NES Classic Edition

Well, the NES Classic Edition console was apparently discontinued this year after its launch last year with huge demands that it quickly sold out. The flaws as we knew them were strong like the lack of the ability to play any NES/Famicom games besides the pre-given ones along with the fact that everything is all stored on the ROM with no storage device whatsoever. There should be an internal storage SOMEWHERE in the console but no, it’s like a modern NES-on-a-chip system but superior than any NES clones you can find due to decent emulation when compared to the one from Virtual Console on 3DS, Wii and Wii U. Hell, you can also use the Wii U controller for NES Classic Edition but obviously, another flaw involved the short cord of the controller and it’s even worse for Mini Famicom since the cord is part of the console and you can’t use the Wii U controller as the alternative.

Also, the controllers are said to have some disabled features for the Mini Famicom in addition to the cartridge slot being fake. Even if you make it real like it can be opened or something, the board itself is completely different.

One cool fact about the system is that it uses the Linux Kernel that there may be some chances for hacks or whatnot. While it allows for the addition of other NES/Famicom games, the downside is that the hacks have been done for illegal purposes like allowing the games for other systems to be run on NES Classic Edition. How about using any Linux distribution on that system? It’s not easy as the console doesn’t have the NON-READ-ONLY storage for that. If only the console has micro-SD card slot or perhaps the USB port for storages, there should be a technical chance.

Lastly, to discontinue the console like that has made people think, “What’s the point of releasing this in the first place?” And the worse thing is that Nintendo bounds to repeat this campaign with SNES Classic Edition that will be released this holiday.


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