Mix Us Happy Announcement Party

At first glance, it turned out to be another house just like the Valentine Music Center store and the event was organized like a chalet. Taking place at The Big House somewhere at Makepeace Road, the interior design looked quite impressive although the office area on the 2nd floor and the top 2 floors are out-of-bounds as I could guess. It was more than a complex house hosting the DJ lessons there.

There were 300 contestants who registered for Mix Us Happy but only 20 out of all would be selected for training and competition. Semi-finals would be taking place in November with the Finals taking place in December. Seriously, I didn’t know who those selected contestants were and it’s the same for the others who didn’t know me as well. Originally, Mix Us Happy competitions were organized in Singapore before it was spread to other countries as well in which I guess that even foreigners could take part in the contest. It was basically a casual DJ competition where beginners were welcome.

During the showcase, we were shown the most advanced Pioneer DJ set that is supposed to be used for DJ festivals for instance. Each portion cost like $10000+ but it had a screen as a replacement to laptop computers. Connections were done using the Ethernet-like cables which linked CDJs to the mixer for display. Music data is loaded from CDs, USB Flash Drives or even SD Cards.

Some merchandises to be won included T-shirts, Pioneer DJ USB Flash Drive and some other stuffs.

For those chosen, they would be given the training the following day after the announcement party day in which they had to go to Pioneer office to retrieve the DJ gear as well as to bring their laptop computer along for installation so that they could use the whole set for practice. The course itself was free but for those not chosen who would want to take the same course, they would have to pay for it and it’s the same for buying the Pioneer DJ controller.

It was an epic shame on me to register for Mix Us Happy contest like that not because I had the previous DJ lesson three years ago as part of the interest group as well as contributed to the Live Mix Maestro which happened to be sponsored by Pioneer DJ as well. I was lucky enough that my mixtape wasn’t chosen at all as the tracks were taken from Soundcloud which public performance of Soundcloud tracks is not allowed according to Terms of Use. It might be what I had been worrying about recently as I feared instant disqualification as I felt that that was a controversial registration I caused upon myself. There will be a next chance for the other contestants not chosen but not for me.

Perhaps, I need to find a better DJ school for a better chance but the positive thing about The Big House is that it has more floors than the other DJ schools.


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