Lumines Puzzle & Music for IOS & Android

Four years ago, it seemed that the famous man, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, had stopped producing games for the time being but fast forward to the recent times, he had opened a new game studio called Enhance Games, where he’ll keep producing his games there. Also, Mobcast had purchased the IPs of Lumines and Meteos but the thing is, he’s still working at Enhance Games and that is that. It may be a disappointment if the company works on the new Lumines game without his involvement.

The game was soft-launched in some countries in July before getting a global release this month. Also, the upcoming collaboration with Ultra Japan will have the game shown at the event this Saturday. Ultra Japan as we may suggest, is the DJ event taking place in Japan. The recent Ultra events already took place in other countries this year and I guess that only Professional DJs may spin there. What is special about Lumines Puzzle & Music taking place at Ultra Japan is the fact that series uses the music elements where the actions are synchronized to the musical beat. Tetsuya Mizuguchi may be famous for producing games that synchronize things to the musical beat but I’ve seen other games inspired by his that do the same thing as well like Magical Beat by Arc System Works for instance.

Needless to say, the game is not free but at least you get a standard enjoyment just like the other Lumines games although I don’t know what to say about the controls as I still have yet to buy it.


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