Unauthorized Windows Self-Healing Tool app

Following the situation regarding Windows 10 Anniversary Update in which people had some problems after installing it like computer freezes for instance, there is an unauthorized tool called Windows Self-Healing Tool app for Windows 10 which has been mentioned in various technology news sites including Neowin. The truth is, the tool is not authorized after all although it was made by someone within Microsoft under Microsoft Mobile Oy subsidary which was almost disbanded. The program was made without authorization from Windows Support group by a single tech and distributed to Microsoft servers which might have caused a news like this to pop up.

Speaking of Microsoft-made tool, it may contain some Powershell scripts that automate a set of tasks in resetting Windows 10. Nobody knows what the commands are like but they may be suspicious according to those technology news sites. The origin of the findings came from Bott of ZDNet and especially that another report came in from Pureinfotech where some Windows Insider was suggested to use such a tool like this. It may be a Microsoft tool but it’s not authorized and investigations from the company are still on-going until there is an official announcement and confirmation.

The tool might have done more harm than good to some Windows Insider after getting it and you may be suggested to avoid it like a plague.


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