Past mistakes that couldn’t be undone

While chances would be given like 4-5 years ago, there were some past mistakes starting from 4 years ago that couldn’t be undone.

  1. Prior to polytechnic entry in April 4 years ago, I made an application mistake like I listened to the wrong person. And because of that, I ended up studying in the shit school in April at that time and I had a hard time coping up with my life like that because of that tertiary school’s power of inferiority. I don’t like it and especially that it tried to be different for the sake of various stupid excuses thrown at me like they didn’t even understand me truly or something into using cut-off points as an excuse.
  2. This one landed me in trouble for sure as I thought as if it would be a controversial educational record on my transcript and especially that I felt guilty and traumatized over it that people thought that I wasn’t feeling well. Prior to the changes to the school’s system starting last year where all the tests/exams would be on par with the ones from other local polytechnics, most of the tests were open-booked but there was one that actually wasn’t and I didn’t know truth about that at that time that I accidentally switched over to that mode of assistance which I guessed that I would get a worse grade than failure grade for that. Perhaps, that shit school ruined my educational life and I thought that they would be happy about it. Furthermore, the brain damage would continue on until last year and things looked awful on my educational record.
  3. An objective to know at least 50 Japanese cartoon franchises – I thought that I would already return back to normal back in 2009 but it turned out that I made things even worse 4 years ago onwards. Now that I fulfilled this objective, it was already too late to undo the embarrassing damage I caused upon myself. Even worse was that ever since the over-popularity of the L*** L*** franchise, it occurred that many cartoon fans were seriously radicalized over whatever animated series they watched. Of course, I think it is best to leave them alone if you see them doing such stuffs like that in public whether you like that franchise or not. There might be cases of some individuals being arrested for attacking such fans like that. Indecent things being done by radical/gross nerds include
    • Using delusion/second grade syndrome to cause a fuss in public or any other facility
    • Performing in an embarrassing way with/without high-pitched singing, cross-dressing or both
    • Doing calls and responses in front of the TV screens in public areas – I’m dead serious, there is a media content like that of radicalized nerds doing that gross shit in front of the TV screen of the store. Don’t know if they would be chased out or not but it occurred that the Red-White Team Support Battle or whatever that program was, it was taking place at night and I guess that that store was either closed or open at that time. If that store was still open, they would be chased out for making a fuss outside although I don’t know if there would be fights or something when they got told to move elsewhere. *Sigh* I hope that a gaming event will NOT be invaded with such garbage like that.
    • Making delusional relationship with whatever character they like
    • Bowing in front of the printed characters they saw – Whether they were printed on the train, bus, posters, etc. Indeed, when I saw something like that on the bus in the past, I eventually took a photo of it MATURELY. If I missed that, it was still fine for me.
    • Bringing the pillow of the character anywhere they went – CAN’T YOU GET A REAL LIFE GIRL/BOYFRIEND OR SOMETHING, GET MARRIED AND RAISE YOUR GODDAMN CHILDREN?
    • Going to public with tons of pieces of accessories of the same character stuck on their bag and dresses like they wasted too much money on
    • Wasting money on specific virtual cards in mobile games using micro-transactions
    • Out of all the professional ambitions as seen in some Japanese TV show, being a fan of that franchise when they grew up as part of their life ambition happened to be in the list and normal people would find that ambition gross
    • Learning a tiny amount of foreign language and that’s it?
    • Making a specific cartoon/game character or franchise your only life
  4. Registered for Live Mix Maestro with a mixtape of only Soundcloud stuffs – That was until this year where I got enough essential DJ information as if one of the legal collections to use for DJ gigs would be the ones from DJ pools. I’m not sure about the genuine CDs you bought though but I can guess that you can’t even use the best music compilation album CDs or something for a gig or something. You can try using songs from Beatport for a gig but the thing is, there should be a license for that. Luckily, that mixtape wasn’t chosen at all.
  5. Registered for Mix Us Happy – Again, I was let off the hook luckily after having broken one of the prerequisites of NOT having a DJ experience. There should be a competition similar to Mix Us Happy but it should welcome those with little DJ experience in addition to newbies. So far, there isn’t such competition like that in Singapore but I happened to find one that takes place elsewhere.

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