Super Mario Run for IOS and Android

The Wii U and 3DS have enough momentum as of the present time but for whatever reason, it seems that Nintendo is having some financial troubles that going mobile may be one of the last resorts. However, that will make Nintendo look like a third-party company for that. There may be Playstation-certified games on various Sony-branded smartphones but forget about that feature as Sony was already struggling in the mobile business. Perhaps, Samsung and Apple are like super-strong competitors out there when it comes to smartphone and tablet market but it doesn’t probably mean that it may have affected the portable consoles that badly.

Nintendo had already gone mobile with Pokemon Go recently but that was made by Niantic. Perhaps, they could have presented at the Apple conference about Pokemon Go just like they recently did with Super Mario Run for IOS. The Android version will be coming in the future as well in addition to IOS version.

Game-wise, it’s basically an endless runner with the famous platformer franchise. It won’t be free to be frank but it doesn’t have the freemium model features. The concept is entirely based on the modern-era where you have the ability to wall-jump, slide down the wall as well as other abilities that originated from the classic sequels. Let’s hope that it’s tons of times better than Sega’s equivalent 2D endless runner game which I found it to be mediocre to be frank. Also, the Sega’s one was already discontinued at the end of July this year.

A word of warning, if you think that Fl**** B*** is better than this or any other 2D Mario games, you may be the biggest gaming idiot of all time.


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