Dance Music Formula Training Parts 2 & 3

So we’re back to where we left off and this free training lasts for a week on the day it began with Part 1. In part 2, I was taught the music structure like the Intro, Breakdown and the Verse and I was taught even more in part 3 where there are intros, breakdowns, verses, drops and even outros. The Breakdown portion has lesser instruments being played while the Drop portion has most of the instruments being played. The Verse portion is like having the standard amount of instruments.

Outside of the training, I had already heard tons of songs where there are parts of the music structure where there are less instruments being played with no drums at all. There are also Pad-type instruments in those portions of the structure as well but it depends on the song. Also, for the intro, the song starts off with the drums only, followed by the addition of the bass and other stuffs containing some repeated melody being moving on to the Verse section or something.

Bonuses so far from Parts 2 & 3:

  • Part 2: You get the pack from Digital DJ Tips although the Crash and Reverse Crash are missing in the pack. Also, you get to register at Loopmasters website and get a bonus pack for free. I guess that you can use it in any Digital Audio Workstation of your choice but you may want to read the Legal Terms and FAQ before you realize things quite late on what you do.
  • Part 3: A beginner assignment on arranging a song from Joey Santos, seriously? Why is it looking like you start the music production lesson with arranging/remixing a song first? What is so difficult about composing one?

Lastly, there will be a full priced version of the course which will arrive in your inbox if you had registered for free courses like this at Digital DJ Tips. Also, the song used from the training doesn’t seem to interest me enough to arrange it at this moment but I had arranged tons of songs prior to registering for this free training. It’s just that I’ve been doing music production in an unusual way probably due to using the demo version of FL Studio. Will I have plans to buy the Cubase product so that I can do music production in an usual way? I don’t know. There are already changes done to the shopping malls so I don’t know if the retail copy of a Cubase product is still sitting there or not?

The potential of music production from this training was quite low but at least, it taught me what music production was like for real. If I had joined Electronic Music Production Interest Group in my first year like 5 years ago instead of being in my second year, I wouldn’t have missed the music production lesson at all. I was able to learn DJing stuff during my first year of the Interest Group but that was quite all I learnt so far. What was I missing until last year was the theory information about how to get DJ gigs and it’s not as easy as I realized. Well, I guess that this free training wasn’t in vain this time, not like the DJ lesson I had during my interest groups days then. I guess that it was in vain either last this or this year but what was more in vain was the Diploma in other technical field I took.


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