Dance Music Formula Training Part 1

Note that I’ve been an FL Studio user for years but despite the long duration for music production part, my potential has been low due to:

  • Lack of usage of plugins that offer superior FXs as used in many music I have heard.
  • Lack of superior resources like the famous paid plugins used for FL Studio.
  • Lack of originality for music remixes.

For the third disadvantage, Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips was right when he said about copying people’s methods. You actually need to come up with the original loops, samples and other stuffs that make up the original music structure used for music composition or remixes.

Part 1 of the training brought me to Ableton Live which has its own 30-day free trial. It was a close call for my computer as the website is now showing version 9 which requires 4GB of RAM along with multi-core processor which are pushing its limits. It is the same story for Cubase series 9 although it now requires a 64-Bit CPU unlike Ableton Live version 9. I don’t know if the retail copy of a Cubase product is still there at the shopping mall that I can buy in the future but then, it looks like 8GB of RAM for my computer is more recommended and who knows where I can buy additional RAM chips for it?

What I was taught so far was the Track part of the interface where you can insert, edit and remove a track. It is likely to be divided into multiple rows and the Browser-like section on the left is where the samples, packs, instruments and other stuffs are stored similar to FL Studio. The MIDI track which I guess that it opens doors to inserting musical bars similar to Piano Roll in FL Studio although it looks like you have to double click to insert one and the snapping system is somewhat different than the one in FL Studio BUT the Piano Roll-like feature was what was NOT taught in the tutorial. It’s that I figured it out after watching the video. There’s also the Transpose stuff which I also figured out after watching the video and I adjusted the pitch as it didn’t sound right.

For a week, I’ll get 90 minutes of the training if you have signed up for it but bear in mind that this free training is time-limited.


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