Appointment at Public Service Center

Well, I guess that I had another recent worry that I went for another appointment for a solution. It turned out that I wouldn’t land myself into trouble for applying for a job under the qualification under the highest one. It’s kind of like the elders getting one with the minimum requirements being the N/O/A-Level qualification but that was for working at those supermarkets for instance. Somehow, the interview would be like the audition and the best candidate would get suited for the specific job. Sometimes, the companies wouldn’t even bother to view your resume as there were too many of the resumes in their hands. I made a comparison between myself and some person who posted his story in Skillsfuture official website regarding the same desperate situation. I mentioned to my career coach about it but I didn’t mention his name as I didn’t memorize it. In case there will be changes to the pages in Skillsfuture website, I may as well put a reference link here.

The last thing I was told was to attend the business workshop organized by WSG and my worries about this kind of workshop were fulfilled when my career coach told me based on the situation I had from attending a similar workshop last year. It turned out that such kind of workshop would have interactive activities to be done by the trainer and I was half-wrong to put the blame on CDAC on having insulted me like that from the way that workshop wrapped up. I have fears that this upcoming workshop from WSG will bring me the similar embarrassment but I was shared something by the career coach that doing those sort of embarrassing things already made him feel uncomfortable like I already was the last time. Maybe I preferred the more professional style of a workshop like a Microsoft/Apple seminar. At least, the things shown in action should tell us thousands of words in addition to the ones shown in the presentation. It’s basically more than a slide show with live demonstration. And since it’s just an event, there won’t be need to memorize everything in details although you can already see the news about those reveals with sufficient information so that you can blog about those in your god-damn words.

Workshop-wise, there will be attendees who might have dropped out of school as noticed by me from their situation in the workshop I attended last year like they dropped out of Primary school or Secondary school. They can still learn but it still poses a bigger challenge in learning whatever they want. So, a dropout like that doesn’t mean it’s your end. How about becoming a musician, comedian, etc. for example? Sure, the ambitions won’t be as professional as the professional positions like IT Support, System Administrator, etc. but, at least those dropouts may still have a chance.

For the job description I was told about was regarding Desktop Support Administration/IT Support where you do all sorts of troubleshooting in the enterprise environment. Troubleshooting on the hardware level was rare and nobody thinks that Public Service Center pretty much has the Anti-Static wrist-strap that prevents the ESD. But in case of hardware problems like computer overheating, how can I troubleshoot that? Do I have to send my computer to the Digital Hospital or something? It may be the case for me as I don’t want to reveal the deeper parts of my computer lest I end up damaging it.

Somehow, I was questioned about the Join The Tech Elite Asia contest from Microsoft Virtual Academy but that was because I was questioned like, “Do you know the OS installation stuff”? for instance. Indeed, I was taught on how to install Windows 7 as part of the module in my ITE days but there was something I was missing out in challenge it was based on one of the standard Microsoft certified courses which don’t make use of moderate deployment tools like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and System Center Configuration Manager. Those were what I didn’t learn until the days I started learning through Microsoft Virtual Academy. Yes, I also mentioned the achievement about Join The Tech Elite Asia contest the last time as well as the fact that I really visited Microsoft Singapore itself several years ago. I couldn’t know what the office was like although I was questioned that did I really reach the office in that company branch. All I saw when I went inside the company premises was the counter in front, a server room on my left, the comfort zone on my right with stuffs to read. There was also the TV inside the lift so to speak but I can believe that the company is located somewhere in Raffles Place.

Unfortunately, I forgot certain things about Join The Tech Elite when trying to mention it to my career coach but what I could recall was that you need to learn the specific courses that would count towards Join The Tech Elite contest but nowadays, it’s Know It, Prove It campaign and I still made progresses from there. Another change to the MVA service was that the points system was already made obsolete but I still can learn courses offered there.


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