Blazblue Central Fiction

Well, this is the latest in the series and said to be the final chapter released on the consoles a year after the arcade release. The console release is based on the recent arcade update which contained all the acts along with more characters being playable. It also featured additional characters as DLCs which were also playable in the arcade version as the update so they were no longer console-exclusives. What is still console-exclusive is the Story-Mode along with some other modes you won’t find in the arcade version.

And somehow, if the console-release isn’t quite enough, it seems that Arc System Works had the guts to re-release the game for the arcades, this time, for Nesica X Live 2 service which obviously has online-match support similar to console releases of fighting games with Network Mode. Plus, the games running on that service will be in 1080p similar to Playstation 4 version of the Blazblue Central Fiction although there won’t be so much differences whatsoever. It might be a strange move but certain things had to be done as needed for newer platform releases. Not to mention that the re-release of Blazblue Central Fiction to a newer service for the arcades is a core reason to keep the series alive ever since FK Digital having released Chaos Code on Playstation 4 based on the recent update of Nesica X Live arcade version which already had two additional characters way before the Playstation 4 version was announced. Sure, the Taito Type X2, Nesica X Live 1 and Playstation 3 are already quite old and the support for Windows XP Embedded for that Type X2 system had ended last year in which migration of the games on Nesica X Live 2 service and console releases for both Playstation 3 and 4 might be the reasons to keep the game going.

My better point is that Arc System Works should be making and publishing new fighting games for the Nesica X Live 2 service for the arcades if we want to see them getting a console release in the future after that besides re-releasing Blazblue Central Fiction. Do you expect other developers to migrate their popular fighting games to newer arcade platforms like that ever since Ultra Street Fighter IV on Taito Type X3?


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