YouTube Heroes controversy

No matter which social media, video sharing or streaming service you use, there may be times that you’re vulnerable to some cyber-threats you’re not aware of like people talking trash to you over your look and other personal stuffs of yours. You can just ignore them or maybe find a way to take actions against them for their inappropriate behavior. Another problem is that you may be falsely accused during online gaming probably due to your skills or something. If you’re showing off your skills, that’s fine like you may be praised with positive comments and especially that other players may want to learn from you. However, when it comes to online game modes where you have to tackle other player characters online or something, there will be chances that other players may freak out on you with a bunch of troll comments. Even worse is that there  may activate some sort of non-verbal threat coming to you from some players like trying to ban you falsely over mods, hacks, cheats or whatever despite the fact that you’ve got skills and efforts to keep yourself on top.
Another notorious thing that has been haunting YouTube for years is a bunch of inappropriate videos posted there like to do real or fake mischievous shit to other players and especially that even kids have played games that are not suited for them like posing as someone famous through the entire impersonating channel or the video itself. Making an account that impersonates someone or some organization is a bad idea although chances of getting you reported for that are rare. Man, talk about the lack of online manners for sure.
Unfortunately, YouTube Heroes is not going to address the problems stated above. It’s bound to make things worse while trying to get you some rewards for your efforts. You can gain points by adding captions/subtitles to your videos and share your knowledge with other people but here’s where the disaster begins, the ability to report negative contents. The disaster is that the program may be abused easily in which some mischievous lifeless people can take this opportunity to flag/report whatever video they don’t like regardless of how actually appropriate it is. What if some criticisms of a video are not enough? You think that the Like/Dislike system is not enough? Or maybe, there one kind of stuff that you don’t like that you use YouTube Heroes as an excuse to report everything that falls under that kind of stuff you see? Under the end-user level, this falls under the mischievous act, the jealousy act or maybe the program can be criticized for attracting a kind of hate where one kind of contents someone doesn’t like can be flagged like he’s abusing the system. Perhaps, most of the things have dark/light sides and YouTube Heroes is one of those dark programs out there. Try flagging the videos that belong to the company’s official YouTube channel or some famous person and there will be lawsuits and troubles coming after you. It’s useless to think that you don’t care for the troubles you will land yourself into for doing that. On the corporate level, it opens doors to censorship like if a company’s stuffs are seriously criticized, they can use YouTube Heroes to do whatever it takes to take down the criticism videos that belong to various types of users like internet celebrities, YouTubers, and even product critics. Also, depending on the situation, the YouTube Heroes may be unnecessary, necessary or even optional to say the least. There were already cases where lawsuits were filed against the famous critics over some extremely terrible content out of the defenders’ stupidity.
Before the existence of YouTube Heroes, there may be inappropriate videos that can be flagged just because they are offensive or something for instance although false reports from you on videos, comments or the users can get your account terminated. Also, moderating on other YouTube channels that don’t belong to you may give you like one option compared to the moderating comments on your videos which you’re given three options. I don’t know the truth about multiple moderation options until now and from my account’s perspective, I’m given one option for the comments on others’ videos, that is to Report Spam or Abuse. Do I have time to review tons of comments on my videos like that?
At Level 3, this is where an evil disaster I mentioned above may take place where anyone mischievous or jealous can obtain this evil power to mis-flag whatever videos either for fun or because he doesn’t like one kind of stuffs he sees to get this sort of reward. It’s an epic WASTE OF TIME AND BRILLIANCE like why don’t you give up when you reach Level 3 of YouTube Heroes program?
It’s an evil and mischievous program we have ever discovered recently. What happened to the “Don’t Be Evil” slogan? HOW COULD YOUTUBE BE EVIL TO COME UP WITH A PROGRAM LIKE THAT?  Such an evil part of the program, service, device, policy or whatever like that Level 3 feature I mentioned above SHOULD NOT EXIST! There’s also YouTube Trusted Flagger Program that gives you additional action-taking powers or something provided that you follow the rules and guidelines carefully but then, the discovery of this can come from discovering YouTube Heroes program.
OK, I may be wrong about what I mentioned above. Corporations, brands and businesses are not eligible for YouTube Heroes program according to the rules so you don’t have to worry about the censorship part on the corporate level and of course, even anyone working for government, government-owned or controlled company, public international corporation or political parties is not eligible for the program as well. There may be other rules of YouTube Heroes program in place where abusing it is a complete violation of the policies. However, even if the rules are in place, people are still ranting about this without even stumbling upon them. So, are the rules not enough by then?
There may be YouTube Heroes summits and workshops but then, local summits and workshops with YouTube are way too rare. Right now, the program is in beta stage but I don’t know if I may end up bashing on it even if it reaches the final stage. If you thought that the Google Plus integration with YouTube was controversial, YouTube Heroes is the beginning of the EVIL MAN-MADE DISASTER I MENTIONED ABOVE.
Perhaps, I can show you the famous videos via links here about YouTube Heroes but even then, we could probably go to YouTube directly and watch those videos from there:


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