Future updates

Okay, it may seem that download links on my blogs and YouTube video descriptions will be changed to my Onedrive source when the Public folder is starting to become non-public for Dropbox in March. Not to mention that I already started posting arrangements on my Soundcloud account like last year onwards. The aim of these Deconstruction Remixes/Mashups is simply the replacement of the stuffs from the original songs from Bemani franchise with the melody from the other songs from other sources. Besides the Bemani songs, there are also songs from the S***c franchise that follow the same suit as well due to the fact that it’s become a laughing stock to me after having discovered and gotten interested in playing S***c Runners on my Android. I managed to complete that although its Version 2.0 update screwed up that game in the stupidest way like decreased item usage duration for instance which might affect the progress in Story Mode.

The reason for coming up with those new kinds of arrangements is the amount of negative reputation Konami has caused among themselves ever since like 5 years ago or something like a bunch of Pachinko games based on the classic franchises we know of as well as the controversy that haunted Bemani franchise, like some crappy-ass remixes in some of the Bemani games we played, unoriginality in the cabinet design like Beatstream and Museca, as well as the controversial collaboration for music artists in standard parts of the games like those from IOSYS collaborating with those from Bemani for more weird-ass music I couldn’t tolerate in the first place. And if you’re a KAC finalist and you say that you cannot forgive Konami over all that shit stated above including the technical incompetences that haunted the event like they did with Sound Voltex for 4th KAC, I guess that you’ll be disqualified and barred from taking part in future championships.

Development of the Global Game Jam game has been on-going and the gameplay concept is still in a terrible shape. I don’t know if I can make an alternative gameplay like the racing platformer games like Angel Express, Kirby’s Gourmet Race, S***c Rivals series, etc. It may solve the problem that way over limited sprite assets taken from my 2015 jam-mates. Also, the development of Project Egg Rush which is a fan-made S***c  game I’ve been making as my answer to S***c Runners, had been on hold until the present time. It might be due to the fact that I don’t have the idea of the Endless Runner Stage Design on how things will be generated.

Lastly, while we went through the year 2016 successfully as if some of the calamity rumors that would take place were false, there will be lesser guarantees of living peacefully in the future probably due to political selfishness about the climate change which is more or less a man-made global threat as we know it but such selfishness about it takes it for a hoax or perhaps a complete nonsense that things are going for a downturn when it comes to future change. It had decreased by 30 seconds on the clock to 2 minutes 30 seconds left because of that and a huge trouble will come to us unless positive actions are taken to rewind that clock back. So the expectation for the future should involve more solar power although it will look like this kind of activity is done on daylight but balance is important.

One more thing, I might have gone back to being a gaming nerd as I should be after having discovered various game development-themed cartoon shows like New Game and Magic of Stella which aired last year. They might be what it takes to develop a new game although one of them is going towards indie-game development and it’s not that great from the story point of view due to various bullshits that ruined it. Not to mention that the Japanese cartoon shows and gaming as we know them have gone way too far like representing other animals, man-made military stuffs, man-made home properties, man-made electronics, etc. as human characters. It already opened door to hell of animal personification and fictional idols like there’s way too many shit going on. Not to mention that the behavior all because of those stuffs had been altered negatively and especially that people make up pretending/delusional relationship with fictional characters. I made a policy like that on my YouTube account against that bullshit and anyone caught doing it or regarding characters as wives/husbands/sisters/brothers/daughters/sons will be blocked. Even worse is that those kinds of filthy nerds don’t care for their professional future like they may as well get shut-in with nothing to do which is kind already bad in the first place since you will need a paid job for food, new items and even a new house to survive. Go play Recettear or something similar and you will know this important tip of future and survival. Oh, and putting DJ followed by your account name on the social media that contains gameplay videos of Beatmania IIDX/DJ Max/O2Jam or similar may regard you as a weeb-DJ/filthy-as DJ that you don’t deserve to play in a club although it’s already rare to find those kinds of DJs like that. A REAL DJ is a DJ who mixes music on the DJ set which may consist of a DJ controller or perhaps, 2 CDJs+DJ Mixer or even better, 2 Vinyls+DJ Mixer. This is the kind of DJ I want to see in the present time. You may think that I played those rhythm games too much but it doesn’t matter how much I played them, I never represent myself like that on my YouTube channel or social media unless you’re like DARQ, who happened to put my Beatmania IIDX GUI concept for Lunatic Rave 2 I designed as a wallpaper in his gameplay videos. No joke. He didn’t credit me for using that in his gameplay videos as a desktop wallpaper. So, NEVER INTRODUCE yourself using your DJ alias in your YouTube video UNLESS the video is about REAL DJing like you’re teaching new DJs, vlogging about your DJ gig or even giving advises.


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