Facebook halts collection of Whatsapp user data in Europe

Three months ago, Whatsapp updated its group policy to allow data collection to Facebook as its parent company after acquisition. It was a controversial acquisition to be honest as Facebook has been doing illegal data collection of their users for advertisement and the users were not happy with this move.

Such changes, implementations or moves were unacceptable according to our criticism unless you’re an idiot who thinks that we were whining over illegal shit like children when we were actually criticizing something over illegal actions. I mean if you come up with something unofficial and people know about it, you should be clever enough to be aware of your actions although finding a source that legalizes unofficial stuffs may not be an easy stuff. We have been willing to ensure proper freedom but it’s a shame that evil corporations may take it for something suspicious or illegal.

After the amount of complaints and criticisms thrown to Facebook over such actions, the data collection was halted in Germany as it infringed the data protection law. You may be willing to make a change but such a change like this can make a positive or negative impact depending on how you implement it. What about the criticisms then? Well, it appears that Facebook was aware of them and stopped the data collection entirely within Europe after authorities signed an open letter to Whatsapp CEO demanding to stop data collection.

One past news was that many of the tech companies had opposed some terrible trade agreement that was recently rejected this month in the US although large-scale tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, etc. are selfish enough over the public as if they care more for business users but not anyone else. If you don’t care for your standard consumers besides business consumers and people working in your company, you will be cussed by them through many ways but ignoring their cussing isn’t going to make things better either.


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