Unexpected dinner at Our Tampines Hub (19 March)

The original plans were to proceed to the arcades at Century Square and then going to Tampines Mall to buy the USB HDD and USB Flash Drive but I unexpectedly was called for a dinner upon being spotted. The dinner took like estimated 2 hours or more and I eventually went to Tampines Mall to buy those things before going back.

Blog articles about the USB HDD and USB Flash Drive I bought can be seen on my main blog and needless to say after the day of the dinner, I already applied for more technical jobs at the time at Jobs Bank portal. Before the dinner stuff, I already realized on how bad the reputation is for CareerBuilder that I eventually thought of applying directly from the company website but needless to say, it was a harder method that way. Some of the sites don’t have the Career/Jobs/Join Team pages where you can directly apply there, some require the CV letter which I have never done before, some require the photograph along with other things as well as to send the email as the digital modern alternative to CV letter and some bring you to the external job portals. Why will they bring you to some external job portals you don’t know of when trying to apply directly like it’s beyond me? Also, job portals related to CareerBuilder carry over the reputations and technical errors from it as if I got bombarded with a bunch of unknown phone calls offering me the sales part ever since two years ago. You know, I should have known the goddamn solutions way earlier than last year like planning to apply directly from company’s websites as well as to apply from better job portals that have decent reputations. Securing a job thanks to CareerBuilder or any other related job portal is guarantee-less as I had recently seen the negative opinions about it like you don’t know if the one you’re offered turns out to be on a dark side or maybe a scam job.

So, DO NOT APPLY OR SECURE ANYTHING from CareerBuilder or any other job portal acquired by it! I don’t know if your future is going to be ruined or not because of that but I really hope that legal employment is the careful key this time.

Then, there’s the restaurant card called, Kopitiam Card, which you can use it to buy foods, deserts, snacks and even drinks from that any Kopitiam outlet. I have no idea how and where you can top it up though but I guess the concept is more or less the same as EZ-Link Card or perhaps the card you use at the arcades to insert coins. Do I have the intention to buy that in the future? I don’t know but it’s essential for the future.

One more reason for going out at that time was that there was a event booth area taking place at Our Tampines Hub and one of the booths caught me the attention in which there is a music production course in the previous day. Unfortunately, because of that dinner that took me 2 estimated hours or more, the event was already over by the time I finished it. Where else can I find music production courses locally?

And for the DJ/Producer stuff, that should be known by my DJ friends along with other DJ people I networked with offline and online so it could be an inconvenience telling my elder aunts and uncles about that. It’s not because the ambition of becoming a DJ is being frowned upon or something. It’s that not all parents and elders know stuffs like DJ, musician, rock bands and stuff. There are already cases where some DJs deny their parents’ rejection of them becoming DJs but what’s next after finding out that career, who knows?

Lastly, I already demanded the deactivation of my Jobscentral account recently as the damage done to the companies was already dark enough thanks to CareerBuilder being the source culprit of my complete delays. It was an epic confusion like you can’t tell if the phone call comes from the company you’ve applied from or something else but criticizing CareerBuilder and Jobscentral over CareerBuilder’s bad reputation during the interview is a risky idea in the first place.


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