Dutch TV program on privacy

In case of education that teaches you stuffs about cyber-security, there are theories like how things can be compromised due to weaker security, how you can prevent the service from being compromised, how you can take actions when your service/product/system is compromised in which your stuffs are stolen, etc. There are various types of different actions that compromise your security like Social Engineering, Phishing, Malware, Spyware, and so on if you aren’t careful. We had seen tons of phishing sites and emails that try to pose as the legitimate sites but normally, legitimate sites don’t do such bad things like forcing you to give out your personal information or you’ll get your account suspended for example. You should be already aware of such things in existence like that and you can find simple warnings anywhere on NOT to give out any sensitive information.

On the practical side, there are some assignments like you have to test-penetrate the system in the test environment for educational purposes to see how things can happen and how you can prevent that. However, a word of warning from those assignment says that you will never use those same techniques for any other purposes as I think that this is more or less a criminal act.

Unfortunately, if an educational material is to be taking place online or in TV program, more precautions are needed. And a case of privacy violation takes place from the Dutch TV program in which various images are used for the purpose of examples. However, there were no permissions to use those images and the program was already pulled. It can however be reinstated with the privacy lesson portion completely cut out.


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