Linux OS not blocked on Microsoft Store Signature PCs

It’s a pure luck that Microsoft still remembers the Microsoft Loves Linux campaign in which they have implemented some Ubuntu elements in the later builds of Windows 10 with the Bash shell as well as to port some of their tools to Linux OSes recently. I can imagine and guess that you can use Powershell on Linux host machine to remotely deploy Windows machines but I may need additional ideas about using Powershell for Windows deployment.
The fault about Linux OS not supported on Lenovo signature PCs lies with Intel, new BIOS or perhaps the RAID-mode for SSDs. Having RAIDs turned on for SSDs or HDDs may probably mean redundancy so that if one drive goes down, the machine can still operate with the remaining drives although replacements are still necessary. Unfortunately, installing an OS on the RAID enabled drive can be challenging.
There is a fix available for those affected Lenovo PCs in the future as announced from Lenovo but still, the opportunity to use Linux besides Windows on the same computer may be a rare one unless you have some reason or maybe you’re the big IT enthusiast like me in which I use Ubuntu and Windows on my same computer. In fact, if you bought one of those affected Lenovo PCs as the first or the replacement and want to use Linux on it, you may be out of luck and such complaints like this may make you look like a shameful whiner until the upcoming fix is on the way which may take place on the hardware level.
Many Mac and Windows PCs are able to run Linux OSes although I don’t know if the Windows tablets are able to do the same thing as well. For various embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi 2, you should be able to run Windows 10 or some other OS on them.
Compared to bloatware that poses security problems in which people can write articles or complain about, this one makes such user reviews kind of stupid as seen in the screenshot from that Neowin article. Luckily, on Lenovo Yoga 900, you should still be able to install Linux OS on it although it is not officially supported  to run Linux.
Even if you hate something, giving it a 1/5 like that despite the fact it is not that terrible in your opinion may anger the others using it. Also, telling people to avoid something over some serious flaw you’ve encountered in the forum is asking for some stupid trouble you’re going to land yourself into.


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