Uber can track passengers after drop-off

Tracking users on the COMPANY’S accord is a wrong thing as it is more or less a privacy violation. Privacy as part of cyber-security is STILL important even after what happened last month unless you don’t care for all kinds of privacy like you get your stuffs peeked by bad guys or something. I may be sure that when a company is working on a product or something, there should be signs of privacy lest someone leaks the confidential information that opens doors to investigation.

In case of the recent situation caused by Uber, tracking of users happens on the company’s accord for five minutes after drop-off. It tracks your destination but there doesn’t seem to be a point in it unless there should be an instant report feature for where you alight. Okay, the instant report for arrival is still an imperfect idea for me as you can still get reported on other places you arrive at in addition to arriving at school, workplace or maybe back home. Perhaps, tracking users like that upon arrival at the destination is either a pointless or disastrous idea. What makes it a bigger disaster is that this tracking feature is open to ALL KINDS OF USERS, not the business people of course whose disaster level is not as big as that as the business people can enter other places and still get tracked like buying things home for their family or something.

This recent change from Uber is unacceptable no matter what although it was announced last year and no actions were taken against it based on the complaints. The workaround is that you can turn off the location services on your mobile device. Also, you can choose to turn on or off the new tracking feature for privacy control.


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