Todotodo Skills Marketplace event

The event seems to be a roadshow-styled event with multiple presentations taking place at the same time and various programs were scheduled according to the flyer. There was the Networking with Employers part along with Career Coaching part as well as the presentation venues.

One of the presentations was about Video Resume and I already had tons of knowledge about YouTuber stuffs as I watched so tons of videos from various YouTubers ranging from the ones from the western region and Japan. Also, I already knew the concept about getting paid from YouTube videos via advertising revenue. Sure, the ads are sort of annoying unless you have the adblocker extension for the browser but it poses a problem in getting you paid from your YouTube videos. The presenter who happened to be the Singaporean YouTuber had explained things that left me speechless due to tons of pre-knowledges. Needless to say, he was an actor, dancer and singer but none of those careers earned him so much of cash each as told by him. Perhaps, even being a musician/DJ doesn’t seem to help out either as a day-job is required besides that. Not to mention that getting a gig is a costly idea. Not only you have to pay the license fee but also pay the club entrance fee, that is for DJ. And the worse thing is that the DJ pools are for DJs only so I don’t know if this may apply to new club DJs. Getting a DJ gig at the wedding will give you lesser money to make in the end.

So, what was the video resume that YouTuber was talking about? It’s basically a self-introduction video and especially for about whatever you do as part of the career based on your passion, talents and skills but that doesn’t seem to be enough as educational experience/qualification is a must. However, I found the term, Video Resume, to be unusual when compared to printed and digital resumes. Also, an Electronic Press Kit is the musician/DJ’s resume although I don’t know how it’s being displayed. Making a Video Resume via YouTube Self-Introduction Video is like making one in the same vein Japanese YouTubers come up with. Indeed, I had seen a template and the intro video is about doing whatever you like or something. Also, you have to display the number of subscribers in addition to your YouTube channel as part of the self-introduction. But that is how Japanese YouTubers introduce themselves. Western ones introduce themselves on YouTube in a different way but I suggest that you introduce yourself on YouTube in your own way, not the weird and unusual Video Resume thingy.

One article from Monster website about Video Resume mentions that most companies found it unusual and not recommended that traditional resumes are more recommended instead. It’s worse than putting a photo of yourself in a resume and you’re suggested on using social networking sites as online avenues. A blog about professional passion is another side-step you may want to come up with.

However, there are other articles about video resumes that may guide the heck out of you of making and submitting one but it’s not an easy process compared to a traditional resume.


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