Global Game Jam 2017 – Plans to attend scrapped

There really isn’t anything special to say about the set used in DJ Viperstar’s podcast in Happy Hardcore website but it surely took place a day before the Global Game Jam. Unfortunately, until now, I still have an anxiety like, will there be a trouble I will land on if I secure an IT job despite having a diploma in something else which is above the NITEC and Higher NITEC of IT courses? That is something I have to ask the career coach about in the next appointment or I can ask someone else about it since I have another worry like this.

Also, the Global Game Jam is pretty much the one for those who have schools or work but the bigger surprise was that I had found someone in Skillsfuture website whose situation is the same as mine. He wanted to pursue the programming career badly like I wanted to pursue the IT career but the problem is the latest qualification on something else taken. Perhaps, I’m more frustrated than him to be frank. Sometime after I graduated, I got a bunch of job interview phone calls for whatever job I didn’t apply myself. It seemed that those fools at home had the guts to make an account representing me and then applying whatever bullshit they wanted. I thought that they would do this for fun like they accessed the USB HDD which wasn’t mine to set me up for fun during my internship days 6 years ago. I guess that it is illegal to make an account representing someone else and applying a bunch of jobs for them. That will land you in serious trouble for that when the company the victim works at realizes that the victim secured a job you applied for instead of him/her. I guess that the password you specified for that account was something victim didn’t know and that account you made is missing some of the things only the victim can specify. It was like they were trying to get in my way about after sometime, it would look like they would stop doing this shit, not because applying through an account representing me but not made by me would land them in trouble anyway and besides, they would specify a bunch of false records I would not accept.

As of the time of the writing, the event is on-going but I can’t tell the theme and all that until the event is over.


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