Whatsapp-Facebook data sharing – Partial Opt-Out available

People have known and seen the latest news regarding Whatsapp-Facebook data sharing saga and there’s already a way to opt-out of that shit by disabling the check box that mentions sharing the account information. However, that opt-out is a partial solution just like Windows 10’s partial opt-out solutions. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT WILL BETRAY YOU ONE DAY?

Whatsapp had indicated recently that your messages will still stay encrypted while your data will be shared with Facebook for advertising. The purpose is that they will use the information collected from you to improve infrastructure and delivery system as well as to fight spam, abuse and infringement.

It may be an extreme shame on Facebook for the fact that they are one of the bigger betrayals into leaving us for the sake of supporting something corrupted. It’s like they mention that some corrupted bill they’re supporting improves something even more which is completely false when we already know the fact that it will do more damage than before. Even Google is the other one of the betrayals as well as if people think and know that Google is doing the same data collection bullshit through various services while keeping later Android devices optionally encrypted. It’s an UNACCEPTABLE change and the investigation by the UK’s Information Commissioner will take place to ensure that the change doesn’t violate the UK’s Data Protection Act. If Information Commissioner or ICO finds out that the unacceptable change violates the Data Protection Act, the only consequence for Facebook is that Facebook will face a hefty fine for privacy violation.

You need to know what’s an acceptable change and what’s an unacceptable change in which we follow the positive and acceptable one unless you’re trying to be stupid enough into forcing me to follow unacceptable changes besides following the acceptable change. It’s like someone’s trying to take my concerns for whines that he/she applies enough STUPID FORCE on me to ensure that I FOLLOW EVERYTHING REGARDLESS ON POSITIVENESS AND NEGATIVENESS! I can keep on using old stuffs despite the fact that things inside them may be obsolete as a way to open doors and opportunities of getting people inspired by Lazy Game Reviews. It’s a kind of change that tech giants may have concerns about due to the fact that the security-level for old technology may be too old but an isolation between old and new eras should be a thing. It may take time and resources for that opportunity to happen.


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