Beatmania IIDX Gameplay Report – December 28

After having gone to Public Service Center at Our Tampines Hub for career advise in which I would get booked an appointment for the following day, I eventually went to the arcades again.

So, it looked like I made some progress with the in-game event like I went on to the second castle, losing all the riceballs I had in the process. A word of warning, this may be grindy to be frank and it will take tons of runs to get through the second and third castles but then, I don’t give a shit about in-game events like this. I still have to attempt the remaining IIDX Pendual songs and that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know we are able to make it through the rest of December to the time where people celebrate Happy New Year smoothly or not but I guess that I’ll find out anyway although there’s no reason for me to worry about whatever catastrophic scenario that will haunt us this month due to lack of evidence. I still have other things to worry about until this day but I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes again of putting useless rumors like I did in my blog.


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