Public Service Center at Our Tampines Hub

Now what, I already resumed the job search like either last month or this month and I still have yet to apply one that fits my interests, passion and skills for sure despite the controversial educational record I had. Also, ever since last year, I encountered another obstacle in which I would be invited for an interview for the field of job I have no complete interest with as I DO NOT wish to follow that inferior path based on my diploma record. Perhaps, I fear that I won’t last long probably due to the fact that I don’t have a lifelong experience, interest and passion in Engineering. Skills-wise, I already had the ability to deploy Windows OSes with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit as one professional practical example. I could also manage and configure Windows Server OSes although the practical zone is like way too tiny as this is all home use anyway. Not to mention that I have limited resources in the present time. Plus, I already had received something special from Microsoft for being one of the winners in Join the Tech Elite contest. I’m more of a veteran in IT than an Elite as a true Elite has the sufficient ability of a true IT Professional. I already had enough of the major damage that shit polytechnic in Woodlands had done to me and shared the criticism with the career coach in Day 2 regarding the lack of common diploma courses. Indeed, I also shared that same criticism with the ones from other local polytechnic during Global Game Jam 2016 but too bad they and I went on a more complicated route at that time and I had NO IDEA AND EXPERIENCE in Unity. I WOULD rather have learned more of Unity game engine if I wanted to but then, I have no condition to stand out as an indie game developer.

Day 1

Knowing that Workforce Singapore, formerly known as WDA, was located somewhere at Our Tampines Hub, I managed to go in the Public Service Centre where WSG was located. Of course, the first step would be to get a ticket and then proceed to the corresponding counter for information. But as I went there this afternoon, they decided that they would book the appointment for the following day.

Day 2

I was supposed to go to one of the rooms ranging from Room 18 to 29 and I got additional tips and advises from the career coach. I managed to tell him my concerns along with SkillsFuture stuff. I was told that I worried and misunderstood stuffs that much and I drifted away from the topics as well as delved too deep in the topics.

The resume I prepared in hard-copy form was okay enough but it was missing the email address and the order for the internship and educational experiences was wrong. Prior to this appointment and such, I also prepared an alternate version of the same resume with things already addressed before I realized it. It turned out that using work email in the resume was WHEN you left the previous job and you’re looking for a new one but when looking for the first one, you could have used the personal email address in the resume straight away so that the companies can mail you something. Sure, the companies might have accessed your resume because you submitted it to the job portals but the thing about the phone call was that not all phone numbers were traceable through the phone number identification app like Truecaller. I guess that those numbers were made private for some reason but I still hope that I would get the specific kind of job I wanted in the first place.

I was given interview tips and needless to say, I somewhat made things difficult with some questions as most of the time, I have been doing indie game development and music production although there’s no way I can put those things in my portfolio. I can, like putting the Global Game Jam game I had been doing in the portfolio but it is still incomplete to be frank.

Lastly, if the passion of becoming IT Professional is to backfire, then I can switch to Plan B which is becoming a club Disc Jockey. But be warned, it is not professional and easy to be frank and you will still need a day-job besides becoming a DJ and who’s going to pay the license for DJ gigs anyway?

Besides Jobs Bank which is WSG’s first advise of choice, there are other job portals like Intern, Indeed and Fast Job. Unfortunately for Indeed, it requires entering your work experience besides other information. Intern website is all about external internship and Fast Job app may consist of mostly Part-Time and Contract jobs.


It was an epic pressure that I would have to seek help from WSG via Public Service Center probably due to the fact that I had received a Jobstreet email that I will have to turn up for an interview next week for the type of job I have no complete interest in. It wasn’t the first time I encountered such an obstacle like that. The last time was that some former sibling of mine tried to get in my way and plans by attempting to apply the same type of bullshit for me based on my educational transcript. It’s like she wanted me to follow what that shit polytechnic offered even after graduation. This life-altering plan is NOT what I want and I wish that I can bring my OLD SELF back, an IT kind-of-a-person, not some other bullshit that shit polytechnic offered. One common situation is that many of the IT jobs are outsourced to many of the consultancy and recruitment agencies. It might be tough to find a third-party-like IT company in Singapore although I managed to find some like Technopals Pte Ltd. for instance, which WAS an IT industry offering some IT jobs.

It may be a pain for locals seeking IT jobs at this rate but I shouldn’t give up that way as I believe I already saw some famous former students of other local polytechnics starting their own companies. Also, the presence of foreign employees for hire may be a bigger issue for the locals but it doesn’t mean that we are less capable.


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