City Music revisit

I thought that I made a mistake in purchasing the Audio Technica headphone four months ago like I would land myself in trouble for owing the shop the remaining amount to pay but it turned out that I misunderstood what some staff said to me the other time. I thought the discount was for business customers that I didn’t prepare for it in the first place but it was not, so everything was fine all along like I shouldn’t have worried about this in the first place. I also thought that I was mistakenly given that discount with that criteria without the staff’s realization like I didn’t prepare for it in the first place but like I said, I misunderstood what that staff said. Somehow, I looked up online about what happened if you got undercharged for the stuff you had bought like do you have to pay the remaining amount you have owed or something. I suggested that you pay the amount you owe or there’s a chance that you may get charged by the shop but that was some kind of answer I looked up in the forum in which the overall lesson in general is that you should pay the correct fare whether you buy things or pay the transport fare. The previous mistake was that I accidentally missed the train station fare as I realized when tapping my ID card again only to see the error. The solution was that I went to the counter and specified on where I missed and eventually, the crisis was averted.

Meanwhile, I discovered a DJ controller from KORG which looked kind of unusual but portable. The turntables and cue buttons are all touch-based, so is the FX area which is akin to the one you find in DJ software on IOS and Android. But, everything else seems to be traditional. The good thing is that you can fit that DJ controller in your normal bag compared to other DJ controllers where a DJ bag and some barriers are needed to prevent physical damage. I also talked about the sampler but I was suggested to look up the tutorials online about it. It was a shame that I didn’t get ideas quickly upon watching the first two tutorial videos at the shop as there were too much configurations going on as well as the large amount of stuffs available.

Anyway, I should be calm for now after that visit in December 15 which was like a few days ago. Or so I thought when checking out something in social media and I stumbled upon another picture of some cosmic impact stuff posted from MSN Facebook page which I thought that it was either another conspiracy theory or maybe, some unknown catastrophe will happen sometime this month. If that was a conspiracy theory, I could guess that someone came up with it based on the s****m**n event that already happened this month. It’s like the event happened more than one time this year that someone came up with a conspiracy theory like that. I really hope that it WAS a conspiracy theory as there isn’t any evidence of such catastrophic event happening this month as of this moment. Good news on that same day was that some of the stuffs recently came out like Battle Garegga on PS4, Super Mario Run on IOS and of course, Cave DLC for Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours.


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