EFF regarding Windows 10 issues

I don’t have to write blog posts about Windows 10 privacy issues and lawsuits regarding upgrades like many times. Sure, there were lawsuits regarding unattended upgrades to Windows 10 but they sounded like those filing lawsuits must be whining about it. Another problem is the on-going privacy issue in which even if you turn off many of the data collection settings, chances are, some of the remaining stuffs you can’t turn off are still affected with data collection and it has been made a little bit worse with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Rather than whining about this for days, why don’t you find workarounds first?

Everything written down at EFF website about this major issue for Windows 10 is what everyone knows of many times and they at EFF could have organized the petition quite earlier. But even with the petition in existence, we still have anxiety of what Microsoft will do with future updates of Windows 10.

Now, there may be multiple groups of computer users so far, Data Collection defenders who like the shit out of it and especially Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8.1 users like me who continue to stick on those OSes because of the FUDs regarding Windows 10, Windows 10 users who tell privacy advocates to stop whining or something, or maybe the people who use non-Windows OSes. Bear in mind that even the recent Mac OSX OSes prior to Mac OS Sierra also had similar issues as well and especially for Ubuntu 12 onwards up to 15.10 which I guess that Ubuntu 16.04 onwards may have solved the similar issues. Also, it doesn’t mean that you may be safe using Windows 7 and 8.1 that way as you still can be tracked the other ways.

(Man, it’s like there are idiots out there defending the shit out of corrupted people working on something like that.) Perhaps, based on one’s complaints, we could have come up with workarounds and solutions to see if that will solve the problem or not in the meantime.


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