Psyvariar Reassemble for IOS

As of this time, the game may look incomplete or something with the final stage of the first world featuring the last boss from Psyvariar series. There’s also the Gluon Mode where the boss spawns tons of bullets with little to no spacing available and trying to level up through is not an easy thing.

The stage design is kind of disappointing for the background but the enemy appearance sequence is as decent as the actual Psyvariar games. The graphics are redone with high resolution textures and lighting although it looks like most of the stages from the first world/stage set end without the boss battle which may seem to be another disappointment. Also, the Tutorial mode is not casual friendly as the boss battle at the end makes the mode being used tons of times by the hardcore players. One downside of the gameplay is that everytime you use the bomb to get all the enemy bullets to come at you, you end up using a life as a bomb. Also, like the buzz-type ship, the bomb activation doesn’t clear everything on the screen although I don’t know if the other ships in Psyvariar Reassemble will have different firing pattern and bombs or not.

On the positive side, you should be able to buzz in the crazy way due to the usage of dragging the ship around but the tricky side is that you should double tap to do the rolling buzz although your ship stops firing when doing the rolling stuff. The only button is the Pause button during gameplay and you have to run into things on purpose while the ship in spinning to activate the bomb-like effect which causes all enemy bullets to come at you. Knowledge from the tutorial is needed before you even start the game.

The game features soundtracks from the original Psyvariar games for you to buy but I don’t know if they are used during gameplay or not. Also, ship upgrades and enhancements are needed if you want to stand a chance at further stages.

Disappointing stage design for the backgrounds, Tutorial Mode being used by hardcore players as if it is a Practice Mode and the Bomb activation taking away a life without losing a ship are a few flaws of the game but you should be able to enjoy it if you have a IOS device that supports IOS 9.0 and above.


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