Tampines Printing Services

*Sigh* Another mediocre company upon seeing the overall review score on its Facebook page. In fact, I might have seen another mediocre company which is more or less an IT-based one like I would like to think twice before applying any IT job to work there. I guess that the overall review score of the place is due to the current reputation but initially, I don’t know what kind of bad things the company had done to cause such an average review score like that.

Perhaps, I went there for a public printing of my resume although I forgot the flash drive where I surely prepared the soft-copy of that for printing. So, I downloaded the same resume I stored on my Dropbox account to my Android device and then I mailed the service with that resume attached for $2. The total cost was around $2 for mailing + $1 for standard-sized print paper. I didn’t know that I could prepare the same thing for free at Workforce Singapore area of Public Service Center at Our Tampines Hub until I heard it from the career coach during the appointment so it was like a few dollars wasted then and this was all done for the FIRST-TIME. Perhaps, going to a place for the first place isn’t an easy thing but on the second time, I might have memorized the direction. So, I don’t know if I will come to that printing shop again in the future after knowing the review score or not.

If the printer at home worked correctly in the first place with my computer, I could have saved a few dollars that way. Maybe the printer was too old or perhaps, something else plagued the driver installation upon pluging in the USB cable. Also, the Windows Update feature on my computer does nothing but take up CPU temperature on purpose like an idiot that I turned it off completely, including its service set to disabled.

Lastly, the short form of that printing shop name is a complete turn off to me as if that shop is doing some evil shit politically in secret that will wipe out people’s freedom or something. Or maybe, they’re trying to isolate employees with legacy stuffs into an area of torture with limited resources and switch business at the same time like Konami did. I hope the same isolation won’t happen to me like that in the future unless those fools at home think too much that I have some problems that they manipulate every company to isolate me before I realize that shit. I fear that they will do that to me for fun based on my educational records while trying to act nice all the time. Better still, the domain name/web address for that shop should be renamed to something more decent.


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