Tech Support Hotline by Fight for the Future

On the first night I did the assignment from NextGen Climate due to the fact that I signed up for it from Avaaz website in which activists around the globe can volunteer for people’s rights and freedom, there was news indicating that the East Coast region of the US was under heavy cyber-attack through DDoS. We don’t know who were behind those attacks but those outside of that region were not affected. It affected many popular websites for users there.

Unfortunately, someone from had the guts to say such inferior crap on CNN regarding the DDoS attack that happened. Like WOULD THE S**A BILL THAT FAILED THE LAST TIME STOP THAT CYBER-ATTACK? There should be an investigation like those behind those cyber-attacks should be arrested if found for instance. Saying such stupid things on interviews that would be broadcasted on the internet or TV can attract the attention of and anger people who have REAL BRAINS AND KNOWLEDGE.

If there’s a field of subjects and topics that you know throughout your lifetime but you’re forced to acknowledge a completely different one, that can be a challenge as if they don’t know your true field of knowledge out there. So if you’re into sports and you know alot about it but they underestimate your knowledge into making you do something related to something completely different, you may be out of luck and it can be a difficult situation.

And because of that interview being done on CNN, Fight for the Future might have to organize the petition and the Tech Support Hotline campaign to lead directly to the phone of Chief Technical Officer, Jeff Lyon. It is a petition made for Congress although the way Fight for the Future takes actions like that is kind of sarcastic. The kind of stupidity already angered advocate organizations like Fight for the Future as if the ones like us and tech companies who opposed S**A bill were cyberbots. We obviously know how AWFUL that bill was and it could be a disaster if it passed in the first place. Also, it was disrespectful to call us cyberbots like that as we already know that we were not the only ones who opposed that bill and besides, it could land her in trouble out of that stupidity.

Knowledge-wise, I have the standard knowledge of networking and cyber-security but they can be tough topics in theory and practical forms. One thing to keep in mind lest you disrespect me or something is that I have tons of knowledge related to Information Technology and that level of knowledge will keep rising. Also, knowing true concerns as stated by advocating organizations like Fight for the Future, Avaaz, EFF, etc. are the better options out there because knowing the things from the news on the net, TV or newspapers will bring you nowhere as you may be missing out one side of the articles. Last but irrelevant, to come up with a character, story, purpose and so on may involve more than knowledge. It may require some research before you can come up with stuffs like that.

Eventually, during this campaign by Fight for the Future, Jeff Lyon is glad to explain the basics of how Internet works. It may sound like a technical topic but on a basic level.


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