Internet Archive backs up data to Canada website is looking like a great site that preserves tons of MS-DOS games where you can play them on the browser using DOSBox for browser. Each game has its own DOSBox virtual machine stored on the servers that are running the site. There’s also the Windows 3.1 virtual machine that you can explore on the browser although there’s less guarantee that the performance is not that great. It may look like you’re using virtual machines online like they’re on the cloud but the thing is, those virtual machines don’t belong to you. Even non-gaming apps are stored on

Citing natural disasters and political concerns for instance, Internet Archive had decided to open the backup plan to Canada to preserve privacy or what not. There may be huge amount of data from Internet Archive servers and it will take weeks or months to complete the backup.

To keep the organization active however, it is running on donations from users around the globe. There should be other ways for the organization to make money but it may look like the donation is the only way.


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