Gatebox Communication Robot

I guess the future may have come with a bunch of Sci-Fi like stories where you get to talk to an AI floating around the place. I guess that those stories had been around ever since the past time but the thing is, those virtual assistants happened to be fictional. In case of Siri, Cortana, etc., all you can do is to request her something and she will issue you the information but this sort of assistant isn’t as technological as the Gatebox Communication Robot. It is akin to talking to a fictional AI assistant character you see in games, movies, edutainment, cartoons, etc. but this one seems to be limited as there’s no way the character from this device can wander around the house other than being trapped inside the device. Also, it device may or may not be quite finalized yet like there’s insufficient amount of lines the virtual assistant character can say. There may be holographic stuffs but the projection can be inaccurate at times.

Telling you reminders may be a thing but I don’t think that’s quite enough as the virtual assistant can’t mention the exact title of whatever stuffs you’re reminded to unless the words are common like mentioning that you’re reminded to attend a meeting or perhaps an event at the specific time in which the virtual assistant can mention. The workaround is that there’s a chatbot that sends you text messages but I don’t know how that works as an IOT device. The device also has the ability to wake you up, tell you the weather, chide you for arriving back home late and to control various IOT devices before you reach home.

Last problem, what if some stranger comes to your home? What if someone doesn’t appreciate this sort of technology like it’s an annoying nonsense or something? There’s no way the device can deal with home intrusions, burglary, etc. like that. Worse thing is that even an emergency contact to the police for instance over home intrusion may be useless as well as there may be chance that the bad guys may or may not smash that device away. Also, the device is assumed to use bluetooth, Wi-Fi or both for communication. Obviously, this kind of technology doesn’t have this security ability as it is up to security cameras to do the security work. There may be places that are heavily protected as indicated by the “Protected Place” signs like in addition to security cameras, there are also other security stuffs like the intrusion siren, some emergency communication in case of things happening like that but obviously, you don’t need this kind of large security for your home as those materials are extremely expensive.

As this device is made in Japan, I may be turned off upon seeing it but I can assume that the same concept can be available in the western Sci-Fi style. I already have the policy against ‘establishing the relationship with a fictional character’. So, if you think that that cartoon-style character is your girlfriend/sister/wife or whatever, I can block you on my accounts for delusional relationship as this kind of behavior is part of what Radical Nerds do. You don’t deserve to be a nerd anymore if you do that kind of bullshit as it is unacceptable and disgusting in my opinion. So, get a REAL girlfriend/boyfriend, get married and form a family with children!


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