Enterprise Edition for test use or something.

Lastly, I could sense a bunch of ignorant users whining to many of the tech news on social media or the sites themselves over this good news. Like what is disgusting about it, anyway? It’s like they thought that the tech news sites were starting to go off-topic at times like those sites were going incompetent even though it’s a mixture of technology and other stuff. Besides, it’s already useless telling those sites to take down this kind of tech news article over some whiny dis-trust.

The verdict of this news is that it’s a good one since this edition of Windows 10 has fulfilled the promises for the China government and that we expect the same amount of promise for other editions of Windows 10.


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