Raiden V for Xbox One controversy

It is unbelievable that MOSS had done it in MESSING UP THE FANBASE! Do you know that MOSS is a third-party game developer company? How could Microsoft strongly encourage MOSS like that? And of course, an Xbox One exclusive release of a Raiden game? It may be a mixed opinion of mine to be frank but it’s already too late as if the newest game is released on the less popular platform. Another unfortunate thing is that the Xbox One has been struggling so badly in Japan, worse than the Xbox 360 when released initially. And games previously released to Xbox 360 already have the sequels released to Playstation 4 to keep the fanbase as promising as ever. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case like that as there may be multiple platform releases of the sequels, like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases for equal fairness when it comes to console releases. Raiden IV for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 to Raiden V for Xbox One? Like HOW? Do you think that it is the great reason to buy the Xbox One like that? NO! The entire series was made in Japan by Japanese game developers but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If the Xbox One has sufficient amount of Japanese games released for that console just like the Xbox 360, then picking up Raiden V at the later time is reasonable. The controversial move with Raiden V for Xbox One isn’t that great to be frank as there’s not enough momentum for that unfortunately.

So here’s the thing, the path branching depends on your performance so it’s not like Darius games and that’s a disappointing move. Also, the C**** System is another strange implementation for me although it could be suited for a Versus game, rhythm game or even better, the Let’s Play if you will. Hell, there are already some fighting games out there that make use of the similar system in Online Versus Mode or perhaps, Spectator Mode. What you do is to root for the specific player or feel disappointed over that player’s disappointing performance. It’s like you’re in a virtual crowd and the same goes for the live Let’s Play or Exhibition Play. Also, there’s a lack of Vertical Mode but even with Vertical Mode present, there are still blank borders for something as the 8th generation consoles don’t support 4:3 anymore. In fact, the boss explosion for some stages is the strangest one I have ever seen.

On a different side, the powerup system is different in behavior. Collecting the same color of the powerup increases the level of that corresponding weapon while collecting a different one switches to a different weapon. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get the same powerup level when you collect a different powerup just like in the previous games. So if your Vulcan Power Level is 6 and your Laser Power Level is 3, the weapon level will switch to Level 3 when switching from Vulcan to Laser. Also, to face the True Last Boss, you need to have maximum level for all weapons from START to FINISH.


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