Beatmania IIDX Sinobuz

Military, Medieval Fantasy, Train and of course, Ninja themes for a DJ simulation rhythm game like Beatmania IIDX are ABSOLUTELY OUT OF PLACE! How could Konami come up with such themes like that? It’s not amusing as the real DJs discover such bullshit themes like that and play Beatmania IIDX for the first time during the time the game is having those styles. Sure, it can make them look ignorant at times but I can assure you that such DJ gigs will NEVER have those places decorated with with such themes stated above. You can dress up like a medieval warrior or ninja for a DJ party for instance but who’s going to appreciate the fact that Konami has gone too far? Also, I don’t think I may have seen a DDR game with an irrelevant theme like that.

Having knowing the fact that zombies don’t fit in Metal Gear according to Hideo Kojima, how about saying and realizing that military, medieval fantasy, train and ninja themes DO NOT fit in DJ simulation rhythm games like Beatmania IIDX? I can assure that none of the DJ Max games may have such irrelevant themes like that. That may include probably DJ Max Technika series and Beatcraft Cyclon. What about Deemo? Does its theme fit so much correctly?

So here’s what the newest style of Beatmania IIDX offers for you. Each day may have different system BGM when you start the game along with differences to the Mode Select screen. One of the days every week gives you some kind of boost in the in-game currency although there should be better features to represent yourself like the player message that is displayed in-game like in Jubeat and Groove Coaster. Also, all the unlockable songs from Beatmania IIDX Pendual are available in case you don’t have so much time for arcade gaming in the arcades. Obviously, you may have to pay money for stuffs representing credits and having to unlock something you want costs even more.

After the gameplay, you get presented with a mini-game again, this time, you’re supposed to raid the castles from bottom to top floors. During gameplay, you get presented with items needed for that event. When you’re inside the castle, you’re supposed to search it for an item or a target. You can consume the amount of riceballs for extra strength by choosing the third option. Once you’ve located a target, you get to choose the second option to encounter it. You’re supposed to rid the castle of all the enemies and other obstacles to unlock the songs and clear it. There are three castles as of the present time and I already went through the first castle. Also, it looked like Konami implemented another mobile gaming element to one of Bemani games this year, this time with Beatmania IIDX Sinobuz’s castle intrusion event. What this does is to increase the amount of riceballs by 1 per 10 minutes of not playing the game. The maximum you can get is 2000 riceballs but bear in mind that you don’t migrate the riceballs over to the next castle so the remaining ones will be lost by the time you’ve completed the previous one. I believe that it will take estimated two weeks to get 2000 riceballs which you can gain with the Replenish command. There’s also the Skills command where you can reduce the enemy’s strength, increase your strength, reduce the consumption of riceballs, etc. Choosing Search will search the castle for treasures, gates and enemies to deal with and then choose Event to begin battle. You get to choose Event Cards to deal with which may look like a virtual card battle you will have in mobile games, not the arcade games.

Once the whole castle is like 100% searched and raided, all is left is the boss character to deal with to conquer the castle. Like always, events like this can be grindy and Konami has already gone to the deeper bullshit level with the Ninja theme for Beatmania IIDX after the Train one.


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