Google’s inaccurate Best Android games of 2016 list

We were lucky about the Best mobile games of 2014 list like we took it for an accurate one but for this year’s, it’s not the same. It’s not that Google and Apple have screwed it up or something if you ask.

For Pokemon Go, I already ranted about it over the lack of proper security even with the policies intact. It was declared mediocre for me like it should fall under the Disappointing Games of 2016 list. Fast forward to the present time, I can assume that the game’s having some improvements and in the future, there will be additional 100 Pokemons for Pokemon Go. So, I guess that the game has gone from mediocre to a fine game and even then, it still falls under that list I just mentioned but it is inexcusable to put the game that is terrible, average or okay in the top 5/10 games of the year list. Not to mention that even The Game Awards had gone a little incompetent into making Pokemon Go as the Top Mobile and Family Game. Do people care about personal security or something?

Speaking of The Game Awards of this year, I already have another game to rant about, Street Fighter V, that doesn’t deserve to be involved in it as it has gone from great to okay but that will be in another blog post when possible. It’s still a fine game to be frank but people are not happy with it being the Best Fighting Game of this year for this year’s The Game Awards as if other fighting games deserve that due to sufficient features.


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