Ransomware that requires that you get a required score in highest difficulty to decrypt

HOW IS THAT A JOKE ALL OFTEN? Do you know that this kind of trouble can be extremely big for the person who made this ransomware? Outside of Japan, getting the full versions of the actual Touhou games is already OUT OF LUCK for us and besides, they are SELF-PUBLISHED INDIE GAMES made by an individual! Obviously, a bigger sale of an indie game made in Japan may occur if released on consoles or perhaps Steam but all people got was a bunch of third-party Touhou games ported to Playstation 4 and Vita. Originally, they were on PCs as self-published indie games but they were actually made by other game developers. So, if you run into this ransomware, had it become goddamn real, you’re already out of luck and getting the demo version isn’t going to count I should say.

The highest difficulty as required by that ransomware is Lunatic and expect the game to be seriously hard that way and those who are not into bullet-hell shmup games will get blasted off easily out of their clueless-ness. Even I’m not able to deal with this sort of difficulty. A genuine example is when I played some Cave bullet-hell shmup games in the arcades or perhaps the Xbox 360. Even Eschatos, Ginga Force and Crimzon Clover will be unforgiving at the highest difficulty. I don’t know if 1-credit-clearing is required by this ransomware because if so, it can piss off many players who run into it as if they are harmed.

It’s a pure luck that the person who made this ransomware had apologized and claimed that this is a joke but this is one unusual experimental kind of ransomware we have to keep a lookout for. Furthermore, this is an un-doable mistake as there’s already news about this ransomware everywhere on the net. What about the kind of ransomware that requires you to play some game on the console? On the technical side, it won’t work but on the non-technical side, you’re like supposed to enter some information or something but the problem is that people can fool the baddie with mis-information. Perhaps, this is the next awareness assignment for cyber-security researchers and investigators?

The damage wasn’t anything big from this ransomware made by some filthy nerdy hacker out there who’s into Japanese media stuffs. There was a previous case like the Mirai botnet which was much larger than this and the investigation is still on-going. Would the culprit freak out upon being found out, caught or something? And even then, these troubles for such actions may bring about the last present times for those hacking kiddies as if their future and career have ended without their knowledge.


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